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Calgary, AB

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Our goal is to assist with empowering those who are being held back by previous trauma or other emotions they may be struggling with so that they can live a more powerful and happy life. If a person is needed to listen to frustrations, struggles, and pains, we are here to do that for you and have you feeling refreshed, cared for, validated, and strong in your mind.

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I get to help people and make a difference in their lives.

I didn't have the most lucrative education but I wanted to do something big and meaningful to people so I began to research and dedicate my time to put that desire into action without putting myself in debt. I want to spread joy to those who feel they can't have it.

I am very empathetic and can give you tools that I have personally used in my life so I know they work. I will also work with anyone if they are serious about changing their lives, making money is not my mission but what keeps my business running in order to help more people.


Focusing on previous traumas that may be holding you back and learning tools to help you move forward so that you are in control of how you feel instead of what happened.

Assisting people in taking control of their emotions whatever they may be in order to lead a happier more fulfilling life.

*Disclaimer: Counselling is not currently regulated in the province of Alberta and is not the same as Therapy*

I help you release life's pressures off your shoulders by listening, giving you perspective and helping set goals to help you move into a more balanced mindset.