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As an award-winning firm from across Canada and around the world, we work within the HR and HR Law alongside employment law layers. This is to provide the best services, lowest prices with lawyers reviewing documents before the client uses them.

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17 August 2021

Thank you Lisa for your assistance with my W.S.I.B. matter. You were able to assist me in retrieving my back pay, get my rate increase, and negotiate an injury settlement along with my return to work plan.
I will always be thankful for your professional insight and help.
Robert F.

Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Reply from Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Thank you, Robert and I am glad to see you are getting what is rightfully owed to you.

8 August 2021

Lisa is passionate about helping others. As long as I have known her, 10+ years, she has and is professional, she continues to educate and elevate herself and is committed to her craft.

Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Reply from Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Thank you Randi for the thoughtful words, looking forward to working with you on many projects as we get out of COVID safely!

6 August 2021

I was debating on an employee termination and contacted The Staff Room, the response was unreal! So knowledgeable and provided options to help with costs and avoiding litigation. I’d strongly recommend The Staff Room!! More...

Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Reply from Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Thank you - I am not sure who this is, but we appreciate your kind words.

6 August 2021

Hello I am the owner of a construction company as well I sell and buy real estate. I used The Staff Room for various consulting needs. Everyone was very pleasant to work with. I appreciated their communication and getting back to me almost immediately. They are very knowledgeable and helped guide my business in the right direction. I highly recommend their services. More...

Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Reply from Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

My pleasure Matthew, your services are also very professional, and glad we are able to help each other.

6 August 2021

Lisa was on top of things and knowledgeable and super helpful. She got back to us promptly and helped with some sensitive issues that were going on at the time. Great resource!

Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Reply from Human Resource Management Consulting, including HR Law

Your Goat farm is very essential to many and glad we were able to help you nip it in the bud. Keep us posted.


Being able to assist in the development of anyone is a job well done. Making not only people's dreams come true, but also a company level up and be that much better, is a job well done and something we love to do.

A client where I was working told me my talents were being wasted on a dead-end job. To look into opening my own firm and they will be our first client. A colleague also inspired me to work hard and leave a legacy for my kids. So here I am working hard to help many and at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror and say I helped one firm or individual. FEELS GREAT!

We are an award-winning firm for a reason. We are known for our commitment to the client long after the job is done. If we are not able to help, we do not stop there, we provide them with firms that can, even our competition is recommended when we know it is not the right fit for us or the client. We also work within the budget of the individual or the firm so that they are more relaxed and know things will get done, one day at a time. We listen to the client's needs and help them identify the difference between what they need and what they want.

ABSOLUTELY!! HR does not have to be in the office on a continual basis, an intro to the staff and how to get in contact is enough, zoom meetings are great as well as they show people's faces, so we can see the emotions. We service all of Ontario, Canada only.

Closed our physical office, promoted and encouraged people to work from home. Provided and still provide encouragement and help with what we can to make sure the staff, communities and clients are safe. Ensuring everyone's safety is our number one priorirty!


Many firms are short staffed and push their current employees too much and far. Expecting them to work more hours.They don’t have the time or resources to perform proper recruitment and selection. They know they need to hire people, fast, but not sure where to start. Since many firms are understaffed, they don’t take the time to really look at individuals they’re hiring. This is costing firms more than what needs to be spent, due to lack of experience, knowledge and actually contacting their reference, if they think they’re a fit.

Taking the time to develop and place the ad, watch it and hope for good candidates, rumish through the applications, pick the top 10 and hope they’re that missing link. Are you doing phone and face-to-face interviews, reference checks, and if you need a background check? How is the offer legally sound? Did your perfect person accept your offer, or do a counter offer? Do you want the added expenses they’re asking for, are they this valuable that you wish to invest more? Will this person last and not waste your time and money, your investment?.

So much time and money is spent on trying to find that fit. But wait, are you falling behind on your own responsibilities? Are you trying to play catch up and only doing a half fast job? Are you finding some things are now falling between the cracks? Oh no!, you now need to re-do that report, why? You’re doing your job to the best of your ability, you’re working more hours and getting caught up……or are you?

Do you know the difference between a business and a strategic plan? Did you have anything about the new cannabis laws and regulations that businesses need to know and have in their policies and procedures? Are you up to date on the different legislation, laws and other responsibilities?

Company owners, new and established are all in the same boat, unaware of their Goals, Mission Statement or Core Values. If you say to yourself that you have no idea on the above, you are not alone. Have you done a S.W.O.T? Are you asking, what is that?

What is your plan for the next 2-5 years for the growth of your firm? Do you have a pandemic preparedness plan in place with the proper policies and procedures to go with these?

Now ask yourself, do I need to restructure or just start to write my strategic plan? There is a difference between a business and strategic plan and we have the resources to help you write both.

A strategic plan is primarily used for implementing and managing the strategic direction of an existing organization. A business plan is used to initially start a business, obtain funding, or direct operations. … Whereas a business plan is used to provide a structure for ideas in order to initially define the business.

Caught off guard, now what? How do we deal with this, keep staff employed and the business afloat?? Now enters panic mode. Contact us to work out your plan to stay afloat and keep employees calm and loyal!

Companies are not in compliance and do not even know it! When a firm, new or existing, gets a visit from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) as an employee or potential employee has been offended and is now seeking legal action against you and/or your firm. Company’s do not have anything that is consistent or guidelines to follow. Are there right and wrong questions to ask a current, past, or potential employee? Is there a right and a wrong way to hire and terminate? How do companies or individuals know what is right and wrong when hiring and terminating? Lawyers are costly, is there another way to ensure we are not at risk? The answer is yes.

Every day there is at least one firm receiving a fine. Every day there are more than 500 injuries that are not fatal, but still injured people. Below is a chart of the injuries each year. These are non life threatening injuries that have been reported and qualify for and to WSIB. These numbers are frightening and your premiums are based on this, within your industry. The most common reports are slip, trips and falls (according to WSIB). More than 64855 people that have been hurt at work.

Site for report on injuries: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontarios-open-data-directive#section-8 and subject to the provisions described therein.

We help many firms, construction included, avoid these injuries and fines. We are not perfect either, but we have reduced claims in many firms and are proud to say we know we can help you as well. Firms are learning the hard way and that can be avoided for the most part. There are programs to not only help firms small-large, but there are ways to receive some money back.

Are you and your employees aware of the accountabilities, legal compliance, training, and certification? Regardless if you have 1 or 1,000,000 employees, you must be compliant. We know, “I’m a small home based company”, or “this has no effect on me or my company, I am just one person”. WRONG! Safety and compliance has an effect on every company.

Companies unaware of the mandatory 11 policies they must have in place in order to properly do business and be the best they can be. Start up, entrepreneur, existing firms are not aware there is documentation that proves they can be more successful with guidelines and best practices through policies and procedures that will also help keep them out of hot water with the various government bodies. With proper guidelines a firm is able to guide their customers, employees and firm to the best of their ability. There is research and documents that state when a firm is connected to an HR professional, they are more successful than without. Employees, customers, and the firm itself are unaware of what is acceptable, who is accountable, and what are the consequences.
The Solution

Connection with HR, or better, an HR Law professional is one is the best thing a firm can do. Why is HR or HR Law important to a firm? They’re able to review and discuss with the CEO, COO and CFO the goals of a firm. This enables them to develop and design policies and procedures dedicated to the firm’s direction, goals, values and mission of the firm. Research industry standards and develop policies and procedures for the firm and it’s employees. Setting goals, values and mission for the firm with the CEO, COO and CFO will determine the direction of the firm, which is the basis for all policies and procedures. Developing policies will lead to training and development for all new and future employees, leading to the standardization and consistencies, leading to the success of the firm.