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I help women move better, look better and feel better!

Tired of being tired?
Chronic pain limiting your progress and quality of life?
Needing a home workout routine that gets results?
Frustrated with plateaued weight loss?
Ready to get off your medications?

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I create a personalized and periodized exercise and lifestyle program based on your needs and goals after thoroughly assessing you to find imbalances and what's missing

For long term success: Recognizing your physical health and appearance is not unrelated to your mental, emotional and spiritual health

I love empowering women with knowledge so they have the tools and strategies to live their best life. I love seeing their "ah-ha" moments. I love seeing my clients progress, getting stronger, fitter, more confident and happier. I also love to learn and the more I learn, the more I can teach to others and also get clients better results, faster!

I loved working in a gym, surrounded by like minded people but the micromanaging and focus on revenue from the management got old after awhile. I wanted to help people on my own terms

I'm different. I'm a story listener and dot connector, empowering women to get fit and strong and live free from disease and pain through holistic living. A natural, holistic based approach may be what you've been missing to live your most fit, healthy, happy life!

I am 100% online, Zoom or Skype and my ptEnhance platform

I practice health and teach my clients where health and dis-ease comes from


I offer an intensive 10 week program that encompasses everything you need to move better, look better and feel better than you have in years!

I also offer longer term packages for those with complex problems, be it health conditions or elite athletes needing a 6-12 month periodized nutrition and exercise routine

6 week home or gym exercise routine
Membership to my online platform
Comprehensive assessments
Personalized your exercise and lifestyle plan
Resources and tools on how to live holistically to express your best self
Invitation to my private community on Facebook

Basic and Comprehensive options