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Get a free quote from this professional


Professional event disc jockey services with over 10 years of experience providing entertainment for weddings, grand openings, sales events, staff parties, birthday parties, fundraiser, charity events, graduations, proms, high school dances, reunions, sporting events, conventions, block parties and much much more.


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I like to use a diagram I made a couple years ago which cross references the year a person was born with the music that was popular while they were in high school. Then my music is organized by decade, so i keep playing the genres that make the most amount of heads bob.

I have coined my style as "Retro Electro". My favorite tracks to play are ones i remixed myself using older 70's and 80's acapella tracks with some up tempo EDM beats. Love it

I love music ! love love love it. When i'm not djing I am producing under the name Rawbeat DubNero and eXaDiCt on soundcloud.

I was a certified Information Systems Programmer and as each recession would come and go, I started realizing the possibility of my job being outsourced overseas and/or being replaced by automation or robotics. I realized that even during a depression, the ARTS thrive. So I chose djing as a form of art that will remain recession proof

I love what I do and it shows. And it doesn't hurt that I am really good at it after 15 years of practice. :)