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Hi! I'm Dean, a photographer based in Brampton. Creating images is a passion of mine that I have been practicing in one form or another from a very young age. This interest in the arts led to me to an honours degree in Fine Arts. I love doing whatever it takes to create a beautiful image.



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The secret to taking a great photograph comes down to finding beautiful light and making my clients feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. These experiences should be fun and engaging and bring out the best in you.

What style of photography are you looking for? (traditional posed portraits, candid documentary style etc)
What environments do you feel most at home in? (forests, parks, cities, your home etc)
What kind of music do you like? (playing music during a photoshoot can lead to some great candid photos)
Describe your personality to me, what makes you - you!?

I love meeting new people, and learning about their lives and the journey they have been on so far. I want to capture their special moments for them to hold on to as memories forever.

I love finding great compositions and using the environment around me to enhance my clients photos. Morning and evening photoshoots are my favourite when the light is low, shadows are long, colours are warm and the sky is beautiful. I love showing my clients images immediately on the back of the camera when everything comes together and the image just "clicks". At the time it may seem like I am just taking a photo, but when I show you the camera, you see what I see and how great you look!

I have always loved photography and this passion started with hiking to beautiful locations and wanting to capture them in all their glory. Over time I started to shift towards taking pictures of people. Friends and family started asking me to always bring my camera with me to document our memories and eventually i decided that I should be doing this as a business and sharing my talent with others.

By choosing me, you are hiring someone who deeply cares about my work and always strives to deliver the best possible photos. I am creative and I am always looking for new ways to capture images and make people say wow. I will go above and beyond to make my clients feel safe and comfortable and will try to accommodate any requests you may have.