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We believe that we can create an imprint on the hearts and minds of people by visually telling your story. We are drone pilots, videographers, photographers and editors. Together we create stories that capture the right moments and inspire people to action.


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1 October 2020

My experience with this company has been exceptional. They were quick to reply, in less than 48hrs were on site to film, apart from being easy to deal with and very courteous. After contacting over 9 similar companies in the golden horsehoe, they were the most professional (and with licenced pilots) and also the fairest price. Great service, value, and friendly. I highly recommend this company. More...

3 September 2020

My fiance was about to celebrate her birthday and because of the Covid 19 wanted to have a different way of celebrating her birthday with a Photo shoot, I searched the web for her and I was directed to Bark (Brian) who is very professional in this area of expertise guided me through the entire process, our family photo shoot was the best and this was made possible because of Brian, we have more photo shoots in the planning.
Thanks Brian

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The secret to taking a great photograph is understanding my client's need for what the photo is supposed to convey to them or their peers.

I will always want to know what the client wants the picture to say. Is it fun and creative or timeless and formal? For our commercial clients we like to know the personality of the business. Are these client-facing, are you trying to show the personality of the business or sterile images that display your products in all of its glory. Are they for your website or going into a presentation to attract clients in your industry?

I love that I can use my personality to help my customers relax. I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and sometimes that even means putting your product or service, your baby, in front of the lens. It's my job to understand what you want your pictures to say and ensure that you are comfortable with the process of at times, discovering that for yourself as well!

If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life! It's cliche...but it's true.

I seem to have a knack for making you and your products look good. I'm also not afraid to guide you elsewhere if we will not be a fit.


We understand the fast pace of Real Estate. Your need for more traffic, a faster sell-through and higher demand for a home is a result of high quality images. We specialize in Real Estate, Architectural, Commercial Photography, Matterport 3D Tours, Interactive Floor Plans, as well as Cinematic Videos. Our team’s non-compromising quality, attention to detail and commitment to the success of each project has been our number one goal.⁣ ⁣ We are a progressive “one-stop shop” and we always look for new products and services to continue to grow and offer to our clients. As new technologies develop, we will always embrace them and push to always be the first to offer them to our customers.⁣ ⁣ Our current team skillset allows us to offer the following services to our busy realtors:⁣ ⁣ * Flash or HDR Photograghy⁣ * Video listing walk-through⁣ * Matterport or 3D 360 degree view virtual tours, floor plans and 3D modelling⁣ * Aerial (Drone/RPAS) photography/videography⁣ * Feature sheets⁣ * MLS floor plan room measurements⁣ * Branded digital or print media⁣ * Positioning you as an expert through agent-focused video presentations. (Narration, on-camera hosting, regular “I am an expert” content, neighbourhood features)⁣ * Agent Headshots

Our team will capture everything about your event, from the mood and aesthetic to the key players in attendance. Whether you want formal journalistic accounting of the people in attendance or simply eye-catching glam photos to post with your ad campaign, let our team produce the perfect event photos and videos for you! Once we arrive onsite, we attempt to capture everything that you could possibly want by understanding your requirements and being your shadow throughout your event. (Sometimes there are things that you want us to delete and never mention that we saw)! Though we don’t limit the number of images that we will capture or deliver, we try to focus on the quality of relevant images. Our goal is to ensure that you have the ability to relive the moment or allow those that missed it to feel what it was like to be there!

Branding. Your professional image. First Impressions. Judgement. There. We said all of the trendy things to scare you and now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about your picture. The kind of picture where people say that you are successful before you reply back to them. We are often judged by what a picture says about us long before people choose to reach out but unfortunately, not everyone enjoys having their picture taken. That is our job and we take it seriously. (Not really. We tend to make butt-cheeks out of ourselves hoping that we can break that terrified look on your face when someone sticks a camera in front of it). Making you feel comfortable and guiding you through what specific poses work for your profession and how you would like to be seen is what we focus on and we do it well. A headshot or basic session usually takes about 45 minutes and we provide you with 5-8 solid edited images that ooze the feeling that people should consider themselves lucky to have their foot stepped on by you and share your airspace. (Not really, it sounded cool to say and likely got a smirk out of you…which we would have captured if we had our camera in front of you right now).

You have been planning, negotiating with family members and discovering things about your partner that make you warm and fuzzy inside. You still have that glow when the two of you look at each other and giggle if you have to stare into the eyes of each other for too long. If those giggles had a smell it would be like fresh linen, a new car smell or unicorn breath. Mmmmmm. We would like the honour of being selected as your wedding photographer not just for the photos, but for the way we will make you and your guests feel while capturing your day. We pride ourselves on getting the feel right and when that happens…the photos are real, memorable and have a story behind them that will bring back that “Yech” feeling for years to come. (Your Momma is gonna love them too…nobody is happy until Momma is happy). We specialize in contemporary photography and all the services offered are liability insured. Our team boasts an amazing group of dedicated and skillful professionals, who will deliver a bespoke, memorable experience. Various packages are available to satisfy various budgets and individual preferences.

Showing your product in a clear and concise manner is KEY to separating your products from your competitors selling something similar or even more challenging…the same thing. We enjoy preparing your products in our studio for Amazon, Etsy, Shopify as well as neutral e-commerce platforms of your own. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, (GTA) we offer a pickup and dropoff service or you can ship the product to our studios and we will ship the item(s) back. On-site shoots are also available!

The camera in your pocket is a superb tool for communicating on the fly and small honest connections with the public. It still cannot replace carefully crafted images and videos designed with the purpose of enhancing engagement and connection with your discerning customer. When a customer loves you, it has been proven that they will tell people about you…why not craft the images that help you to tell the right message. It has never been easier to change your company from the best that nobody has heard of to the one that everybody is talking about. Some strategies are best done once while others are part of a consistent marketing strategy where we regularly provide you with video and photo assets to trickle to your social media feeds to your customers, suppliers.