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'Acuity Acupuncture is the private practice of Owen Parnell, R. Ac. Owen was raised and educated here in Victoria, and has studied acupuncture & healing martial arts since 2011. Pain relief, emotional stress and it’s physical manifestations are Owen's forte.

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24 January 2020

Owen, you are actually a wizard! Today is the first day I feel better. Thank you for helping me reclaim my sleep, ease my pain, and achieve a general sense of wellness. You are such an essential part of my healthcare team. So grateful for you and your knowledge and skill! More...

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7 January 2020

I just had Owen's treatments recently. I would highly recommend him. Growing up in Japan and having lived in several places in the US and now living in BC, I have had various acupuncturists treat me in Japan, New York, LA, Boston and BC. I find Owen's musculoskeletal treatment more effective than any others' I have had in the entire North America or Japan (except for one amazing master I still go to in Tokyo when I visit Japan) in the past 30 years. I went to Owen's treatment with severe constipation and sleep disturbance, in addition to chronic shoulder/neck/lower-back pain. He took the time to carefully examine me, did thorough acupuncture treatment followed by cupping and hands-on massage, and gave me enough time to recover and incorporate the effect of his treatment. I was fortunate to receive two treatments with a brief interval in between. The result? Great bowel movements and good night's sleep! My back pain is gone and my shoulders/chest are more open and flexible than ever. In addition, people have commented that I "look different." I, too, can see in the mirror that my eyes are more radiant and my skin smoother and shinier even immediately after the treatment. I'm appreciating how releasing tension in the shoulders/neck can improve circulation to the face thereby improving complexion so immediately! I am deeply appreciative of his amazing skills in addressing my deep-rooted issues (and more) so precisely. In addition to his solid and extensive knowledge in acupuncture, I find him to be highly intuitive. I'm sure that helps him being so effective. More...

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I get to earn a living helping people! It's creative problem solving with great rewards.

Before acupuncture, I studied visual art.
I wanted to do something that has a higher purpose than my art did.
Now I make art for my own enjoyment, and offer acupuncture and my other healing services for the benefit of others.

I take every step to see that my treatments, are as effective, pleasant and convenient as possible. I'm committed to my patients well being, and the fewer treatments my patients need, the better I'm doing my job.


Our primary method for improving your health. Acupuncture is the stimulation of acupoints by the insertion of sterile, single-use needles that are about as fine as a thick human hair.

We use a variety of massage techniques that we've found to be effective in clinic. These include Tui Na, Structural Dynamic Therapy, joint mobilization, relaxation massage, back-walking and others. During massage we often use medicated liniments and oils that further benefit the tissues by promoting circulation and alleviating pain.

Static or Slide cupping is done by creating a vacuum between a cup and the skin. This acts as a kind of massage, and is known to increase blood circulation to the area being worked on. Cupping can relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow and promote cellular repair. It is quite popular among professional athletes.

When performing gua sha, the area being treated is oiled, then the gua sha tool, a section of smoothed buffalo horn, is pulled over it with gentle pressure. Where tissues are compromised and the circulation is poor, this action creates superficial petechiae (bruising). When the body directs white cells to resolve the bruising, pre-existing issues in those tissues are addressed simultaneously.

The stimulation of acupoints with finger pressure, as opposed to needles. We use this when acupoints are either inconvenient or uncomfortable to needle. We also use this exclusively when a patient is not comfortable with needles, but desires the benefits of an acupoint based therapy.

translates roughly as 'energy skill' or 'energy practice'. There are many different styles of qi gong but generally speaking, it is a practice intended to improve the practitioner's health, longevity and ability to direct their qi. We have found particular qi gong exercises to be beneficial to certain health conditions, and prescribe them as appropriate.