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I am Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer and Health Coach and am here to help you remove energetic blockages, release physical and emotional pain and reclaim your whole health.

I am dedicated to offering the simplest, most effective (and fun) tools and services to help get you there. With grace, ease and compassion.

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12 April 2021

A-Z Whole Health was very professional in arranging my appointment, from assessing my goals for the session, to accommodating my schedule. The session was deeply therapeutic, and I could tangibly feel the reiki energy and effects even though it was conducted over Zoom. Andrea is incredibly intuitive and provided great insight as to what she felt during my session. It is clear that she cares deeply about her clients, generously providing time for thoughtul discussion both before and after the reiki session, and following up the next day to ask how I was feeling and offer helpful advice. She is a wealth of knowledge on all natural health topics, and expertly integrates all aspects to holistically assess and treat clients. I would highly recommend trusting A-Z Whole Health for a refreshing and accessible approach to health. More...


I am so thankful to be able to offer relaxation and promote healing for people who are tired or stressed or hurting (or all of the above). It can be a rough world out there, especially right now during the pandemic, and sometimes we need a little help from someone other than ourselves. I love to be able to offer that help!

Reiki (energy) healing really impacted my health. I had tried everything under the sun, chiropractors, physio therapists, massage therapists, doctors, you name it, I tried it in my attempt to find wellness and wholeness. I stumbled into Reiki and it was a total game changer. I couldn't "fix" my health problems with a physical modality because my health problems weren't physical in origin! I realized to heal myself I needed to get to the cause of the problem, which was energetic in origin. Reiki taught me that I was an energetic being that was out of tune. And Reiki allowed me to get back in tune, the way I was designed. In learning how to heal myself I realized I could be of service to others.

I have been to a couple of reiki practitioners (masters as they called themselves) that were pretty scary. I did not have a good experience or feel safe. Thank goodness I knew how great a proper reiki session was. It was eye opening. I'm so glad I have undertaken all the training and experience that I have so I can offer a really great healing session that is relaxing and promotes healing.

Services can, and are currently being, provided online. Sessions typically run 30 to 60 mins and are provided via zoom or google hangouts (at the clients preference). I have the client get comfy on their bed/couch/on the ground (whatever they prefer) and we begin the session. I channel reiki energy and sound healing to the client distantly. Once the session is over we discuss what came up and I give suggestions on things to work on or tools to add to their daily self care.

I have moved everything online to protect clients and myself during this pandemic, all sessions are now offered via zoom or google hangouts (client's preference).


Reiki is a healing technique where the therapist, acting as a channel, guides energy into the patient to promote the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki can help with:

Promoting the healing of chronic physical and emotional pain. Mindfully processing, and fortifying, against life stressors. Moving past limiting beliefs and harmful behaviour patterns surrounding money, weight, love and self-worth. And deepening your sense of spirituality and alignment with your life’s purpose.

Sound Healing is a technique where the practitioner uses Sound Healing instruments (specifically in my case Tuning Forks) on-the-body and off-the-body of the client to promote the relaxation response and trigger the natural healing processes of the body, restoring physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Sound healing can help with: promoting the healing of chronic physical, mental, and emotional pain. Mindfully processing, and fortifying, against life stressors. Moving past limiting beliefs and harmful behavior patterns surrounding money, weight, love and self-worth. And help with deepening your sense of spirituality and alignment with your life’s purpose.

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes, enabling them to meet their unique needs and health goals. Health Coaching focuses on a clients holistic health, be that the food you eat, your relationships, career, physical activity; any of the areas of your life that are impacting your health.