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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Mimmiz Construction brings you all services in one place. We have them all, builders, plumbers, tillers, electricians etc. We have Architects to draw your plans and Engineers who ensure that construction is done according to various building acts.

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23 March 2021

Great service !!!

Mimmiz construction did a wonderful renovation at my house and I recommend them to anyone who needs renovations done in their properties

23 March 2021

I contracted Mimmiz Construction to build a double story for me. They did a wonderful job with the best finishes ever. The did this job within 5months. Excellent workmanship


firstly you need to check if the walls are solid and strong, check the ceiling height if it can be raised. Conversion is good as it can increase the space of your home, a living room, bedroom , entertainment area etc. Also consideration the fact that some cars of today are much bigger than most of the garages built years back, conversion is the way to go.

Physical Inspection - Fill in the Garage Door with a new wall, put in window or door. The original foundation of the garage will most likely be a shallow slab and thus insufficient to support the new wall, in which case a deeper foundation needs to be dug. Soil type, adjacent buildings, nearby trees and the resulting drainage conditions need to be assessed in order to estimate what depth and type of foundations are necessary.
Depending on what foundations are deemed necessary for the particular conversion, a greater or lesser amount of wall construction needs to be undertaken. Walls underneath the ground (substructure) must support the construction above (superstructure) and, to be effective, these sub-walls must be made from brick that is resistant to ground frost and sulphates present in the soil. Ensure that there is enough light and ventilation.

New External Walls
It is likely that at least one completely new external wall will be needed for the garage conversion.
Solid wall/ existing walls must be inspected to check sustainability.
Any external wall must be constructed in such a way as to repel and divert moisture coming from the ground (damp proofing) and stand up to the outside elements (weather resistance). upgraded with a new internal skin and carefully assessed in terms of Damp-Proofing.

The existing garage floor is unlikely to be suitable for regular domestic use. The solid concrete floor can either be upgraded in terms of strength, damp-proofing.
Solid Floor - This will need to be upgraded with a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), which comes in solid and liquid form. Liquid DPM is often best suited for garage conversions. If required, thermal insulation should be placed on top of the membrane and a separation layer may be needed in between to see that the two layers do not react with each other. Finally, the floor is finished with what is known as a floating floor, a layer of wood or screed - depending on the insulation below. If screed is used, it should be around 75mm thick and safeguarded against cracking with a wire mesh.
Suspended Timber Floor - the floor of your house may be constructed fairly high above the ground and, can install a suspended timber floor in your garage conversion to match this. Timber joists are laid from wall to wall with a minimum gap of 150mm maintained between the original concrete floor and the new timber one. A Damp Proof Course (DPC) should be laid underneath the timber floor and an intermediate wall may be necessary for further ventilation.
Garage Roof - normally the there is roof above the garage already- check if its habitable, no leaks etc and install ceiling.
The new room should have adequate ventilation and light.
Lastly - plastering, electrics, tiling and painting and all the finishes.

We started this business 6 years ago and ever since we have not looked back. We have had our ups and downs e.g due to covid 19 but nothing has ever pulled us down, we fall and rise. We have renovated many homes and built many as well.

It is advisable to do the job right in the beginning and as such it is very important to use the right and qualitative material. Because that's what we do, most of our work has a guarantee of between 10 to 20 years.

This job is my life and i do it to the best of my ability. i have passion in the job. I am happy once i see the joy and expression of satisfaction on my customers face.

We are a family of builders, my son is an architect, i am a builder, my one brother is boiler maker and the other one a structural engineer. All our drawings and inspections are done in house making the waiting period very short and labour cheaper. We are Mimmiz Construction Center. All services are done in the house.

Because God has blessed the works of my hands, i am the best and i'm good at what i do.

I can give professional help remotely or online free of charge. It is always advisable to do a physical inspection. We are contactable 24 hours a day and we can do anything in CONSTRUCTION. Construction is our food and drink, construction is who we are and what we do. We are the best.

All my team mates have been tested for covid 19, we always carry with our sanitisers and my members sanitises themselves on site and we work with our masks on. we all adhere and stick to the protocol of the covid 19 rules all the time.


We specialize in the construction of new buildings both Commercial and Residential. Our team of experts can construct anything from the ground to roof level. We are expects in ROOFING and as long as we have given plans and specs, you can trust us to do a great job that will be to your satisfaction. Mimmiz Construction has the capacity to handle any size of construction that includes roads etc.
As you are aware most buildings are in dilapidated states because of lack of proper maintenance, Mimmiz is there to solve such problems. We do renovations at a professional level. If your residential or commercial property needs a face lift, we at Mimmiz can do that for you. We are experts in FACEBRICK, CEMENT BRICK Concrete Bricks etc.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have many years of experience in all sorts of water proofing – Flat Roof Water Proofing, Concrete Water Proofing and normal roof water proofing.

Our tiling is expertly done. Our friendly team of experts is readily available to give you advise on the type of tiles to use, we can safely handle all types of tiles: ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles etc. We do floor tiles, wall tiles and everything and anything in tiling. Make your yards look beautiful by entrusting Mimmiz with its professional paving. We are available to give expert advice on paving and we can use any pavers of your choice.

Do you have plumbing issues, (water or sewer) or you need a geyser fitted in or replaced, do you have water leaks that need detection? Mimmiz construction is the answer. We have high-tech machines that can detect leaks that cannot be spotted by a naked eye.

Mimmiz has professional Welders and Boiler Makers who can do anything with their special type of machines. We do palisade fencing, mesh fencing, wood etc. Tel us the type of fencing you need and will be there to do it for you.

Your needs are that which drives us. What kind of finishing do you need on your constructed building? Rough Cast, smooth finish, scrapped and textured etc, we also do decorative painting. We have professional painters who give expert advice on the type of paint to use and where to buy it from.

We do not outsource ground clearing companies, we are have our own staff who are qualified to uproot and cut trees to pave way for new structures. We are Mimmiz, we have everything under one roof, ask for it and we will provide. We provide excellent services to our clients and we are always there to listen and help.