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Get a free quote from this professional


We at FH Contractors put the customers first and any projects we do is a priority.
We make sure that customer service is met with great communication with clients. We are not there solely to deliver a good service to the client but also to enjoy the project with them.

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10 March 2021

Great company! Very professional in the work that they do. The owner has a passion for his work, which make the quality of work always at a high standard. Have used them on a couple of projects. More...

10 March 2021

professional and reasonable on price .great service

10 March 2021

Not only was their standard of work to a very high level but there communication was exceptional. They kept me updated daily on the project and sent me photos to show what they were doing.


Anything is possible with the right mindset and budget. It's hard to say what exactly is needed without seeing first hand. There are always unseen issues. However how bad the structure is , as long as the foundation is good, everything is posisble.

- Design or simple new layout.
- Check structure and roof is sound and free from leaks.
- Start with all breaking out first. Door way windows etc.
- Brickwork up and unwanted gaps in the walls.
- Chase in plumbing and electrical cabling (if needed)
- Fit windows and door frames
- Plaster
- Paint
- Hang doors (if needed)
- Fit accessories

5 years
Working for a different company, but I have been doing it since 2016

2 years on structure work
If looked after properly everything will last a long time.

Turning bad use of space and neglected areas into works of beauty

Customer service. Meaning there are lots of people out there who can do the job but give very poor customer service which leads to unsatisfied clients.

Customer service and communication. There is nothing worse than a builder not turning up to work and to make it worse not answering his phone.

I'm in construction, I have to be on the job site


All renovation and remodeling from start to finish.
We will supplier the project with all the necessary trades to complete the job.