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At the end of a tenancy, it’s important to leave your property looking its best. Whether you’re a landlord wanting a deep clean before new tenants move in, or a tenant looking to give your house one last clean before moving out, Bark can help you find an expert cleaning service.


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Once you have your list of tailored quotes from end of tenancy cleaners, all you need to do is pick your service provider. Review quotes, read previous customer reviews or contact the professionals themselves. There’s a whole host of information to help make your choice that bit easier.

New lease of life

Putting things in order

A thorough end of tenancy clean can transform the appearance of a property. With expert residential property cleaners, your home will be left looking better than it has in years. Every surface, appliance, nook and cranny will be cleaned thoroughly, leaving your property spotless from top to bottom. It’ll be almost like you never even lived there in the first place!

First impressions for new tenants

First impressions are important for landlords. You’ll want to show new tenants the level of quality they can expect from their new home and also from your property management. Perhaps your previous tenants left the place a little worse for wear. Or maybe you just want to give your property the finishing touches to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. By bringing in a helping hand to get your property in top condition, you can be sure that your new residents will be impressed with their abode. And they’ll be far more likely to look after it as a result.

Getting back that deposit

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is a great way of helping you get your all-important deposit back. This is a high priority for many tenants moving out of their rented properties. An expert end of tenancy cleaning service will leave no stone unturned. From removing thick layers of grime from your oven, to eliminating cobwebs in hard to reach places. With Bark you can find a thorough and trusted property cleaner who’ll see to all your requirements.

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Jones & Hatch Cleaners LTD

Experts in end of tenancy cleaning, Jones & Hatch Cleaners ensure that your property is left looking brand new. Efficient, quick and affordable, they are the perfect choice for landlords and homeowners alike.

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What’s included in an end of tenancy clean?

It’s essentially cleaning the house from top to bottom. That includes cleaning all the surfaces, each appliance inside and out, removing built-up muck and grease, and cleaning all floors. It’s the full cleaning service. A thorough end of tenancy clean can make such a big difference to the finished look of a rented property. Especially when it comes to cleaning places that have often been neglected or forgotten about during a standard spring clean.

What’s the best bit of your job?

I am one of those people who genuinely enjoys cleaning all the parts of a house that people tend to neglect. It’s so satisfying to see how clean a house is when we’re finished working our magic. It often looks like a completely different place. The landlord or tenants are normally very pleasantly surprised and grateful as well, which is always a nice end to a job.

How long does an end of tenancy deep clean take?

Cleaning a residential property can take anywhere between three hours to a full day. This depends on numerous factors, such as how large the house is, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, and how unclean it is in the first place. Sometimes, properties can take longer because they may have more rooms or have more requirements, like multiple bathrooms. But often we work in teams to help make the process as efficient as possible, so that multiple rooms are being cleaned at once.

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This will vary according to the size of the house, whether deep carpet cleaning is included and whereabouts you are in Singapore.

Your expert end of tenancy cleaner will be able to advise you on the full range of services available and will be able to help you select the best services for your home. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Use Bark to get free quotes and find an end of tenancy cleaner today. What does an End of Tenancy Clean include? End of tenancy cleans include dusting and vacuuming carpets, rugs and upholstery as well as removing all the cobwebs from the ceilings and walls. They will also clean all door frames, door handles and doors as well as light switches, sockets, light fittings and light shades.

Bathrooms are an important area and they need to scrub the bath and or shower, toilet and sink. All kitchen appliances and cabinets should be thoroughly cleaned both inside and out.

After the cleaners visit, the property should be free of rubbish, hair and fur, dirt, dust and stains as well as grime, grease, finger-marks, smudges and spills. There should also be no limescale and surface rust as well as hard debris, food deposits and leftovers.

The home needs to left gleaming after the completed work and ready for other people to move in.

There are a number of factors that are worth considering before choosing your end of tenancy cleaner.

Checklist – End of tenancy cleaning is primarily aimed at people who are moving out of a property. Consequently, it is important that the cleaners know the exact criteria you are looking for and offer a thorough cleaning checklist. There may be areas that you haven’t even thought of which will make sure you are likely to pass the final inspection.

Guarantee – It is important that any company guarantees the quality of the work so you will be sure to get your deposit back. Most companies will offer a 24-hour or more guarantee period where you can pass the inspection before it starts accumulating more dust and dirt.

Supplies – It is important to ask whether all the cleaning supplies are included in the price. Workers must bring all the necessary tools and machines to do their job. You should also establish whether GST is included in the quotation.

Pricing – The quality of the work, rather than the time taken, is vital in an end of tenancy clean. Trusted companies will understand the importance of obtaining your deposit back so will leave your property impeccably clean.

Insurance – It is important to look for an insured provider as you are allowing cleaners into your home for a number of hours. Any damage or theft caused by the workers will be compensated by the company.

You can be confident that any of the Bark end of tenancy cleaners listed will help to give your home a thorough end of tenancy clean and leave it sparkling.

This can vary according to the size of the property and how much work is needed. For example, a two-bedroom flat on a single level would take two cleaners approximately 4-5 hours to deep clean.

You can check a company’s credentials by asking for proof of certification. When a cleaning company is certified, a certificate should be provided upon request. Certified end of tenancy companies should also be able to provide identification for their employees. Firms should also have insurance to protect against damage made by the cleaners.

Before you choose an end of tenancy cleaner, you could ask to see examples of their work, read testimonials and view before and after pictures of homes they have cleaned.

You could also look at their profile page on Bark and Bark can show you end of tenancy clean reviews from past customers too as well as examples of work that they have completed. This might also help you get some ideas for the types of services you need.



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