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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hello. I’m Sean Maloney, a multi-disciplined art director/graphic designer based just north of Dublin, Ireland. My background as a senior art director in the fast-paced, deadline driven world of advertising brings an ability to organise and deliver.

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Fundamental to creating strong brand elements is to clearly understand those unique needs. To ensure a successful project result it is essential that your designer understands and acknowledges a clear understanding of the goal.

Step 1: Discussion

Background information, needs and goals are pertinent to the development of the great creative. I will listen and then fully discuss what I understand about your input and goals. From there we’ll establish a plan, which will include objectives, budget parameters, a timeline and deliverables.

Step 2: Discovery

Following our initial discussions I will appropriately research the relevant market in an effort to put our needs and goals into context. It will help set a path for the design process.

Step 3: Concepting

I prefer to present clients with more than one “rough” concept. When applicable, developing multiple ideas is great way to discover a precise creative direction to develop. Upon seeing rough concepts, clients may realize that there are other possibilities never dreamt of. Or and at a minimum a rough concept should be a confirmation of understanding and approvable as an appropriate direction.

Step 4: Design

After feedback and input from the concept step, this is where we formalize our discoveries. It can be refining a specific rough concept or two, “versioning” out a direction to gain a more in-depth visual picture, focus groups can come into play or in some case finalizing and going straight to a deliverable. No two projects are the same, anything is possible.

Step 5: Layouts

If applicable this is where refine and shape specific elements of a project. That could be anything from laying out versions of a poster with different languages, edits to specific body copy on package label, trying different colors in a background or different hero images, etc. We’ll stay on this step until it’s perfect.

Step 6: Finalize

Upon reaching perfect and at times after final edits we’ll lock down the design(s). With final approvals in hand, appropriate final artwork will be produced and delivered to either yourself or a vendor of choice.


This can be a logo and it’s file versions, a set of vector icons or a website taken live. Project completed. The deliverables can be printed pieces the client has produced after I supply final art and possible input on how to handle. Or I can be enlisted to handle final production, which I am more than happy to do to ensure a positive result.

Refer to Step 1 of the creative process. The key here is to have a clear understanding of needs, objectives, goals, budget, timeline and deliverables. For client and designer to be on the same page.

Graphic design is limitless in its possibilities. It allow us to be fluid, to explore, to recognise a need and provide a solution...whether it's designing a set of on-line banner ads that fit into an existing structure or with a start up to create its brand identity. Everyday presents the possibility to create something new, to not be content with comfortable, to look forward to whatever may come.

Freedom. Freedom to succeed or fail on my own terms, to choose who I work with and how it's done. The freedom to put in a 90 hour work week and realise a direct reward for doing so. The freedom to create solutions that derive from my understanding of the need and then stand behind those ideas with conviction. Freedom to directly communicate those ideas and work in a collaborative effort with clients to produce great results. Freedom can bring more responsibility but along with it can be very tangible rewards.

Clients should choose me because I take a great deal of pride in doing what it takes to produce great results. I'm not one for wasting time so I listen well in an attempt to clearly understand the need...then let the process take place. That can take place overnight in a "rush" need or indefinitely with ongoing brand development. In any event, you will always get 100%.