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LetterEleven is a multidisciplinary design practice that specialises in developing unique brand identities. I have amassed over 15 years’ experience working in design practices while also completing freelance work.

I work with my clients on logo creation, branding development and campaigns.

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Everyone has their strengths and mine have always been broadly creative and specifically artistic. I see each new client as a blank canvas and I love the process of absorbing your ideas, thoroughly sounding out possibilities, and creating designs and branding that become a cherished part of you and your business. My inspiration comes from you, not from what others are doing. For me, authenticity is the truest pathway to success.

Before I create anything for my clients, I will get to know them. If you struggle to describe exactly what you want, my advanced training in coaching will help me ask the right questions and enable us to figure out the creative brief goals and objectives.

I love the whole process, I am a creative, community-orientated individual who loves figuring things out. My aim is always to become a trusted partner who inspires and enables my clients to achieve their goals. I will give as much care to your brand as you do.

I understand that many people are nervous about investing money in design as they don’t know what the outcome will be and are concerned about being ripped off. I work with my clients, not apart from them, I walk with them every step of the way, we partner together to create something we are all happy with.

To quote one of my reviewers -
"Kay is an outstanding creative and all-round awesome individual to work with. I worked with her directly from a creative perspective and then hired her to work on my team at Millbrook Resort in Queenstown, New Zealand. She is a perfectionist in her role, will always look for the best way to do things and will be there to help bring it all to life with you. Over two years we worked together on updating the Millbrook Resort brand and to this day, everything we implemented is still being used. Her skill set goes way beyond her creative flair. Extremely organised, she has the ability to understand your business objectives, and she will put herself in the shoes of the customer; all to ensure she delivers the best for her clients and the customer. If you're thinking about working with Kay, you should. She'll brighten up your day with her loveable personality and you truly will produce work you both will be extremely proud of. I can't recommend her highly enough" Ciara Craig, Millbrook Resort Marketing Manager, NZ