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KC-Leigh Bezuidenhout

6 February 2019

Such an amazing class! Love the music and Kim is a great Zumba instructor! She always gets us sweating and laughing!


Mary DiVittorio

6 February 2019

What a great class...love the energy and Kim is a wonderful instructor. We have a great group and the music is motivating! Thanks Kim...love it!


Jennifer Ilgauds

6 February 2019

Kim has a natural talent and love for teaching Zumba. Her love for dance and experience as an instructor make her classes the perfect mix of fun and a work out. Her music is always current and the incorporation of optional weights adds overall balance. As a newcomer to Zumba I so appreciate how accepting she and the rest of the participants are. Everyone works at their own level in a relaxed yet motivated atmosphere. Excellent value. More...

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