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YYC Design was founded in late 2017. We specialize in Graphic Design, Website Design and Management, Social Media Management and more!

We are a full-service marketing agency, that has the capabilities of handling all aspects of the marketing/advertising process.



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Graphic design is more than slapping a few colours, text and picture together. It's something that allows customers to know who you are and what your company is about. Yes, anyone can put some words and images together and call it a poster, but it's how you place everything that really matters. 60.80% of marketers claim that visuals are integral to successful marketing

Social media has changed the way everyone connects and advertises with their clients. With the majority of the population being so in touch with every social trend, all it takes is a number of carefully posted statuses/ad’s and you could end up being the next big deal in your industry. Our social media managers invest an ample amount of time following what’s trending along with tracking new social media updates. What we do has a lot to do with understanding what time is right to post, what your audience would want to see and the attention spent in placing the right text with the right image. When you invest in a social media manager that takes the necessary time needed to continue to study the social media industry, you’re more likely to see growth within your business.

Websites have gradually increased in the way people judge businesses. Years ago, websites were more about the amount of information that was on the website, and not so much about how it looked. Imagine there are only two businesses of your kind in this quadrant of the city. Your competitors’ website is one page with basic information, maybe a photo or two. Along comes your website; multiple-pages, up-to-date information, and a creative look on every page. Which company would customers be more drawn to? That’s where we come in, we help drive customers to your business.