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Margaret Scott

27 January 2019

Very knowledgeable and kind people. Highly recommended.


Emily Savoie

26 January 2019

Just finished a 4 week cooking class "lets cook". This class really makes the transition to plant based eating easy and everything we made was delicious!!


Maureen Bilerman

29 September 2018

Passion, commitment, breadth of knowledge, compassion....Mary-Ellen and John have it all. Thank you for supporting my recovery journey.


Victoria West

4 October 2017

Mary-Ellen and John are such great people. Fredericton is lucky to have such amazing plant based advocates and educators. Highly recommend their classes and we love the potlucks and community they’ve built.


Carol Klassen Murphy

17 November 2016

I love the passion and knowledge that SLS Health Coaching brings to us. A wonderful opportunity for people to learn how to become healthier and more energetic people.