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Tralee, Ireland

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Victory Fitness

Tralee, Ireland

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pa mc mahon

27 July 2019

fully equipped unreal gym. Did personal training and classes. Found Ronan to be fantastic and helped me achieved my goals. He pushed me and made me face new challenges. Now not only am i fitter and stronger but my confidence is at an all time high. Also did a few classes these were intense but god they got me fit. Can not speak highly enough about victory fitness. Any one struggling i would recommend contact Ronan and I know he can help. Just contact him. best decision i ever made. More...


Manzoor Hussain Sahi

23 June 2019

Ronan is amazing human and also excellent trainer . I joined victory fitness almost 9 months ago and achieved my goal. Before exercise, i was lazy, and did not care much about eating. He moved my direction to healthy life style and now i feel healthy, fit, stronger and active all the time. The best thing which i like is doing exercise without any expensive machine. If you do exercise properly in fitness centre for about some months then you can continue at home as well. I highly recommend victory fitness if you are really concerned about you to be fit. More...


Maura MacDonald

6 April 2019

Could not speak highly nor recommend Ronan enough. My personal journey was an extremely daunting thought and being a very private person even the idea of going to a public gym setting or joining a class was out of the question. I was facing major surgery being very unfit & over weight and knew I needed to address both to minimise risk during surgery and to aid my recovery. I had 3 months to get myself ready. Ronan was recommended to me by a friend and I plucked up the courage to call him and I’m so glad I did. His Nutritional and Fitness guidance has changed my life. With my personally tailored plan I was 21kg lighter and 100% fitter before my operation which made my recovery so much easier. He also gave me the confidence to join in classes with others which I now love doing. Post operation, Ronan kept up full contact keeping me on my toes nutritionally as exercise was a no go. 5 months post op I am back training with Ronan rebuilding my strength and aiding my rehabilitation. He is also a great listener when you just want to talk. For personal, tailored and successful Nutritional & Fitness plans Ronan is just fantastic... if you a wavering.. call him.. you won’t regret it. More...


Diarmuid D Ó Céilleachair

6 April 2019

Last year was a very tough year for me,I suffered a pretty bad accident and it took its toll on my mental and physical well being.After struggling with my weight all my life in mid December I decided it was time to begin my fitness journey.After meeting with Ronan I knew he was the person I wanted training me.He was very professional and easy to talk to.Doing personal training classes with him for nearly 4 months now and if you had told me when I started the progess I have made since I would not have believed you.I have lost 20 kilos since I have began there and there is still a long journey to go yet but with the help and motivation from Ronan I know I can get there.I can't recommend Victory fitness enough. More...


Jen Keav

5 April 2019

Highly recommend Victory fitness, I was never one to gym before but after a few months of attending Ronan’s 30minute intensity classes Iv found my fitness has improved and I look forward to every class that are on Monday to Friday morning&evenings very dedicated and supportive personal training classes as well


Susie Whyte

1 April 2019

In my opinion the best fitness classes in tralee, it's a 30 min workout that's full of high intensity, if anyone is thinking of starting there fitness journey I would highly recommend ronan, he motivates and encourages everyone and he creates a lovely friendly atmosphere, it's like a family unit, every one is there to achieve there own fitness goals but in saying that every one supports each other. the power of change is in your hands you just need the right trainer to guide you on your journey. fitness has changed my life and thus improved my overall wellbeing. More...



31 March 2019

Everyone is supper friendly and the general atmosphere of the gym is very welcoming.


Becky Ahern

29 March 2019

I honestly can’t praise Ronan enough Ronan is definitely one of the best if not the best trainer out there. I started Victory fitness 9 months ago and haven’t looked back since. Ronan not only helps you get results but he honestly cares about you as-well. I never dread going to a class or personal training with Ronan as there enjoyable but will also push you to your absolute limits. I would 100% recommend Ronan as I genuinely can’t imagine my life without the classes or personal trainings now. More...



3 August 2018

Best gym in town


Lorraine Ahern

2 January 2018

If someone would have said to me in Jan 2017 that by Jan 2018 I'd be a member of Victory Fitness Gym doing 4 HIIT classes and a personal training session a week I would have laughed, not a hope, I wouldn't be able. But when I saw a 2 month offer 'train with a buddy' advertised in July I roped in a friend and we decided to give it a go. I never looked back, I'm addicted and I love every minute of it and when the going gets tough I say to myself 'it will be worth it" and it sure is. It might only be 6 months I’ve been training with Ronan, but I must say he is one of the most experience and committed trainers around. Ronan is focused on helping me achieve my goals and I really enjoy the variety and challenge (and fun) he puts into each class and PT session. My fitness level has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more exercises and generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. I must be a glutton for punishment. Looking forward to training with Ronan at Victory Fitness in 2018 and what new challenges and goals it will bring. Let the adventure begin � More...


Patrick Sugrue

27 December 2017

I joined Victory Fitness September last as a 100% gym and weights novice. Before this I would have been very self-conscious going into a gym and had I actually gone, would have just resorted to some cardio machines to hide behind. My annual fitness attempts prior to this worked around the Ring of Kerry cycles. Once that was over, the enthusiasm for staying fit declined until the start of the next year again. I initially signed up for 8 weeks of 2 X P.T. sessions a week, and committed to one fitness class a week. I wasn’t sure how I would get on but to be fair to Ronan and his support throughout I immediately began to see changes in myself physically as well as mentally. My goal for those initial 8 weeks was to drop weight, tone up and to educate myself. I definitely achieved my goals. I have continued with the same pattern of sessions per week and classes and haven’t looked back. The sessions are tough and your pushed to your limit, but for the couple of hours in the week it takes I know I am working harder that I would on my own and overall I am improving across the board. I am looking forward to the road ahead in 2018. More...


Rebecca Fraher

22 June 2017

I joined Victory Fitness as I no longer knew what to do about weight & dieting, I just gave up on silly dieting as it was not working. It was the best decision I made. I was very shy/embarrassed the first day I walked through the gym door but after the first session that went away, Ronan and Peter were fantastic and always gave great advice and always motivated me when I did not feel like doing any exercise! I would definitely recommend Victory Fitness to anybody that is struggling to loose weight. More...


Chanice Fitzpatrick

11 June 2017

I was recommended victory fitness when I was not seeing the results I wanted going to the gym myself, I didn't have a clue about nutrition and had no organization to my workouts, from the first moment I met ronan I knew this was the right place to be, i used to always be self conscious and scared going into the weights area of a gym now I can walk in and be comfortable knowing exactly what I have to do and confident how to do everything, I love my nutrition and workout plans and ronan is always on hand if I ever have questions or any problems, being a student in cork and working at the weekends it hasn't been easy but ronan is always great for finding a time that works for us both. I couldn't recommend the victory team enough, during sessions they really do push u to the best u can be and it's very rewarding, thanks so much to the whole team and Im excited to see what else my journey brings :) More...


Catherine O Halloran

9 June 2017

I joined Victory Fitness with my best friend just to get into a nice shape and gain knowledge on how to eat healthy. From day one Victory Fitness catered for us, 10 week programme, meal plan and a personal trainer. The team are all such lovely people they all want you to maintain that motivation and achieve the goal. Words cant describe our personal trainer, he was just simply amazing!!!! Thanks again to the Victory Fitness Team�x More...


Jessica Tuohy

5 June 2017

I joined victory fitness 12 weeks ago and it was without a doubt the best decision I ever made ! Before meeting with Ronan I hated the thought of even stepping foot in a gym as I was so self conscious and at the start I was still apprehensive but the encouragement and support from all the victory gang is second to none and Ronan made me feel so at ease ! I would never have done a class as I felt too shy or embarrassed but with victory it was so friendly and the trainers made me feel comfortable and were extremely encouraging and motivating! The encouragement and motivation from them is something I never found anywhere else they 100% care about all their clients and the results really show ! I couldn't recommend victory fitness enough and couldn't imagine training anywhere else �Thanks for all the help along the way and looking forward to hitting some new goals in the next few months !! � More...


Fiona Savage Gaudino

24 May 2017

I recently joined the gym and have to say as I've never been inside a gym before because I wouldn't be a very confident person so always made excuses not to go. It was absolutely the best decision I ever made.I love my classes , I feel great and definitely more confident,and ronan and the team are absolutely fantastic . More...


Joshua Kelly

27 March 2017

Im that particular type of idiot that leaves pride control his life. I always viewed people as idiots due to my narcissistic mind set but my ego took a blow after watching my parents deaths. I refused to see my problem and fell deeper and deeper into depressing to the point I abused alcohol and medication just so I could sleep without nightmares or even get the images out of my head. But thanks to my good friends Shaun and Paraic and particularly the amazing help from Ronan and Shane in victory fitness whom provided me the tools and the environment to train and fight back without judgement. Thanks to these people I owe them a depth of gratitude I can only dream of returning because without there amazing help honestly I may have never recovered my mental and physical stability. With my sense of pride back and new found modesty I am ready to take on all new challenges, even something as fun as working my as off just to win a jumper ( I'm coming for it Ronan, just you wait :D ) More...


Phil Horgan

5 March 2017

If you get a chance to go with victory fitness go they know what they are doing they help myself and Noreen with our faults in our work out


Éanna Reidy

22 January 2017

I joined victory fitness in October with the 12 week program to see me through the winter. I needed to keep up my fitness for the off-season period but my main aim was to gain weight. I started off at 82kgs and after 2 weeks of clean eating and training I was down to 78kg and I built from there! Signing off after week 12 I had gained 6 kg, at a happy 84kgs. Leighton was my PT guiding and pushing me through my program while Ronan was very helpful too and Susanna watching my diet! Well worth the time and money! Thanks guys ������� More...


Aivaras Kuraitis

10 January 2017

Highly recomended for any fitness goals! Very professional and knowledgable trainers!


Darren Halpin

4 January 2017

Fantastic group of people to deal with, always pushing you beyond the boundaries you've set yourself, there for getting the results you've always wanted. Highly recommend Ronan and the team at victory fitness. More...


Catherine Keane

16 December 2016

Brilliant experience. Really professional and great motivators. Well done victory fitness team


Denise Ní Chéirín

12 December 2016

After years of over training and following fad diets online which incurred weight gain rather then weight loss I knew I needed help. So last September I contacted Ronan I was always in awe of the transformation on Victorys Facebook and never dreamed that I could be one of them. I always had a fear of failing even though I would put my heart and soul into it. But when I met Ronan back in September I knew I had made the best decision and would not be looking back. From day 1 he put me on the right track explained where I had been going wrong and what I needed to change. I have always loved training but this was different the training was focused on me and what I wanted to achieve. Even the group classes Ronan and his excellent trainers know exactly what each of their clients are capable of and how far they can push you so not alone are you getting the max out of your personal training session you are also reaching new goals in the classes. As for the nutrition Susie makes the nutrition plan easy to follow and catering for your own requirements. The nutrition was trial and error for me in the beginning it took me a while to find one that worked for me and again Susie guided me and was always just a call away if I needed to question anything. Not alone in the past 3 months have I lost weight, inches and body fat but I have learned so much that has completely changed my mindset about food and exercise. Ronan and his team have helped me to reach targets I had never imagined I'd be able to do and I know for sure I'm not finished yet as I've signed up for another couple of months. I would never have come as far as I have without Ronan Susie and all their team. Victory fitness is a fantastic gym where dreams become reality, goals are smashed and new friends are made. Thanks guys can't wait to see what 2017 is going to bring to me training with ye ��� � More...


Pádraig Lyons

23 October 2016

My journey with victory fitness has been nothing short of a life changing experience. When I joined the VF family back in June, almost immediately I knew my lifestyle was going to change for the better.. I had heard about the team from a friend who went through the 90 day programme. I had seen the results and was in awe and wanted to achieve something similar myself... I play football with my local club and college, and thus wanted to lose weight, become fitter, faster and more of an athlete. I felt fitness was holding me back but since my 12 week transformation it has drastically changed. I am now more mobile, faster and it's making a big difference on the pitch.. I still to this day, after a big improvement on my body find dieting a huge challenge. Having struggled with food for so long, it's not easy to constantly eat 100% especially when weight can be put back on so easily.. however through meal prepping, variation, and keeping a diary of what I eat has made it a lot easier. Being a college student, trying to have a social life has also been a tough challenge, but balance is key and I have received the best of advice from Ronan and Susie to help my nutrition. If there are any GAA players out there who feel they need improving in fitness, strength or speed, or anyone of any age who's wants to change their lives, look no further than Ronan and his squad of outstanding trainers who tailor their trainings to your goals. A special mention must go to my trainer Leighton who really showed me how to train properly and pushed me to my limits and beyond! He has really shown me different ways of training and pushing my body in different ways while also having a fun experience ! This VF team are professionals, they care about you, and want the best for yourself! All anyone has to do is make the first step and contact Ronan, and at the end it's damn worth it! More...


Vicki Prendergast

7 September 2016

I love working out now b4 I joined victory fitness I would always make excuses and didn't have any confidence when it came to the gym. But now I am confident enough to go to the gym by myself. The trainers are amazing and give you so much support. For me it was the best decision I have ever made � More...


Amanda Jones

15 April 2016

I just completed my first 12 weeks (90 day transformation programme) with Victory Fitness. I had followed them on Facebook and Instagram with a few months and decided to take the step and contact Ronan. I met with Ronan in January and decided to sign up straight away!! It has been the best decision I made, I haven't looked back!! In the last 12 weeks I have lost 18.2kg. I see a MASSIVE difference in my body, health, fitness, happiness and confidence. I could not be more happier! A complete lifestyle change for me which I absolutely love. The team are absolutely brilliant can't thank them enough, very dedicated, friendly and always keep u motivated.. A HUGE thank u to Ronan, Peter, Leighton, Shannon & Susie! You all do a fantastic job and would recommend anyone that's thinking of getting fitter or stronger or whatever the goal may be to contact Victory Fitness, you wont regret it. This is only the beginning for me... with the guidance of Victory I will reach my goal! Can't wait to start my next 90 day programme Bring on the next few months More...


Emma Donovan

23 March 2016

I started with Victory Fitness just over 10 weeks ago after having my third baby. As My body was weak in general after pregnancy(and I was beyond unfit!) the guys designed a strengthening program and even though I was limited by doing low intensity exercise for the most part I have still managed to lose 20lbs to date which I am delighted with. The whole team are sound and really great trainers, big thanks to Peter especially !For the first time I've lost weight the healthy way clean eating and exercise and a lot of bad habits broken. Would highly recommend them well worth the investment! More...


Kev Maye

4 March 2016

Cannot Compliment these guys enough. I started just after Christmas and have been feeling stronger and better about myself since. They specifically set me out on a weights programme and nutrition guide to aid me in my training. Excellent Professionals, Highly Recommended!!!! More...


Melissa Ní Chadhla

22 February 2016

Can't explain how much victory fitness have helped me reach my goals and believe in myself.I began victory fitness weighing 10.6 stone and really thought I would never loose anything All I wanted was to be 10 stone. I have lost 8 pounds and am now maintaining my weight at 9.12 and I feel I still have more to loose. My body has completely toned up I'm feeling a lot stronger, fitter, confident and energetic.Susie provided me with a great nutrition plan and I couldn't of reached my goals with out ronan, Peter and shannon who really pushed me in every training session . Really dedicated personal trainers who only want the best for you. I really recommend victory fitness. It's a complete change in lifestyle. Ive began to enjoy every workout and I couldn't of done it without the team believing in me.Looking forward to more progress there is no stopping me now. new goals have been made thank you victory fitness X More...


Yvette Clohessy

3 January 2016

So glad I got in contact with Ronan and Peter. Can not find any fault, only knowledge and dedication to their clients


Robert O' Connell

14 November 2015

Only here 6 weeks and the progress is unreal,they really get you motivated and into gear!top job


Ciara Ryan

3 November 2015

Great work out done beating speed test great to have you back peter my motivation is back and I'm ready to reach my goals thanks to all the lads at victory fitness couldn't ask for any more support and courage off ye thanks again for everything


Gavin Lythgoe

26 September 2015

I have been training with Victory fitness's new personal trainer Shannon O Sullivan and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and training techniques. Having trained for around 2 years now , I found that Shannon was able to challenge and push me to new levels. I would like to wish her all the best in her new role at Victory Fitness , what a great addition to a winning team. More...


Jer Barry

3 September 2015

Top class trainers the attention and time you get in the gym and out of the gym is first class , nice guys too


Stacey Moriarty

2 September 2015

I have been with Ronan for about 12/13 weeks now and I am thrilled with my results so far even with nearly 5 weeks out with bruised tailbone.I started with ronan to work on my weight on the run up to my wedding next May, Ronan is very professional, understanding of what your goals are and doesn't push you beyond your limits, I highly recommend him and his team, More...


Glenn Enright

30 August 2015

Ronan Kiely is a beast he fixed my squat technique thanks for that bro.


Sarah Higginson

11 August 2015

I started with Victory Fitness just over 3 months ago and I must admit, I love it! Ronan started with the very basics with me regarding my fitness and nutrition. He gave me personalised workouts and nutrition plans which were great. I am getting fitter, healthier and stronger. I actually enjoy going to the gym now since I started training at Victory Fitness. :-) I can't wait to continue to reach my goals here. :-) Highly Recommended. Thanks guys. :-) Sarah More...


Carol O Sullivan

7 August 2015

What a fantastic trainer who has so much knowledge about exercise and healthy eating. I started training with Ronan when I got back from Australia and I can honestly say I am loving every session and the results are fantastic. He pushes me to a level of fitness that I thought I never had during every session. Each week Ronan measures my body fat and designs an eating plan based on the results. I am loving the weight training and I can feel my street increasing each week. I would highly recommend Victory fitness for anybody who is looking for a goal and can't seem to get there. More...


Jules Irwin

5 August 2015

Amazing gym, started at victory fitness a while back and luv that iam getting results,and will continue to go. so happy I came here and luv the early morning classes , great start to the day. Ronan and his team are brillant and very helpful. ☺ More...


Craig Lynch

4 August 2015

Being working with Ronan over the past few weeks wit gr8 results so I joined his metabolic conditioning classes ronan and peter will push u for your goal it's a tough class but you know you workout and d lads r with you all the way


Carrie-Anne Boylan

19 March 2015

Iv bin with ronan da past 8 weeks 2 weeks ov wich I wos sik... once I startd I luvd it!!! Da knowlege motivation and determination he givs u is second 2 none!! Iv tried evryten from weight watchers 2 cleanses nd get short lived results!! He givs u all da tools nd knowledge u need 2 do what U av 2 do!! His plans are fool proof once U put in da wrk in da gum nd at home!! 2day I had mi 2nd body fat and gym assesment.. 7 percent body fat is gne since I startd der is muscle wher der once wos fat and I broke all mi assesment times in fitness!! Im amazed at wha I av achieved under his constant guidance nd instruction...I cannot recommend him enough he is number 1 in wha he does nd i cannot wait 2 get startd on da 2nd phase ov mi plan 2mro mrnin nd c wha da next few weks brings....WATCH DIS SPACE!!! 4 any1 even contemplating a change contact dis guy!! U will NOT regret it :) More...


Sharon Kildea

2 March 2015

I've been working with Ronan for 3 months now and I feel like I'm much stronger and more confident than ever before thanks to his style of training. Ronan has taught me not only valuable life lessons, but skills that will stick with me on a daily basis. He is an excellent trainer and I'd highly recommend him. Ronan’s method totally changed what I thought about fitness and health, proving to me that nothing is impossible. I have gained so much knowledge and I can see small positive changes happening to me each week. He puts together a routine just to fit your needs / problem areas and what I love is no 2 days are the same. I have found Ronan profoundly motivational. That said, he is not "rah rah," typical, or cliché in any way. My experience has been that he reasons with me to identify the right buttons to push to help me motivate myself; a much more sustainable strategy for long-term health. As for results, he has thoroughly helped me on my journey to transform my body, both from an optical standpoint, but perhaps more importantly, from a health standpoint. I am far stronger; I am getting leaner and find my energy levels have risen - all amazing improvements. If I could give 6 stars I would, but alas, I'm limited to 5 ;) If you have been thinking about getting a trainer, think no more…Ronan is your guy and he will help you achieve that weight loss you need or that fitness level you have always wanted to achieve. What are you waiting for…..make that call !!! More...


Liz OGorman

27 January 2015

For anyone feeling nervous or intimidated about starting to train with a fitness instructor, I totally recommend Ronan Christopher Kiely. When I started with him there wasn't a fad diet I had not tried over the years. Ronan has thought me to really enjoy regular exercise and healthy eating. Although I moan and groan through out the training session, he never fails to encourage me every inch of the way. Thank you Ronan for giving me back the confidence to walk into the gym (minus layers of clothes,lol) and not notice who is left or right of me. I just get on with my training now and enjoy every minute. More...


Louise Moriarty

5 December 2014

Been going to ronan since early last August the change has been amazing he's a great motivator and is great to keep you focused on your main goal would recommend him to anyone


John O Keeffe

5 December 2014

I went to see Ronan 6 months ago i was overweight,had poor diet,very little exercise and was lacking confidence.i didt know where to start and decide to give ronan a ring. it were the best phone call i ever made . He very friendly and 100% commited to his clients Ronan gave me a nutrition plan and execise programm to follow which i really enjoy.i liked the way he was able to fit the plan with my long work hours . i love working out now. Every week i could see myself geting fitter and looking better. the 1 to 1 training sessions were very good you work hard but the feeling afterwards is class.i lost weight got alot stronger, way more confident and feel in the best shape iv ever being thanks to Ronan. im looking foward to many more workouts in the future and smashing more goals. i would recommend Ronan to anyone looking to change for the better. More...


Ann Garczynski

15 November 2014

Ronan was recommended to me by a friend as I wanted to join a gym to try and strengthen my back. I was cautious as I've had back problems for years, and I didn't want to make it worse, but after my initial meeting with Ronan, the first thing he did was contact my physio and worked out a safe and strengthening program for my back and core, so right from the start I was confident in his abilities. Lifting weights was not something I ever saw myself doing, or thought myself capable of, but not only am I doing it, I'm actually loving it too. :-) Since I'm already underweight, I didn't want to lose a lot of weight training, so Ronan gave me a new and healthy diet to follow, (with a good bit of complaining from me at first) but I'm delighted to say over the last 4 months, not only am I much fitter and stronger, but I've had no back pain and I'm even gaining weight, something I've never been able to do. He is very patient and encouraging and has helped me over every hurdle, if anyone lacks self confidence in their ability to ever be able to feel comfortable working out in a gym and lifting weights I would readily recommend Ronan to get you started. More...


Rebecca Donohue Mason

8 August 2014

Started with Ronan 6 weeks ago,was very nervous as myself and the gym were never friends... But with the work Ronan has put into my healthy eating plan and the the help he has given me with every workout I do with him I have managed to lose 19lbs so far... And I am loving working out....Without his help I would never of believed i could do it...Still have a long road ahead but I know I will do it... For anyone who thinks they can not do it,I would say get in touch with Ronan he really can help u achieve ur goals More...


Jason Murphy

7 February 2014

Good session today with Victory Fitness..learned loads! cheers!


Emily Ní Ciardha

2 February 2014

I've been working with Ronan for a couple of months, I never thought I could enjoy the gym as much as I do but without the constant encouragement, belief and support from Ronan I'd never have found the determination in myself to strive forward and break barriers


Kay Ryan

20 December 2013

I was always wary of going to the gym and usually left frustrated when i didn't get the results i wanted but ronan designed a varied and progressive exercise program suited to my fitness level so that i am finally on my way to reaching my goals. I got coaching on better food choices as well. In the last 3 months i have lost inches, increased my energy levels and feel much better overall. Thanks!! More...


Ger O'Sullivan

19 December 2013

Started with ronan last september and seen major improvments as the weeks have gone by.. feeling in the best shape iv ever been in. Looking forward to more training under he's guidance. More...

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