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Personal Training and Pilates.
Pre/Post Natal
Core Restore, Diastasis
Post Rehab
Registered Massage Therapy
Professional dance lessons

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John Hamilton

31 December 2018

Melanie was recommended to my wife and I for the primary purpose of improving my fitness level for an upcoming surgery. We worked with her for approximately 2 months and were very impressed with the results of her program. We were also extremely impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism. I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone looking for a personal trainer. More...


sandra poole

31 October 2018

I arrived at Tryniti a fairly broken person, post-op, out of shape, weak and despondent with an auto-immune disorder. Melanie has brought me back from the abyss and given me a very different future. She is a warm and caring person with a wealth of experience and knowledge. My situation is complicated but Melanie really understands the physical body and the spirit. I trust her implicitly and am grateful for her support. She understands good and bad days and changes up the routine to suit the situation. Commitng to Melanie and entrusting myself to her was the best decision I have made for myself and my future. My life has changed completely. Take the leap. You wont regret it. More...



31 July 2018

5 stars is not enough! Melanie is such a positive motivating trainer and as much as you think you can't do it you end up doing it! She is always making you push yourself in a safe way making sure you don't hurt yourself. She listens to you to make sure she gives you great advice to take home with you whether it's about food or homework! I enjoy each workout with her and would definitely recommend anyone to come to visit her! More...


Catherine Court

31 July 2017

If you are seeking a personal trainer that can help you achieve results, look no further. At 48 years old, my fitness had reached an all-time low, weight an all-time high, and dieting was getting me nowhere. Then I met Barrymore at Tryniti and everything has changed. At first I didn't think Barrymore was the right trainer for me because looked like a body builder and I thought he might apply a cookie-cutter program for me like the ones I have experienced at big gyms in the past. I couldn't have been more wrong! Barrymore has is extremely knowledgable and has years of experience. He listened to me, asked questions, adjusted his recommendations to take into account some injuries/conditions I was dealing with and became my biggest supporter as I embarked on this fitness journey. When I show up at 6am, he is always there with a smile, ready to push me as much as I need but in a way that is supportive, motivating and most importantly, safe. He encourages me and doesn't let me cut myself down or lose confidence in what I can do. He also provides advice on nutrition that doesn't mean dramatic changes, just smart choices. I never feel like I'm on a diet! He celebrates small milestones and makes me want to push myself even more. I swore I would never like working out, and I hate to admit it, but I was wrong. After the first 9 weeks in training with Barrymore, I have lost 10 inches total in my chest, waist, hips, arms and legs, gone down a full clothing size and have visible muscle tone, plus I look forward to my workouts! If you are committed to making a change and seeing results, Barrymore or one of the trainers at Tryniti can help you get there, they are all highly skilled professionals. You won't regret it. More...


Laura Kozlowski

31 July 2017

As an athlete, it is hard to reach new levels of performance you are proud of and it is almost impossible to do it alone. Barrymore Richardson is a strength and conditioning guru - talk about elevating your motivation, inspiration and results!! This guy is phenomenal!! Can't say enough about not only what a great individual he is (always energetic, charming and good natured) but he has high standards, a great work ethic and 30 years of experience to guide and get the best out of anyone. He takes his role very seriously and comes at you with a comprehensive approach to improve fitness and performance - strength training, cardio, nutrition. If you are looking to invest in yourself because you want results, he is worth his weight in gold (and he's +240lbs people!!). Highly highly recommend him!! Thanks B you're the best! More...


Cynthia Crofoot

31 July 2017

I cannot stress how impressed I am with Tryniti and most specifically my Personal Trainer Barrymore. The gym itself is friendly with a great energy and Melanie and the staff are amazing. They offer a wide variety of workouts ranging from Pilates to strength training to yoga and all of the people are capable, friendly and professional.And I cannot recommend highly enough my PT Barrymore,. Anybody looking for a trainer who is knowledgeable, friendly and results oriented needs to check him out. His workouts are amazing!! He really works the entire body which produces results!! In the 4 weeks I've been seeing him, my strength, cardio and fitness have improved noticeably. I have become stronger, leaner and more fit in 4 weeks with him than I have in 4 months on my own.Highly recommended for anybody willing to put in the effort :-) More...


Sabrina Chow

12 June 2017

I am a physiotherapist and only send patients to Melanie for exercise rehab and training. She knows how to adapt exercises if they have a limitation and works at building your weaknesses. I have sent her numerous chronic pain clients and they have worked with her to return back to their activities. More...


Neil Painchaud

31 July 2016

I have been going to Tryniti for almost 3 years now and have lost 30 lbs and feel great. The instructors are great caring people who put you through your paces and push you to help you attain your goals. The owner and her staff known their stuff.If you need a personal trainer who cares and works with you this is the place to be. More...


Russell Dickens

31 July 2016

Great specialized training to suit you. Michele organizes your workout to take advantage of the whole time you spend there. Then when you're body needs the extra pampering there is Manuela who can massage any ailment out of you. Wonderful whole fitness experience. More...


Sheila Banik

31 July 2016

I am a new fitness trainer at Tryniti :) , it's a beautiful place to train. The staff, they are all passionate and wonderful. Melanie, the owner, she is amazing. I did learn already so much from her. I will really recommend you to come to see. More...


Chris Little

31 July 2016

Tryniti is a great place to train and get a massage. The owner, Melanie, is always educating herself and she has highly knowledgeable staff. When you train with Melanie, not one moment is wasted and you definitely see results! Manuela (RMT) did a wonderful job on my knee after I injured it, and it felt much better the next day. Highly recommend! More...


Sandra jones

31 July 2016

I have been with Tryniti for almost three years and enjoy the well equipped facility. Their personal attention and individualized program for each client is excellent. At Tryniti you can get a well rounded health routine from massages with a RMT, Pilates, nutrition and wellness etc its your choice.From Melonie's many years of exposure and experience the staff can train and accommodate any person with the drive to succeed/change. I like their approach to functional training which incorporates exercises and strengthening to help with all the movements and activities life throws at us on a daily basis. I will continue on! More...


Mary Miller

31 July 2016

I have been lucky to be training at Tryniti for the past 5 years . I love how I am pushed to my limits to succeed in the goals that I have set in my life and to keep my body and mind healthy and happy. Melanie is a great trainer who sets the program for each individual client to constantly challenge them each session - utilizing cardio equipment, kettlebell,TRX, free weights and boxing 'bob'.... Always changing on a daily basis. Pilates with Christine over the past 4 months has offered another challenge and level of fitness training ... Utilizing reformer,springboards and floor work. A great addition to Tryniti. A wonderful facility ... Highly recommend it to all wanting a great facility to workout at !!!!!! More...


Ruth Apperley

31 July 2016

For many years I have been trying to find the best exercise ,but nothing worked . The greatest gift I gave myself is making use of a personal trainer . Melanie at tryniti has been a great help in getting me back to feeling strong and young again . We do need people that are knowledgeable teaching exercising the properway , I highly recommend tryniti personal trainer , MELANIE ! More...


Kristin Davies

31 July 2016

I highly recommend tryniti personal trainer Melanie! She has been a great help in getting me back into shape after seriously injuring my knee a few years ago. The entire time you workout with Melanie, not 1 second is going to waste. She is always getting ready for the next activity, you are always moving!! The environment is clean and welcoming, and she really knows what she's doing! I have had many trainers after I injuried my knee years ago, and Melanie by far is the best! More...

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I started training people in my home before “ personal training “ was a buzzword. I was an aerobic instructor and people would approach me about creating a workout designed for them based on THEIR goals and injuries. I became certified and got hired on at a number of influential gyms where I started up their personal training department. In 2010 I opened Tryniti Studio on Lakeshore in Port Credit Mississauga.

With over 25 years of experience, numerous certifications and a passion for fitness you will walk away from every session feeling empowered, motivated and energized. The best time to start is before you are ready.