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Phoxay Phouthonephackdy

1 October 2018

Such an amazing and supportive coach! Bootcamps kick your butt and the group is so supportive and cheers you on.


melanie mcnabb

1 October 2018

Simone is hands down amazing ! She creates a comfortable environment to be yourself while helping you lose inches ! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Also the kids classes are such a great way to get them motivated to be healthy and fit More...


Samantha Sheasgreen

1 October 2018

If you don’t know where to start and are anxious about your journey, The Sweat Lab is the place to go. It is a welcoming and friendly environment with knowledgeable staff who will help you reach your goals. Definitely top notch!


Amanda Weiss

1 October 2018

Simone is a one of a kind trainer. She is passionate, caring, knowledgeable and funny. I enjoyed my PT time with her. I set a goal and she made sure I hit it in the time frame I wanted.... you will leave with no regrets


Dino Z

1 October 2018

I have known Simone from the days that she competed and seeing her work ethic was as impressive as her fitness level! Now she offers that desire and knowledge to others that want a healthier lifestyle! If you want a no BS workout and don’t want to be coddled join Sweatlabs now! Simone kicks butt, literally More...


Kai Drummond

1 October 2018

I had a lot of fun being apart of the sweat lab Jr. and hope to see new faces the next time I join and can’t wait to learn more amazing tips on how to stay healthy and fit Simone is one of the best in the fitness business and hope you drop by to get a taste of her expertise.


Cara Ziegler

1 October 2018

Simone is an amazing, fun, and friendly trainer, who motivates her clients to push themselves harder, and achieve results faster. The variety of workouts in her classes also keep every week new, exciting - and challenging. Thanks Simone! More...


Hainsley Guthrie

3 July 2018

Simone is a fantastic trainer that drives and motivates her clients to achieve results. She has helped me not only recover from a back injury but work on problem areas.


Erik Lowrick

3 July 2018

The best I've ever worked with. Simone is hilarious, knowledgeable and professional. She can help you with any health and fitness goals. So If your looking for a personal trainer. Look no further. More...


Kate Allison

3 July 2018

The Sweat Lab is amazing! There is an amazing group of supportive people who help each other get better every day. Our coach, Simone, pushes us to exceed our goals in a realistic way. Her ability to pinpoint what you need is like magic. I cannot say enough about how beneficial it has been to be part of this group. Not only am I healthier, I feel stronger and more confident. Plus we have a lot of fun! More...