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Cindy Turnbull Carnegie

30 March 2019

My children had mothers day photographs done here and they are absolutlely beautiful!! could not be happier!


Jeremie Kayeye

30 March 2019

An extremely well run establishment with quality staff members and executive management.


Theodore Scholten

30 March 2019

The event I was at was fantastic, staff was professional and positive to deal with.


Heather Cardle

30 March 2019

It's wonderful to see this incredible facility being used again and for such many wonderful events. It's bright, clean and very friendly staff make everyone feel welcome. :)


Michael P. Taylor

30 March 2019

The RISE Centre is run by qualified and AWESOME individuals... I cannot believe how many great options and resources are available to individuals or groups, whether sports or non-sports related. Keep up the great work RISE Centre, and I look forward to our continued collaboration together... I am definitely Realizing my Individual Success... Everyday! More...


Kianna Reeve

30 March 2019

the amount of effort, care and respect for the centre's occupants are outstanding. I've never been more pleased with a facility and cannot wait to go back.


Teresa Hynes

30 March 2019

If you are looking for a physiotherapist, I highly recommend Chess Hodge.
After working with Chess for only 1 month, my daughter is finally pain free. She had suffered from her condition for over a year, and has seen many doctors, and physiotherapists. Chess you were the only one to correctly asses the problem and come up with a treatment program. Thank you! More...


Gary Guillemette

29 May 2018

Dunn building


Norman Wise

29 May 2017

Great BBall facility. Gym lighting is marginal for such a specialty facility. Lighting levels are maybe as good as the average high school gym.

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