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No matter what the size or age of your business, an account manager will help sustain your business activities, helping your company to grow.

Hiring an accounting firm with an experienced, qualified & dedicated account manager assigned to your account will ensure that your business complies with the laws and regulations, especially in terms of accounting, tax & other compulsory statutory business requirements.

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Anlia Vd Merwe Pieterse

6 February 2019

Dedicated Account managers assigned to clients
Accounting is a passion for The Accounting Team and not just a job.


shirley isaacs

29 May 2018

Thank you for all you do for our company. And the help you provide.

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TAT Accountant takes care of all your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax requirements with a Fixed Retainer package.
Our packages will cater for all your accounting and tax services needed for all small and medium-sized businesses at a fixed monthly price.

Do I really need an accountant? It is a question I hear all the time, especially from new business owners. If you own a business, you know the importance of keeping track of your income and, of course, your expenditure and, most importantly, making sure that the income part is greater than the expenditure part. So it is natural that all business owners will try to cut costs where and however they can, trimming down any unnecessary expenses. And that just might include the cost of an accountant. After all, how complicated can it be to add up a simple list of numbers or control your expenses with an Excel spreadsheet. But that choice might actually be costing you more than you are saving, and, in the long run, more than you can afford.



Expert advice is crucial when seeking to set up a business offshore even thought the process may seem simple enough. South African entrepreneurs have compelling reasons to take their business offshore as the tax rates and often the labour rates are far lower. Reporting restrictions are also usually more flexible than the country in which the business owner resides. Foreign governments allow offshore companies to be registered inside their borders because outside investment provides a substantial income for these countries. This capital investment creates significant inflow to their current economy. Off shore companies are predominantly set up for import-export companies, international trading companies, asset holding companies, to hold property investments or intellectual property.

The Accounting Team dedicated to providing cost effective, accurate, and legitimate taxation solutions and services to our clients. Of late there has been a shift from tax planning towards tax risk planning, caused as a result of ever-changing legislation and increased emphasis being placed on compliance by SARS. The Accounting Team always strives to ensure that our clients are not exposed to potential or unnecessary risk with South African Revenue Services. The Accounting Team provides to a diverse client base, and our client profile consists of private companies, close corporations, trusts, non-profit organisations, sole proprietors, and individuals.

The Accounting Team has the resources you need to complement your growth aspirations and enhance your business processes. We invest the time to understand you and your business, partnering with you to explore your needs and striving to be a catalyst to help you achieve your business growth. Our tailored approach provides agile and timeous solutions to every business challenge, because we understand that today’s business environment is dynamic and demanding. As economic and market conditions continue to pose both short- and long-term risks for even the most well-run of businesses, having a team of specialists to help you manage unanticipated threats at financially challenging times can be the best decision you make to keep your business afloat. Our corporate restructuring and recovery team has revived many financially distressed businesses, guiding them through their financial crises with understanding, integrity and professionalism, placing a strong emphasis on delivering the best results for you and your business.