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Jordie Gardiner

27 June 2019

Iness' community is so great. You are met with a smile, encouragement and always leaving happier than when you arrived. Iness has helped me move out of my comfort zone and surprise myself with what I am able to accomplish. I'm stronger and more confident! My pole classes are my favourite parts of my week! More...


Nicole S.

23 October 2018

This fitness facility is a gem of a place. The staff are friendly and attentive. The classes sizes are small, which is nice for a more one-on-one type of experience. What I love most about studio in essence the sense of community you get when your there. The instructors really care about their students and it shows. From the minute I walked through the door I was greeted with a smile and I always feel so welcomed. More...


Bella N.

30 June 2018

I absolutely loved this place; and here's why.The kids classes are VERY responsibly priced; my daughter was in the Monkey circus class, for 16 one hour classes (One a week) I paid 287 dollars. Which is WAY less than other activitiesI was looking at! And for longer.The instructors were very patient and gave equal attention amongst students, classes are kept small to avoid anyone being left out (and my daughter had two teachers, though her class wasn't full so they mostly took turns) They were very helpful, friendly and really made me want to come back! And as a plus sized woman I took notice that they are VERY body inclusive, and welcomed me with open arms when I was considering taking different classes myself.I would recommend them to anyone with kids, looking to start, or even people experienced with exercise! Great people, great service, great prices! More...


Katie M.

28 February 2012

Let me start off by saying I loathe the gym. Everything about the gym (the smell, the people who stare at my beat red face while I'm running for my life on the treadmill) makes me avoid the place like the plague. When I started to notice a few extra rolls where my stomach used to be, I decided to take action. I'd seen an ad for Studio in Essence in the Coast and thought any place that could convince me pole dancing is a form of exercise deserved the $10 intro class fee.Now, six months later, I'm hooked. The studio invites a wide variety of fitness levels and apart from being a workout, it's incredibly fun!The one hour, once a week pole fitness class (Level 1) is a combination of strength and flexibility training along with the moves (and confidence) needed to spin and climb the pole. The instructors make it look easy but rest assured, it can be quite a challenge to make your moves look as good as they do. Half the class is spent on conditioning (pull-ups, planks, crunches, etc.) while the other half is spent spinning, twirling, and getting your walk on.Each level (there are 6 pole levels) runs for 8 weeks and offered several times a week. Once you move up to level 2, the classes are twice a week which, for me, is challenging. Luckily SIE is great about letting you make up classes if you're unable to attend your regular session. My only complaint is the cost. After your $10 intro, classes run about $23/class or $136 for the full 8 weeks. And then when you move up to twice a week, that price is doubled.  I somehow justify it though since (a) it's exercise (b) it's fun and (c) I don't pay a gym membership.  Despite the cost, I look forward to my Thursday night pole classes with my fabulous instructor Joy more than any other activity I have during the week. And for me, a fitness class where I don't keep track of time, is priceless. More...


Vanessa J.

5 May 2011

I loved Studio in Essence. I had been thinking of taking up Yoga, but found the classes I tried a little too spirituality based, so I decided to try Pilates and signed up for  $5 intro class. I ended up really enjoying it and signed up for twice a week classes.The space is small, but warm and brightly lit.The instructors were all fantastic, and while each has a different style, they are all patient and willing to help. I have some issues with my knee and elbow joints and they were happy to change the moves to accommodate me.  I loved the reformer machine, it made working out fun. They are also willing to accommodate you if you can't make a class, they give you a week to make it up. Unfortunately they are a little pricey and while I feel the costs are justified, when I lost my job I had to stop going. I'm looking forward to returning when I have some disposable income again. More...


Laura P.

29 April 2010

Another PS for Studio In Essence:After my very first pole dancing class, I feel it may be worthy to provide a little feedback on what my experience entailed!As previously stated, I'm less of a minx, and more of a mouse, so my nerves were a little on edge prior to the class. I know the studio for its playful energy and great instructors, and so with a few gal pals, decided why not.The class is absolutely not intimidating. Our instructor, Christy, was sweet, smiling and eased us in with fun stretches and conditioning exercises. There were lots of giggles and great body moving. The entry level pole class seems to be about building the proper muscle to support ones body weight, as progression entails more body lifting.  Christy taught us some key exercises to help build and prepare our bodies for more intense moves that would come with time. Its very much an eased in process, and very fun!I'd suggest wearing pants as oppose shorts, as the extra slide from the  fabric could making things a bit easier. The attention to body awareness and technique exemplified a superior knowledge of instruction, and its clear that the pole class is more than just a giggle or two.Great work out and a fun time. More...


Courtney M.

16 January 2010

You may have noticed the slew of recent adds for 'Studio in Essence' on Barrington Street. These adds make much of the $5 intro classes that this studio is now offering. I'm usually up for trying something new, especially if it promises to get me out of my gym monotony. So with much interest I headed to Studio in Essence last Thursday to try out pilates. First of all, if you're heading to one of these intro classes, be aware that that's exactly what it is: an intro to the basic poses and breathing techniques of this form of exercise. Do not go in thinking you're getting away with a $5 hard core pilates work out. I can see myself getting into pilates, but not for the $320 (10 weeks, 2 sessions/week) that is being offered at this studio. I will definitely look into the pole dancing classes that are offered for groups/birthdays etc! They look like a fun girly activity for sure! More...