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As a full-service digital agency with capabilities across web design & development, marketing and branding, we work with clients to unlock value through creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking

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-Web Design & Development


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Emily Bean

5 April 2019

Thank you SD for building my e commerce site, setting up digital marketing and driving traffic to my website- I’ve never been busier!

Thanks Emily! It was great working with you!


Sean Richmond

5 April 2019

Square Digital did a great job at designing and developing my new business website. Great communication, delivered ahead of schedule and make sure to train us on the Wordpress CMS in person! Highly recommend!

Thanks Sean!


The key to delivering a great website requires a solid understanding of what our client needs. Every web design agency has its own process, we break our development process down to 6 key stages. We use a hybrid agile project approach.

1. Project Kick Off - During this project kickoff, we sit down with your team in person or via Skype, to gather details for the project on a more granular level. We will also break down the project timeline with milestones, coordinate asset access and finalise the statement of work.

2. UX/UI Sitemap - After our kick-off meeting, our team will draft a sitemap with SEO in mind. This outlines how the user will navigate the website and how search engines will crawl the content. Then we will outline the UX of each page template with functionality and how this affects the user journey.

3 - Wireframes - The wireframes are often considered the “blueprint” of a website. During this phase, we begin sketching out each page and the modules in a crude format digitally, also known as “low fidelities”. As we progress through this phase your team will see a “prototype” of your website come to life via the Invisonapp.

4 - UI Design - After we lock in the low fidelity wireframes we begin the UI (User Interface) design phase. Our team takes the wireframes and begin designing “high fidelity wireframes” by adding images, colours, placeholder copy, and typography in line with your brand guidelines.

5 - Development - Once high fidelities are approved for production, we move into the development phase. Our designers hand over the designs to our developers who begin coding and building the technical infrastructure within the WordPress CMS.

6 - Deployment - fter fixing any bugs, we prepare to deploy your website onto a live URL. Our developers will arrange hosting, DNS records, archive your old website and prepare an SEO migration so you don’t lose rankings. Once your team gives us the green light, we deploy your new website to the world wide web!

What are their challenges and difficulties as a business. This helps me understand how to help.

Working on all sorts of websites in different industries.

Being able to provide a solution for people in need.

Because I offer a top notch service with a personal touch. I always like to call or meet my clients in person if they are located near me.


Web Design and Development is more than just designs and coding. As Square Digital we believe that your website is a natural extension of your business and plays a critical role in your success. Our web development process has been crafted and tweaked over the years so that every website we deliver is fit for purpose and leaves the client happy and satisfied with their project.

The user interface of your website is the window to your business and brand. The user experience is how your customer enters your business and interacts with it. Understanding human behaviour in a digital space is key to planning an effective website or application. That’s where our user, competitor research and analysis process comes into play.

The capabilities of chat bots are increasingly opening up a wide range of opportunities for marketers and business owners alike. There are a copious amount of tools available for chat bot development. Square Digital’s team is experience with a handful of the best chat bot tools and will guide you team in selecting the best fit for purpose medium for your first step into the world of AI.

Social media marketing is a great way for brands and business of all sizes target their audile and customer base. You audience is already engaging with brands on variety of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. If you are not already speaking directly to you customers on these progressive platforms then you are at risk of falling behind the competitors.

Pay Per Click has become an incredibly important part of most business’s with an online presence. The truth is that your customer base is already out there searching for your service or product. If you haven’t already started marketing your business on Google Adwords or Bing Search ads you are missing out on the almost infinite amount of traffic that can land on your website.

Search Engine Optimization is the act of acquiring new and returning traffic to your website. Search engines such as Bing, Google or Yahoo “crawl” your website for the most relevant terms in the users search query. Our SEO services are broken down to 3 areas: on site, technical and out reach.