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SL/M Nutrition Coaching offers custom one on one nutrition coaching as well as a 3 month meal plan program. If you want to lose weight by making small sustainable changes choose SL/M Nutrition Coaching. Nothing drastic, just whole foods and good advice.


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We help clients with their nutrition through one on one coaching or meal plans.

Finding changes that you can fit into your life without sacrificing what you love.

Helping clients get results and teaching them that true health and happiness isn’t about extreme restrictions.

I found that even after studying nutrition at university I was unclear on how healthier changes would help me reach my goal weight. Once I realized how simple it could be I knew I had to share my experience and university training.

I understand the challenges you’re going through, why will this work if nothing else has? How could something so simple really work when the popular media is telling me I need to eat these trendy foods? By working with a university educated nutritionist, I can simplify and clarify what really matters when it comes to finding your healthiest self.