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Chilliwack, British Columbia



If you want to dominate your competition with your website and/or GMB (Google My Business) map listing, realizing that top visibility will bring traffic and phone calls for your team to close more bookings/sales, let's have a chat to determine if we're a fit to help you crush it in your marketplace.


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A Google User

22 September 2019

Sherman was great to work with. He was friendly and professional and was able to capture quality photos and video of our clinic and staff. With his contribution, our Google listing content was improved and our web exposure increased significantly. Thanks Sherman! More...


DVCVentures .

8 September 2019

We recently updated our Google 360 tour with the help of, Sherman! Sherman went above and beyond to ensure that our business was captured in its best light - on and off camera. He asked thorough questions throughout the entire process while taking images of our facility to encapsulate our brand in its imagery. We would highly recommend Sherman to anyone who is looking to build their SEO. Thanks again, Sherman! More...


Lee McGregor

16 August 2019

Sherman is amazing! Very professional and really took the time to discover the needs of our business and walk us through a detailed game plan to achieve our goals. Through discovery we started with GMB, 360 walk-through of our business, website planning and design, SEO strategies, photography and videos that inform customers about our business and offers. We are now moving into SEO strategies to stand out int he marketplace. We highly recommend Sherman for all your digital marketing needs! More...


Majid Khodabandehloo

15 May 2019

My virtual tours were captured in timely manner and very good quality. Thanks Sherman!


Tyrer Sharples

8 May 2019

When I moved my business to Chilliwack I knew no one and my website was on page three of google. As you can imagine things were off to a slow start. I decided to hire Sherman not really knowing what to expect and wow was I in for some amazing changes! Not only is my business at the top of google now, my schedule book is full!! He also totally revamped my website, my business logo and added really catching videos to the site. He really works hard for his clients, he has great ideas and he has completely turned things around for me. Definitely recommend using him!! More...


Larry Johnson

28 February 2019

I've hired a lot of SEO professionals over the years, but Sherman is absolutely the best I've ever come across. In a very short time I've seen my website move up in the search results more than ever before. He's very good at what he does, but he's also very friendly, pays attention to detail, answers all my questions, and is great at getting back to me quickly. As far as SEO is concerned, he's as good as they come. More...


Kelly Rader

22 February 2019

Sherman is professional and personal. He is helping me take my business to the next level. He has helped me think outside the box and to learn to ask the right questions to move my business forward. I highly recommend Sherman. When I saw the site Sherman built for me this was my response "Oh my word. The site looks absolutely stunning. I can’t believe it. You made me look like a rockstar! Oh now the hard work of living up to it.I love the layout and all the graphics.This looks like a $10,000.00 website.Thank you so much!. Your service is top notch! More...


Wil Seto

30 December 2018

Sherman did a fantastic job of shooting 360 degree photos for my business! Along with being very personable and easy to communicate with I was also impressed by his punctuality, reliability and willingness to go the extra mile. I highly recommend him and his services! More...


April Graham

31 October 2018

In less than a week, we had over 500 views of our 360’s. Thank you, Sherman, for helping us let people know where to go for great Physiotherapy care!
I love how Sherman does what he says he is going to do at the time he says he is going to do it. I definitely recommend him - no hesitation.


Michelle Brown

31 October 2018

Sherman is a true professional. His energy and excitement while working on a project together is contagious. He recently did some 360 imaging for our clinic and we were blown away by the immediate response we had on our google page. Would highly recommend.


Rhonda Arnold

15 October 2018

Sherman's the most creative web designer and internet marketing guy we know. He's the biggest goofball, loves to laugh, yet works really hard for his clients.

In working with him, we now have a beautiful website that shows off our home-based hair salon, our products and jewelry. Plus, the videos he produced for us works really well for us, and we consistently get compliments on it from clients. In fact, many new clients have chosen to book with us because they find us on Google, view the videos and feel like they are really connected to us.


Bridgid Dunning

1 September 2018

I am so grateful to Sherman! I had the idea/ hope to begin a blog and he helped me greatly with setting up a domain name, site, troubleshooting all the details and even brainstorming some big ideas/ vision. Would absolutely recommend his assistance with anything like this! More...


Best Services Near You

29 May 2018

I have had my own media and marketing agency for 25 years. I have worked with a lot of clients and vendors over the years. I recently hired Sherman to help me with a major website hack, that he was able to help me restore seemingly effortlessly. Yet; it was a huge endeavor that he just ‘fixed’, with very few words said. I say that … but that is the least of what Sherman has done for my agency. He has helped guide me in many facets of my business - that have expanded my services that I offer and how I offer them. He has helped me grow my agency to a new and much welcomed - better platform for success. Sherman is 100% devoted to the very best services available today for SEO and every single aspect of Internet Marketing. His integrity and commitment is simply.. quite impressive. He is very leading edge for results, performance and for any company to have greater success. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team! I know I am. More...


Trilby Jeeves

29 May 2018

I was unsure if I was “ready” to take things to another level with my website.Thanks to Sherman for being more than just a web designer, as he – in the funniest philosophical way – prodded me into jumping off my proverbial fence to embrace my new professional brand.As a result, I now have a site that I feel proud to share with the corporate world as well as the artistic world. And I found Sherman to display great professionalism with many useful resources up his sleeve.I feel I’ve had a professional make-over! What I liked most about Sherman’s service is how he intently listened to my thoughts and implemented them perfectly. I love the unexpected style that grew from our talks, infused with Sherman’s ideas.Now, I have a new site that represents more of what I want to portray as a professional, a new logo for my brand, and new website features I didn’t have before. I feel proud of the look now!I would highly recommend Sherman’s service as a website developer. He is easy to work with, accommodating, gently assertive (when you need it) and has valuable initiative. Sherman also finds the fun, and passion in the work, which becomes infectious!Sherman goes beyond the call of duty because he cares. He is prompt when he says he is going to change something, or do something for you. His unexpected creativity is… well, unexpected, and great! More...


Michael Nankin

29 May 2018

Sherman Hu is a consummate professional and an artist. He completely revamped my website, making it attractive, inviting, easy to navigate and with a strong visual authority. It simply feels right. Finally, I have something that represents me accurately.Sherman is a joy to work with — able to give you what you want while gently talking you out of some of your bad ideas. He was a terrific partner in the process. He works quickly and is there to serve. I can’t say enough good things about him. More...

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Since 2002, with every client campaign, when my clients dominate and crush it, I feel the thrill of the win EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. That's a thrill that never gets tired or gets old for me :-) If and when we work together, I'll be on the hunt for the win for you too.

The top 5 values I live by are (1) Freedom (2) Family (3) Fun (4) Contribution (5) Service to others. Having my own business allows me to have the freedom to serve my family and be present for them matters to me.

Professionally, I embrace change, creativity and adventure. In "dancing" with Google, the field of SEO is constantly changing and this gives me many opportunities to be creative and adventurous in finding ways to help my clients crush it.

Here's a list of 10 reasons to choose me to come alongside your company:

(1) English is my native tongue/language (as opposed to English being a second language.)

(2) Bad Dad jokes/puns is my second language <wink>

(3) Healthy & consistent communication is a strength of mine (which means you don't have to wonder where I've disappeared to or have to hunt me down as you'll have peace of mind knowing I'm on it and updating you frequently.)

(4) I live & work in North America (as opposed to internationally)

(5) I operate from the PST time zone (as opposed to international time zones)

(6) I've been specializing in SEO since 2002 (and in my tool belt are skills like: WordPress web design, podcasting, video marketing, 360 photography, press release writing & syndication etc.)

(7) I'm an award-winning SEO (who won a competition ranking a page for a search phrase with a couple of headlines and Latin text in the body content.)

(8) I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer who produces 360 virtual tours for my local clients.

(9) While 99% of SEOs are focused on backlinks, I'm more aligned to what Google's desired outcomes are and aligning your network of digital assets with that outcome, which gets you rewarded, visible and safe from being blacklisted/banned.

(10) I've been happily married to Sarah for 23 years, with 2 young adult children (Victoria & Anthony) who still love me (honestly!) and laugh at my Dad jokes and I'm 45 years young. Which means I've navigated human relationships well, flexible throughout different seasons of change, and have honed how to communicate with different personalities and styles.

Which of the above reasons to work with me matter the most to you? :-)



One thing you have in common with all business owners is that you want to grow. One area where nearly every business has room to improve: the mobile web. It’s no longer enough to have just a mobile presence. Business growth requires the speedy mobile experience that people expect and demand today. Google has studies that show that a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. All of us have a choice: either provide customers the kind of mobile experience they expect or be prepared to watch those customers go elsewhere — and fast. Good news? If a slow mobile experience drives customers away, a fast mobile experience can help attract and keep them — and those milliseconds can earn millions. If you want to “amp up” your mobile experience for your business growth, and want to speak to me about it, let’s have a chat. Select one of several ways for us to connect at https://shermanlive.com.

The Case For Using WordPress Instead Of A Proprietary CMS (Content Management System): Question: If your website designer gets hits by a bus, are you held hostage to their proprietary website development system/framework, or can you pick up the pieces with another developer/designer that knows their way around your widely used and popular CMS (Content Management System)? WordPress has an extremely robust community of website theme (design layouts) and plugin (add-on functionality) developers. As such, if you're looking for a specific functionality to plug into your Wordpress site, "there's a plugin for that". The Case For Retaining Sherman Hu To Design & Develop Your WordPress Website, With eCommerce Functionality: Question: If you're looking for a WordPress designer, would you rather work with a designer whose focus is on "form" (the design, making things look beautiful), or a 17+ year seasoned professional who designs with WordPress but "sees the forest from the trees" as he's also an award-winning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to know how things will work for you to be visible on Google once you're ready to be found on the web? Sherman Hu has also gained Google's trust and referred by them as a Google Street View Trusted Photographer for local businesses who want to showcase their storefront to their prospective customers via a 360 virtual tour walkthrough. Google studies show that an immersive experience of a virtual tour can double your customers' interest to call, visit or book with your business. If you're local to Vancouver BC, you can leverage his expertise to produce a 360 virtual tour for your business. Over the years, Sherman Hu has taught and trained thousands of business owners how to use WordPress for business and marketing through his keynotes, workshops, video training and coaching sessions. You can leverage his years of expertise for your advantage. If you want a beautiful yet strong performing and converting WordPress website, and to work with an award-winning SEO who is trusted by Google, who cares for his clients' success which is why he has 70+ 5-star reviews from his clients, then select one of several ways to connect with Sherman Hu at https://shermanlive.com.

Studies show that Google traffic is the highest-converting traffic compared to other traffic sources. It makes sense as searchers hunting for a solution to their problems will search on Google, and if they're on a social platform they're there to connect and be relational. Click Through Rate (CTR) studies show that a #1 ranking averages over 21%. A #2 ranking secures over 10% of the clicks. And a #3 ranking receives over a 7.5% CTR. If you’re not in the top 3 spots, you’re giving your competition the lion’s share of the traffic and sales. Ask me about helping your business get more visits and calls with Local Search and Maps SEO. For starters, read one of the 70+ 5-star reviews my clients have to share about working with me. This way you know what to expect from me. Let me know which one resonates with your desired outcomes and conditions of satisfaction: https://shermanlive.com/reviews/ - then while you're at my site, select one of the many ways for us to connect.