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Our personal training studio is a centre for developing whole health and improving your performance at home, work or play . We cultivate an approach to training designed primarily to restore the energy level and performance you desire in a short period of time.


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15 December 2019

Personalized answer and approach! Very professional and understanding of your personal goals and needs.

28 October 2019

Merci beaucoup !

30 September 2019

Nice guy, knows what he's talking about when it comes to workouts

28 September 2019

Roberto is a very knowledgeable and capable Professional.
He will absolutely help you reach your potential. It is a pleasure to train with him.
Thank you Roberto 🙏🏻

14 September 2019

Roberto is very knowledgeable in health, nutrition and exercise. He takes the time to explain the fundamentals on sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

19 August 2019

I had a great first workout with Roberto today! He's high-energy, easy to work with, and I really like the program he's designed for me. Thanks, again, Roberto!

11 January 2019

I love training here, getting great results, so happy to have found this guy.

6 April 2018

Très bon entraîneur, il a régler mon mal de genou, de dos, de poignet et de cou en même temps que de me mettre en pleine forme. Il donne de bons conseils alimentaires aussi. Il fait attention aux petits détails qui font la différence. More...

26 March 2018

I love working out with Roberto! He is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. He tailors all workouts to each person's specific goals and needs!

9 March 2018

A cozy, private gym with no contract obligations and variety of equipment. There is also a massage therapist on site in case you want to relax. Roberto, the owner, is a fantastic PT, very well educated and helpful in archiving your fitness goals. His workouts are interesting and no two sessions are the same. Highly recommend! More...


First we increase the number of mithocondria within their cells through strength training. second, we teach them how to eat to feed their mithocoNdria, to have more energy to make better choices in their life.

Fasting promotes autophagy. One of the great benefits of intermittent fasting is that it promotes autophagy, the cellular self-cleansing process that breaks down and recycles damaged molecules and cellular organelles.

I love seeing the people I train transform their bodies and lives. The thing I love the most about my work i can’t get enough of It. I always want to learn more. And I love when the people I train come and see me to tell me how much better they feel and how amazed they are about how they’ve progressed. It always put a smile on my face and make me profoundly happy.

From Personal Triumph to Personal Training


Starnino had it all — a beautiful girlfriend, a promising football career and a job training people at one of Montreal’s most beautiful health and fitness club. Then the unthinkable happened. During the last practice at training camp before turning pro, Starnino suffered a stroke.


Hemi-paralyzed and bed ridden for almost two months at the Montreal Neurological Institute’s intensive care unit, Starnino lost his career, his friends, his girl and his dream. The depression was just as crippling as the stroke. Starnino was grief stricken, a broken man.

One day Starnino observed an elderly patient who also suffered from hemi-paralysis. The old man was sitting up in a chair and was gamely trying to feed himself. With newfound resolve, Starnino began to move... to will his body to comply. At that moment, Starnino decided he would overcome his accident.


Starnino studied all there was to read in the field of health and performance during his two years of intensive rehabilitation. He immersed himself in the literature, quickly identifying the shortcomings of traditional medicine. These shortcomings were a revelation, leading to his dream.

Starnino became his own trainer, using his newfound knowledge to create a highly specialized approach to healthcare. His miraculous recovery from the stroke further encouraged Starnino to pursue his dream in this field.

Specialties: Personal Training for Busy Professionals
Specialized in Biochemical Individuality

Because I get the results people want each and every time safely and securely with out fail.