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Giselle Hooey

19 February 2019

Love training with Ryan!!!!


Isabel Godfrey

19 February 2019

My dad owns the gym


Kim Danielsson

19 February 2019

I love training with Ryan. I never looked forward to going to the gym until I started training at Rhino's. Ryan is a great motivator and always challenges me to push my personal boundaries to a new level.


JoAnn G Jestin

19 February 2019

Joining Rhinos was one of the best decisions of my life. I am 65 and feel better than I did 20 years ago. Nicki is fabulous, works me hard but always fun. She is very conscientious being sure l am doing the exercises properly is a priority. I love Rhinos Fitness and highly recommend it to everyone. More...


Marian Dunville

2 July 2018

Best place to train in Saskatoon!


Tessa Pickard

2 July 2018

Best personal training in the city!


Adam Bissonnette

28 May 2018

Rhinos Fitness is probably the single best option for anyone looking to get into shape. One on one training tailored to your fitness level to help you improve is awesome - not to mention having a trainer is also like having an accountability partner and great encouragement on progress you might not notice on your own.To be honest - at first Ryan seems a bit scary but he's a great guy with a great sense of humour.Nikki is an awesome trainer - she is incredibly patient and knowledgeable about proper form. I completely believe that the emphasis on form and other fundamentals makes this exercise infinitely more effective than alternatives. More...

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