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Founded and operated by two local Calgarians Renegade Training Company is a private state-of-the-art training facility with a mission to guide individuals into elevating their physical performance, quality of life, and overall health by implementing safe and efficient functional strength programs into their lives.


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Tracy Davis Everson

22 June 2019

my trainers Luis and Nathan are amazing best ever


Susan Crowe

5 June 2019

I meet my personal trainer @keithbirtchfit at this location. Initially I had a choice of where I could work out and within seconds I knew this was the place for me. It is very clean, great equipment, super atmosphere, lots of space, several other trainers and clients in and about, friendly front desk employee who makes you feel welcome and free parking. More...


Jessica C.

25 May 2019

Work with Andrew Barr in Barr Fitness. He is an amazing trainer working to get you to the best version of yourself. He is great with making sure form is always there and if it's painful, adjusting the exercise. The facility is always clean, not crowded, and lovely reception. More...


Doug Schneider

8 March 2019

Finally, I found the facility and trainers that actually know what they are doing and care about their clients. My trainer, Matt, evaluated and recorded my current physical condition setting a baseline prior to proceeding forward with the actual training. After 2 sessions, I had noticed great results and have now attended 6 sessions. My body is undergoing a major transformation and my energy and strength levels are rapidly increasing. A major component of this program is learning and maintaining proper form while performing the exercises to enhance results and prevent injury. Matt has provided expert guidance to allow me to accomplish my objectives quickly and properly. The facility is long and wide, specifically designed to accommodate all types of training activity including long sled pulls and farmer carries. I have to say that I have been in many training clubs in my lifetime and have never seen such an elaborate facility that accommodates this function better. Daryl and Devon have picked the greatest place to accommodate hard work and passion for success. I highly recommend Renegade and a special thanks to Matt Flynn for his personal touch training abilities. More...


Leigh Lyons

5 February 2019

Amazing environment, friendly staff, Beautiful facility.


Dilnaz Kullar

5 February 2019

Amazing Vibe ! Such good energy! High sealing epic beats ! Amazing coaches !


Willy Snypes

5 February 2019

Amazing facility, location, and accommodations for a fitness facility. The staff here are welcoming and are dedicated to their clientele


Taryn Clark

5 February 2019

Super clean and aesthetically pleasing facility, great trainers and an awesome place to work on meeting personal fitness goals!


Ksenia R

5 February 2019

Excellent facility, it's a pleasure bringing my clients here. The staff and owners make everything incredibly convenient for trainers, and ensure a wonderful experience for the clients. One of a kind!


Leanne Doherty

5 February 2019

State of the art facility, knowledgeable trainers, brand new equipment, fun atmosphere and killer workouts !! I come here more regularly than any boutique gym because the staff are so friendly, I also wear their trendy merchandise :)


Noelle LeBlanc

5 February 2019

Incredible facility with everything a trainer and client would need! Definitely recommend it!


Michael Winters

20 September 2018

This place is way too good! I keep wanting to come back


Hayden Gladstone

8 June 2018

The epitome of a high-end facility, right here in Calgary, AB. A must check out for any trainer wanting to run there own PT business and for any client looking for first class results and amenities


Chris Norgaard

8 June 2018

Amazing knowledgeable staff!


Jose Soriano

8 June 2018

This place is very unique! I haven't seen any facility like this. Great gear, amazing and friendly staff, super clean.


Ian Buchanan

8 June 2018

Amazing facility and great staff. Definitely a unique experience worth checking out if you are a trainer looking to take your career to the next level.


Elizabeth Ryman

8 June 2018

Excellent training facility! Plenty of space and equipment for all varieties of training. Can't wait to Go Renegade!


Andrew Loucks

8 June 2018

This place is actually amazing, you have to see it. They've got everything you could want for training including full rack setups, barbells, dumbbells, cables, a deadlift platform (really wish this was more common) and all the machines you'd find in a quality gym. For groups too they've got turf, ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls you name it. And nice areas for warming up which my gym didn't have and why I left.Then, as a trainer, they really stand out. They have a really nice separate area for trainers to do our consultations and chill between training clients, along with a one way mirror so you can monitor your clients or groups as they work or come in.Just check out their website to get an idea and give them a call, it's super easy to register and book time. Devin and Daryl are both studs so it's a good experience just being there, it's pretty motivating. More...


jade krall

5 February 2018

Clean, fun, positive atmosphere! I love training here!


Aaron K

6 December 2017

I contract my business and services out of this facility- AMAZING culture and business! Been a personal trainer for 10 years and this is by far the most friendly gym i've been to.


Leigh Lyons

4 September 2017

Staff at Renegade are very knowledgeable and friendly. Amazing facility that caters to all levels of personal training, with great pricing. Highly recommend.


Emily B.

15 June 2017

This facility is incredible. I've never seen one like it in all of Alberta. The staff is great and really passionate about personal training. A must visit if you are a personal trainer. More...

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