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Dinesh Thakur

I would highly recommend RapidBoostMarketing for SEO and internet marketing. Peter and all these guys are great. The team at Rapid Boost has always delivered. I'm not sure what those other reviewers are talking about that have given less than 5 stars. More...


Sandra Crawford

I have previously attended Ali's webinars and have always been pleased with the information I received from tehm. This was the first time I attended an in-person workshop.
This one day hands-on seminar I attended gave me MORE information than what I was expecting. The updated industry information and advise on the dos'/don't was really appreciated. Ali is very knowledgeable, used examples from other companies to demonstrate the importance, and reasons why we should put a serious effort into doing and watching our site's SEO.
Overall, excellent, and would take and recommend others to take his seminars.
Thanks. Sandra


Barbilee Hemmings

Ali and the team are amazing. The up to date, relevant info they have and share is second to none. They know their stuff. And the best thing is they don't just talk about it, they actually do it. Then they give back. They truly have the perfect business model. More...


Raffaele Papaianni

Rapid Boost is first class. We had a budget we gave them and they worked with us. We went from not being anywhere on Google to the Top 5 in so many key words. Rapid Boost also takes care of our website and makes changes that we've wanted in a heart beat on the site. Rapid Boost is great and I highly recommend them. More...


Kyler Costucci

I've been learning and following Ali Salman for over a year now. I've gained massive knowledge in marketing and business in general from his teachings. A major takeaway from a meeting last week was to CREATE content instead of CONSUMING. I think we can all agree that sometimes it's easy to get lost scrolling through our news feed... We could get more substance out of our time by creating content and adding value to others instead of consuming our news feed!

Ali is an extremely personable gentlemen and I've always left our conversations feeling better about myself, my business, and the future. I love a person with a big vision who backs it up with hard work and integrity!

Thank you Ali!

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