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Ramada Plaza  Downtown Toronto Hotel logo

Ramada Plaza Downtown Toronto Hotel

Ryerson University

Ramada Plaza  Downtown Toronto Hotel logo

Ramada Plaza Downtown Toronto Hotel

Ryerson University


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Lev Kitsis

14 September 2019

Good place


Jos Hoang Le

2 March 2019

Ok good


Kathy O'Toole-Evans

26 February 2019

Stayed here with my husband feb 10th . Room was clean . But a little out dated . Bed was comfy . And no bed bugs were found as I was looking.the counter person was extremely friendly More...


Tyler Paschert

26 February 2019

The hojo is the place to be! Me and my homie Susan plopped up in this five star resort next to our French friends Carl and his gurll. The cooks a real great....cook. and the butter chickn is the bomb. More...


Jason Dasco

14 October 2018

Friendly staff and a good place to run to for a quick bite to eat. Most of the items I like are from the kitchen which takes a while to prepare. But the drinks are easy and fast to make. More...


Crystal Morales

4 October 2018

i love the location and how the entrance hides the rooms from being close the road


Paula Neilly

12 September 2018

Love the atmosphere


Greg Dickson

19 August 2018

I stayed here right after Baymont bought the Clarion. The woman at the front desk from Moab Utah was very outgoing, kind, and a pleasure to talk to. The rooms were clean. The rate is reasonable. There is a pool and a fitness area. There is an elevator. The hotel is far enough from highway its quiet. More...


Annette Satterfield

4 August 2018

Always the best very clean very good maid service that you can trust and just one good bunch of people that run it straight


Angel Crismon

20 June 2018

Dirty rooms bad rates no discount. No rent to locals. No visitors. Poor plumbing


Tristan Laing

16 June 2018

Standard Ryerson, can't complain. Have attended and hosted numerous events here over the years. Solid.


Archie Kenyon

7 May 2018

Good food at a low price. Friendly, unassuming service. A great place to go for a quiet meal. Good for conversation.


Touraj Pejouyan

29 April 2018

We used to go to Oakham House after a day full of studying on Thursday Engineering nights for few beers. That was doubco of decades ago. Not sure if that didst exists.


Mensha Moore

27 February 2018

Great place and atmosphere, friendly staff,love the food I would recommend this to all my friends and family.a place to DEFINITELY place to stay.


Megan Puckett

2 January 2018

Staying for one night. Might want to supply your own pillows if your into them. 3 pillows for 2 people. Place is clean and quiet. Comffy bed. Its not the ritz, but when you are tired it wont matter. Place is snall so I find that a personal plus. They were very nice. NO pets allowed. TV decent size 40 inch. And free breakfast. More...

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