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Ottawa, Canada



QuickSilk offers Small and Medium sized business web development services based on its easy to use , secure Content Management System (CMS). QuickSilk is a complete platform and provides everything you need to run your website; CMS, secure host & SSL certificate, software updates, 24x7 Monitoring, rolling backups and, most importantly, Product support.


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Abhijit Doiphode

31 May 2019

If you're a fan of security for your website or online content, you need to approach them.


Michael Kiseloff

16 February 2019

Quality you can always rely on

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Here is everything you need to get started

> A domain name (URL) - if you don't have one we recommend you visit www.namecheap.com
> Example of 3 websites that you like
> 5-7 Customer Provided Images you want on your website
> An electronic version of your company logo
> Site Map: A list containing the name and a short description for each page on your website
> The Content you want on the website for example
• Company Description, Address, Phone
• Any Special Graphics or Videos
• Services & Product Descriptions
• Any News Stories or Blogs
• Description of any input forms to be used

The company was founded when our Founder lost the functionality ability to speak for nearly fifteen (15) years, due to a rare neurological disorder know as Laryngeal Dystonia. With no functional speaking voice, he had to find a way to earn a living that didn't require speech. He left an 8-year banking career and turned to the Internet, as it provided the ability to communicate through various medium that didn't require speech.

You can read more about Garry's story at Authority Magazine: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/to-develop-grit-take-care-of-your-physical-emotional-and-spiritual-well-being-with-phil-laboon-f54df1ece7e4 and the Ottawa Citizen https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ottawa-entrepreneur-turns-personal-tragedy-into-opportunity.

Garry's voice started to return ten years ago and is grateful for the opportunities this journey has provided him to be of service to fellow entrepreneurs and companies.

We are professional, honest, technically savvy and business smart, and finally, we just want to build you a great website.