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Natalina Bombino Campagnolo

24 July 2019

Beautiful, authentic Italian ingredients!


Simcha G.

3 June 2019

Wide selection of gourmet food. Particularly strong in veg. parties and prepared veg. foods.


Marcela de Andrade

6 February 2019



Richard K.C. Ling

6 February 2019

Always like their selections!


Meleni Fotinos

6 February 2019

very nice, well prepared and quality food. BUT highly overpriced.


Reza Khaksar

5 February 2019

Best place to purchase meat and lots of other goodies! Can also have your Kiton suits cleaned by Couture quality fabric care at the upper level ��


David Koivuranta

12 December 2018

So many great items to choose from at any time of the day for any of your grocery or other food and household item needs. And be sure to grab a snack when you're there!


Vivian S.

24 November 2018

yes...its pricey..but..i date say say that if you are looking for that specific item that's harder to find. they'll have it. I also very much appreciate that it's in a large mall so I can pick up groceries on the same trip as shopping. More...


Kin K.

16 September 2018

Convenient location for people in Yorkville. Always find good stuff here.


John S.

20 May 2018

What a pleasant place to have a quick lunch. Again a a quick trip with baby so time limited. Walked by the sushi bar lots of times but never stopped. This team me I am glad I did.The spicy salmon poke bowl was very tasty and pretty large. It came with seaweed salad coleslaw and soba noodles. Pretty spicy. Overall a very good mix of flavour between the four components. Noodles were perfect firmness. Service was fast and they brought water and food to our table. Total was about $20. So more than food court but well worth it. I will be back. More...


Sarah B.

20 March 2018

poki salmon bowl is amazingggggggg


Ashwin S.

1 January 2018

Well, this is supposed to be a supermarket with a separate section for gourmet desserts and oh boy they have the most exciting spread of pastries, cakes, macaroons and cookies. I got to visit Pusateri's when I was visiting my friends. We ordered about 8-9 different pastries and 6 flavors of macaroons and all of it was very delicious and perfectly done. They also have a great spread of deli also serving cooked food which looked very tempting. A good place to shop for and will definitely be back when I am in Toronto. More...


Naailah A.

2 October 2017

Great food. Very fresh and surprisingly not overly priced. The lobster roll had chucks of deep fried lobster. Very tasty. Only one waitress tending to everyone, had to wait to order and pay. Food was delicious. Would definitely go back. More...


Phanie G.

19 September 2017

pusateris西人超市有两间,一间系bayview village,一间系dt的yorkville.Yorkville店经过装修后比以前好左,虽然地方比起其他超市离讲算系好迷你,但食品类别都几多选择。熟食类卖相吸引,非常适合附近上班的白领离购买。门口有自家cafe,和室内外的客座,买了坐低即时开餐都无问题


Luke S.

9 July 2017

Great specialty food store. Expensive. Everything looks wonderful and tastes great. Prepared foods are delicious. Excellent selection.


Jessica R.

4 May 2017

Love this market for it's prepared food. Also the meat & seafood selections are great. The other parts of the market are a bit limited due to the space.


Akvile D.

28 April 2017

Oh, Pusateri's, your bakery is divine. While the entire store has an abundance of delectables neatly packed into its tiny aisles, the dessert area is by far our family favorite. Each time I pop in when I'm in town, I spend more time oogling the dessert case than I'd like to admit. Today in particular, we did some damage. Picked up a number of croissants, fruit filled pastries, a couple freshly made Italian cannolis, cheesecake, fruit tarts, and espresso merengue like treats, we could have easily ordered one of everything if our stomachs and wallets could handle it. While this place is on the higher price end compared to other grocery stores, it's a solid alternative if you're in the area and need to pick some groceries up or if you're looking to delight someone with a fancy treat. More...


Sammie S.

26 March 2017

Pusateri's is a favourite place for gourmet goodies. I occasionally get olive oil, balsamic vinegar, gravlax, baked goods, cheese, chocolate and bread here. Perfect for holidays. Because they make a lot of the items or have close relationships with their supply chain, they usually know the ingredients on hot items and bakery items. Appreciated when allergies are a consideration.Today I made the trip after seeing this article in the Star:thestar.com/life/2017/03…I knew that I wanted to get some of these gorgeous collector tins filled with chocolate for Easter as soon as I saw the article. I also figured others would feel the same way so I went right to Pusateri's. Unfortunately they did not know about the article in the Star and did not have any of the tins in stock yet.The store Manager, Gus, was amazing. He called the others stores until he located some. He had the other store send over pictures ASAP so that I knew what designs they had. He then had them send three tins for me from Sherway to the Bayview Village store. Excellent customer service.I left with a bunch of goodies today and will pop by this week to pick up the tins. More...


Colin M.

25 February 2017

New store looks great.  Ideal grocery store for specialty foods.  Like Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.  Their frozen pre made products look good but I've never tried them.  Mainly because I cook my own from scratch.  Very helpful staff on the Oils and Vinegars.   Parking is always tight. More...


Erin W.

21 February 2017

Three words for this experience.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!The food is really great and you can eat in if you like as well.  There is nothing else like this in the west end of Toronto - the only thing close is the Pusateri downtown!  It's super-expensive so I won't be going there every day - but on special occasions  - its definitely a first choice.  Try the tenderloin and the lamb.  Both amazing. More...


Owen R.

24 January 2017

After being treated poorly at nearby coffee shop, (not yaya).. This was a breath of fresh air. Employees are friendly, good biscotti, coffee. Based on area, not cheap, you know that going in. More...


Linda B.

7 December 2016

This place is awesome, the food is super and Yana in the cheese dept is the most wonderful, helpful lady!


Leo M.

27 October 2016

I am so thankful that this Pusateri's has opened up in Sherway. It's an outstanding upscale supermarket with a wide variety of quality food. People have told me that it is too expensive here, but what do you expect when you are receiving nothing but the best quality food. There are many options for all meals of the day, amazing selections of artisanal ingredients and the service is always on point. I've had many outstanding dishes from the hot counters, they have great specials going daily....people who love food will love this place! More...


Dale W.

26 September 2016

I didnt know what to expect when i walked in but i had heard good things about Pusateris.  Well let me tell you, the finest cuts of meat, the best cold cuts, first rate veggies, snacks by the box, carton or container from all corners of the earth.  I was amazed by the young lady making artizan sandwiches.  They looked delicious, however i must admit i didnt have time to stop for one.   They had some rather unique drinks and juices, some of which we picked up and tried.  Now the deserts, Oh MY! Spectacular! More...


Lambert P.

12 September 2016

This Pusateri's market is located on the ground level of Saks Fifth Avenue most easily accessible from the lowest level of the parking lot on the east side of Sherway Gardens into Saks.Hey I'm not going to lie.  I made this listing first when it opened but it was called Pusateri's by Saks (as per their actual flyer) and for some reason Yelp HQ merged it with Saks' regular business listing which already existed.  Yes, this grocery store is inside of the Saks but yes it's also a full blown Pusateri's complete with Nutella bar, an actual bar bar, bakery, fish market, yadda yadda yadda.  High quality stuff?  Of course.  This is a fine foods type of food market.  Now that there's one in Etobicoke that I can hit up on my way home from work right off the highway with easy parking then yes, when the need arises I come to Pusateri's.  This time around the requirement was Walter's Caesar craft mix which I discovered while at a Yelp event where this beautiful drink was served.  Yum, oh and while we're at it let's get some yellowfin tuna steaks.Reggiano parmigiano, arugula, foccacia, prosciutto, hey it's like a mini Eataly in here right inside of Saks.  Even when Eataly comes to TO this little pocket Pusateri's west side is still here, west side (does W hand sign to signify west coast). More...


Kristine Y.

24 August 2016

Really felt the cheesecake was quite good! Not totally excellent, but really very good!! It was a bit pricey at $6/slice.  Also shared the cold brew coffee was great, albeit also very pricey.Cute little local neighborhood store with great cuts of meat and cheeses! All this place needs is wine ;)Convenience, however, comes at a price! Much more expensive, yet so many fresh choices. If I resided here I'd come through weekly I'm sure.  Definitely potential to break the bank on my salary... yet, cute spot. Great outside seating, many, many options for a quick bite or to take away for a no fuss meal.Service was pretty good, lines a little long but fun people watching made it go quickly. Check out in the bakery and save time! More...


Yu C.

25 July 2016

The foods are fresh and good. The most important thing  is that  there is only a little salt in all foods. If you eat at most places in Toronto, it's most likely that the blood pressure will shoot through the roof.


Catherine C.

28 June 2016

This Pusateri's Fine Food is part of Saks Fifth building (lower ground/basement level). There is parking outside where you can walk directly into Pusateri's instead of going into the mall and going through Saks. When I entered, I felt like I went to a supermarket in Europe. Everything is so bright, clean and fresh! I went on Saturday lunch time, there was quite a lot of taste testers and samples. I had lunch at the Sushi bar; their sit down menu is different from grab-and-go menu. The sushi is freshly made and good quality yet I'm not sure if it's actually authentic. But otherwise it still tastes great. The salmon felt like it was wild salmon, it tasted different and the color is more orange compared to normal farmed salmon. There is a specialty cafe- Nutella cafe here at Pusateri's. Display is very nice, clean and well presentable. Everything on menu is listed clear with prices. A lot of people buy lunches, they have a wide variety of choices from sandwiches to salads. Most importantly is after you pay, there are tables and chairs around for customers to sit down and enjoy their lunches on the go. Raw seafood to raw meat are all very attractive on display. They also have a huge selection of cheese available and staffs are well knowledgeable with the products and be able to explain details or assist you.Full bar is served on the other side of the supermarket where the meat and fruits/ veg are. The bar atmosphere is very ambitious. It is a good relaxing spot to get a drink in between shopping. Nicest Pusateri's I have been to in Toronto! More...


Kristy N.

14 June 2016

One of the first specialty grocery stores I've been to in Toronto!Everything is super clean, you can automatically assume that it will be a little more pricey than  your Food Basics or NoFrills. I'd say it's around the same price as Whole Foods. The thing I like most about Pusateri's is their selection of cakes and baked goods - I wouldn't say they're top notch in Toronto, but hey, it's worth a try, and you get nice comfy seating outside in the mall! More...


Crystal N.

20 March 2016

As a lover of desserts and pastries, my eyes lit up when I waked into their pastry section. They have baked goods from well known bakeries such as Rahier, Dufflet, Dessert trends, Baker and Scone, and etc! Beautiful collection!! What makes this place even sweeter is their current Medium coffee and slice of cake deal for only $2.99!!! What a steal!!!! The cakes are prepackaged (unfortunately) but they have a wide selection of marzipan cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate crunch, or pie slices. So good!!!! I'd come here to get a coffee and slice of cake for some afternoon delight :) More...


John H.

26 February 2016

I love this place. It is the best gourmet grocery chain in Toronto imho.  When ever I have to be in the area, such as at the Reference Library, I go over here first to grab a sandwich. I love their porchetta sandwich!


Valentina M.

28 January 2016

My favorite grocery store when buying fruits, they're always in perfect condition (if that makes sense). The workers here are always willing to help if you have questions. Although this place can get quite expensive I don't mind spending the extra money for good quality produce. Although I wouldn't buy the stuff you can usually find in a regular grocery store because of the price difference. There bakery here is phenomenal-french inspired goodness. If you like having easy parking try the avenue road and lawrence location, this location has valet service in a really tight area. More...


Rebecca D.

11 January 2016

Pusateri's makes hosting events easy. With their wonderful on-line menu to the delivery and overall taste. I look forward to the Holidays knowing Pusateri's is there to help. The mini sandwiches are addictive and makes grabbing a quick meal simple. I can't wait til they open in Sherway Gardens! More...


Elby K.

24 December 2015

I love this place. I went into this location twice in the last week and they are soooo busy but I was so impressed at how they kept everything moving quickly and smoothly.   Yes, their prices are higher but it is a specialty shop and you will not find better quality anywhere in Toronto. More...


Phil G.

29 November 2015

Pusateri's is an apropos gourmet grocer for upscale and tony Yorkville. It has the best of what any elegant grocery would offer.  While the prices are exorbitant, the produce, bakery, meats, cheeses etc. are the absolute finest.  Every city should have a Pusateri's, when only the best will do.  The proletariat must shop elsewhere. More...


Ruby Z.

16 November 2015

Emphasis on FINE foods, of course.Pusateri's has got you covered on the more frou-frou ingredients you desire to complete your impressive dinner. There are special items you can't really find in, say, Loblaws, that you'll definitely discover here. It's a very narrow grocery store stocked head-to-toe in imported goods with prices of monstrous proportions. At the very least, their liquids (milk etc) are similarly priced to that of Whole Foods. I like to look around and see what I'm able (and unable) to afford to make my pantry more developed, like adding in a bottle of artisanal rose syrup or caviar honey. All in all it's a lovely place for really specific items you need but not really an everyday grocery store. More...


Shu S.

30 August 2015

Judging based on the hot beverages and dessert we ordered, I believe this place is a great stop as an alternate to Starbucks. I ordered the chocolate Fudge latte while my friend ordered the Chai tea latte. Both were delicious and had a wholesome taste so definitely a place to return for hot beverages during those winter evenings. I had also purchased a dolly bar from the grocery side of this store (coconut on top, chocolate chips and some type of addicting ingredient that brings everything together... Probably flour). This item was also pretty good. On the other hand I completely agree that the grocery side very clearly overpriced. So I mean if you can get it, great, otherwise go to food basics. More...


Athena U.

27 August 2015

Picked up a chocolate ganache carrot cake from them this week. Heavenly! I wish they put a layer of cream cheese frosting inside or offer it on the side.  Otherwise,  I would give them 5 stars. More...


Sara D.

29 March 2015

Nice and clean. Well-organized. They seem to order in bagels from alll over the city so I can have my pick! :) I have very happy memories of walking over there on Saturday and Sunday mornings with my husband to grab bagels, clotted cream (for scones that I would bake), and freshly squeezed OJ. The fruit always looked and tasted great. Expensive, but worth it. More...


John F.

27 August 2014

Great place love buying groceries here. Great staff


Will T.

6 July 2014

Amazing selection of foods and hot foods. This place is super pricy though, but well worth it. Located at the border of Yorkville and close to the Four Seasons hotel, this place is perfect for those looking to burn their hundred dollar bills. Come here for a salad, sandwich, soup; it's perfect for lunch or quick dinners that you'll only need to heat up. Fantastic breads, meats, and other prepared foods. A definite go-to place for 4 star "real" food; not fast food. Come here if you want high quality food stuff. More...


Millieh S.

24 June 2014

I love gettng lunch here and eating it outside. My favourite is the brie and turkey sandwich on crissant heated up. Mmmm!


B G.

4 June 2014

While staying basically across the Street at the Four Seasons hotel, we stumbled across this little gem.  From the fresh flowers that greet you to the wonderful desert items, everything about this market caught our attention.  Needing some extra refreshments for our room, we were looking to get some water and other refreshments. The prices were typical and not high.  The selection is not huge, but they have so much stuffed into this relatively small space. "Big Box" fresh market/healthy food stores like Whole Foods may have much larger building, and a deeper selection, I am certain that if this store was a choice for me to use often, I would choose this over the big box.  Let's face it, small retailers a forced to be at the top of their game to compete with these monsters.  In the end, I truly hope stores like this can survive and thrive.  Support from the community is needed, and certainly has been earned on my visit. More...


M. E.

16 April 2014

I shop at 3 Pusateri locations (Yorkville, Avenue Rd and Bayview Village). Yorkville is great - but the cafe is cold and small (much better outdoor section in summer) and the parking lot at Avenue Road is deadly.  I prefer the Bayview location.  Same great products - desserts :) - but lots of parking, comfortable seating/social areas and good walk-around in the mall before/after.  Terrific service-mind staff  (especially Alicia and Ida).  The prepared foods section is fantastic, pasta is well-made...but the macarons are evil-good (I'm passionate about the passion-fruit). More...


Katty T.

4 February 2014

We like this location for their desserts, sandwiches and take out food items. We love their red velvet cupcakes although once in a while they are dry. Their red velvet cake is often dry so we stay away from them now. Carrot cake seems to be better in the last few times we bought. More...


Frederick F.

30 November 2013

Pusateri's is one of those places that can suprise you.  Yes it can be expensive but it's almost always an excellent product and service.  The deli foods are often devine.  And the organic vegetables are actually a bargain.  Yes there are a lot of entitled customers there but frankly I fine them entertaining.  I do miss the valet parking on Bay street I have to admit.  They do have valet parking next door. I'm a fan. More...


Megan C.

18 October 2013

I come here very often. I LOVE their oat flagels and the fruit is pricey but I haven't found better fruit anywhere in the city! Love that they carry vegan baked goods, it'd be so cool if they made fresh ones themselves along with all the other pastries they make. I've had the grilled vegetable sandwich from their menu which was okay, but oily. Still, I love the atmosphere here. I love the classical music and the sophisticated bibe. Everything is always clean and neat. Great work! More...


Manny R.

16 September 2013

the desert selection here is awesome.  Don't waste your money on the hot chocolate though.  This is my new favourite place in Toronto for cakes and desert.


Natalie P.

1 August 2013

The best of the best in groceries for Toronto. Its a must shop anytime I'm in the area. Their food to order is also amazing. I had scallops once and they were to die for. Their pastries are top of the line and unbeatable! Sure its expensive but you are getting the highest quality. More...


Food Sno B.

10 May 2013

They have a pretty decent selection of quality "Grab-and-Go" meals. One of the places I usually drop in to when I'm in the area and don't have time for a sit-down lunch.


Eugene L.

4 May 2013

Been here twice now for a meal - I haven't bought groceries so I'm not commenting on that.It's a bit pricey but the food is quality food and the market itself fits in Yorkville no doubt. Good if you're in the neighbourhood and want to grab a light meal. The patio has opened for the season as well! More...


Sherry S.

29 April 2013

I like this grocery store ONLY because it carries fine (French) foods that I can't locate even in Whole Foods.I'd say their prepared foods, sushi and the like are crap (mayo in sushi is an abomination to me), but their baguettes tend to taste pretty fresh, and they have an excellent range of vegetables and fruits.The produce is not as fantastic as the grocery store "Harvest Wagon" by Summerhill station, but it's decent, although Whole Foods might be a better bet for this. More...


Sascha K.

17 March 2013

a smaller location but always a nice experience.Your little quant grocery store where you don't mind paying $6 for 2 apples ;)


Lauren B.

3 December 2012

I'll skimp on some things in this life, but groceries is not one of them.I love Pusateri's (Yonge/Lawrence location) and I'm not ashamed to admit it! Here's a tip: don't buy your household "staples" here...paper towels, detergent, potato chips. It's true they're more expensive than getting the exact same things down the street at No Frills. But come here for the following:-Above-average quality fruits, veggies and herbs, year-round-First-rate butcher with many beautiful cuts of meat, fine steaks and pre-marinated yummies-Excellent prepared foods: soups, salads, good chili, tomato/meat sauce, fresh and frozen pastas, mac n cheese, awesome ready-to-eat BBQ chickens, other hot dinners/sidedishes that change daily, sandwiches, etc. The prepared section isn't nearly as extensive as Summerhill Market (the south of st. clair location) but quite suffiicient and all of it is good quality, though expensive for sure!-AMAZING bakery/dessert section with a dedicated chocolate shop and a nice selection of coffees and teas as well-Awesome selection of sauces and high-end olive oils-The best fresh-squeezed OJ and other fresh juices-Great deli counter, cheese section, breads (Ace, Harbord, Thobors, yum) and crackers/flatbreads-Fun things you simply can't get at regular grocery stores! Too many of them to mention here.All in all, highly recommended. More...


Payam Z.

16 November 2012

There's no denying that the Yorkville Pusateri's is an institution. There's a good chance that you will find a finer quality of the groceries you are looking for at this market than anywhere else in the city. My favourite feature of the store is the coffee shop. The tea selection is pretty decent (try the Japanese green tea with eucalyptus) and extends beyond what you see on the list (look behind the counter!).What makes this great is the huge selection of pastries from some of Toronto's best patisseries in town. Be sure to try the pistachio cranberry biscotti; it's the best I've had in Toronto.My only issue is that the place is sometimes unreasonably overpriced. For example they carry Kusmi tea but at almost $30/ 125g which is twice as much as what you would pay at a retail shop in the Upper East Side (I doubt the rent in Toronto is more). More...


Kenneth N.

25 October 2012

A sure winner when it comes to variety and freshness of the deli...almost like a supermarket with the cheeses, but a lot of good stuff to order like panini sandwiches, salads, ...ordered the chicken quesadilla.also the berries fruit cup-size, good for the men-- was a tad expensive for $7 but well worth the healthiness.but the bakery was outstanding..lots of delicious goodies, cakes, etc. though i have to say the macaron wasn't up to vancouver standards, the hazelnut in pink. didn't have the right texture. More...


William M.

16 October 2012

Well I just ate a pusateris fine foods. It was nice I had a turkey and Brie croissant amazing pastries and over all clean look. Would def return.


Angie L.

9 September 2012

This place has great food but is very pricey. Some of the things in this store, you could buy at Loblaws(half a second walk) at a cheaper price. However, if you're looking for more obscure things, you'd probably find it here(two dozen different nut butters!). I love the pastries here (minus the macaroons) and there's quite a large indoor seating area outside the store. More...


Darren L.

4 September 2012

A very trendy grocery store in the Bayview Village Mall. It prides itself on great pastries as well as fresh produce. They have many interesting and lesser known brands of food that are quite good. (At least the view I tried were good.) I only wish it was not so expensive... but the cupcakes becon me... More...


Rainie L.

12 August 2012

I love this gourmet market. You go in and you want to buy everything. But beware, everything here is pricey and high-end. Shop at your own risk.My favorite section of this market is the bakery! They carry a lot of goodies from various bakeries around town. They also make their own. In the bakery section they also brew coffee and European drinks. DELICIOUS! I love their bagel and artisian bread selection. Saves me the trip to go to different shops all over GTA. This is your one stop shop regardless if you like Montreal style or New York style.... and lots of baguette choices! If you love carbs, you will love Pusateri's.  Don't let me even start on the cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, cupcakes galore! They carry many best selling items from the city's favorite bakeries. Check our their website for more info on bakeries they work with. I always get the Cheesecake Factory red velvet cupcake here. It's so good! They also have a wonderful selection of gourmet popcorn, snacks, amazing olive oil collection, delicious fresh made sushi, and pre-made food such as pastas, chicken, ribs and sandwhiches. So far, I love them all! More...


Vladimir K.

2 August 2012

I am surprised about the store and it's bistro. It exceed my expectations. Honestly, their quality, service, and fine foods menu choice are better than Balducci's store in NYC or MD or VA or NJ.Bravo, Pusateri's Fine Foods!


Blair W.

26 July 2012

Good selection of baked goodies. However I bought a chocolate-chip cookie and it was hard as rock! Must have been sitting there for a couple days, if not a week! UGH!


Molly C.

19 June 2012

Why would people shop in a gourmet deli and then bitch about prices?Pusateri's is always consistently good, much better than Whole Foods and I find the service impeccable.


B. O.

13 June 2012

I like shopping at the PUSATERI'S where has European mood.When I came here I heard other shopper were speaking Italian,French and other European languages.I sometimes buy French breads and drink a coffee.I like salade also.I prefer buy at here for Croissant and harf size Olives baguette.They have variety food products that are interesting.Fruits condition are keeping nicely fresh.I think I should to try some spices.There are kind of fun for me I seems I'm in EuropeAlthough they have plastic glove and puncher, they don't using cover sheet. Many people pass through a day.{{Suggestion}} if they cover sheet on breads or use bread's showcase It will much protect from dust. As a matter of fact, I come back again when I miss French food. More...


Curt M.

12 April 2012

Yes, they're over-priced at times... yes, the stores can be crowded.... but the service is always excellent, and the quality is always top-notch.I work across the street from the Yorkville store, and it is the only place I will go for a coffee (they have a good selection of teas as well) and a pastry.  I think that's saying a lot, because Yorkville has a lot more options than just the obligatory Tim Horton's and Starbucks.The lunch counter is well-stocked with choices (tons of salads to go with all of those sandwiches, pastas, etc), and the staff are efficient, friendly, polite, and knowledgable.   Also, since I don't buy my lunch every day (I'm a brown-bagger with swagger!!) I don't mind paying more for good take-out food.  Also, for such a small store, they stock a LOT of different cheeses.  Everyone gets extra points for having lots of cheese:) More...


Mariko M.

30 March 2012

Out of the three locations, the Pusateri's at Bayview is my favorite. It's close to home and because it's in a shopping mall -  I can check out other joints in the mall and parking (free!) is plentiful. The cafe by the baked good area makes a killer latte; forget the Starbucks in the Chapters as there's no comparison. My current addiction is the red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It's $5 for a slice, but oh-so worth it.There's also a ready-made food area. When throwing parties, you'll find me in this section buying entrees to serve my dinner guests. Their pinwheel sandiwches are perfect for an afternoon tea party. I also like their macaroni and cheese so if I'm in a pinch for lunch, I'll buy a pack. There's a seating area outside of the grocery store so you can buy lunch or a snack and enjoy it right away.Staff are very helpful and generally seem to enjoy working here.There's a cashier from Newfoundland and she has Nfld themed jewellery and nails ... love it!Four stars. More...


Bianca A.

20 February 2012

This is my go-to place for chocolate gourmet gift baskets. So pretty and presentable!My clients love these during the holidays and are great last minute gifts for house warming parties or when visiting friends. It really does add a touch of class when you go the extra mile in taste and yes.... price. More...


Grayce Y.

20 February 2012

I always come here for the pastries! The macaroons are really really good, especially if they have the red velvet macaroons, I would definitely recommend that! They cost about $1.75 each though so be careful with how many you are getting because they add up very fast!  The canolli's are really good as well and I've only tried their caramel dacquoise once but it was really good too, you can taste the richness of the different layers. The only bad thing is that their pastries are really over priced and if you go to the actual store that they get their pastries from they would be cheaper and fresher. But obviously that's not possible for a few of the pastries since they're from Cheesecake Factory! Also make sure to ask the lady at the counter when they got their delivery for some of the pastries because one time I overheard her telling a lady they got them in 2 days ago which means it's not too fresh. More...


Alia H.

3 December 2011

I've tried everything there! Pusaterie's is definitely my spot in TO !You know, in Paris (where I come from) we have the habit to get a morning espresso and a croissant! After living for 6 months in TO and trying to have a decent espresso I finally tasted the one of Pusa! Delicious and the croissant just like my favourite bakery Rue St-Sulpice. Also the café staff is extremely polite and thoughtful.As for the food... this is the place you need to go for a quick lunch or snack when your in the Yorkville neighbourhood ! Try the spanakopita, the sandwich specials (the one you can cut per inch) and the desserts... yummy... I ordered my bday cake there, I had the Chanel (pistachio & raspberry mousse on a biscuit) and the Mata Harri (Passion Fruit, Mango and Coconut mousse on a biscuit as well). If I could compare it was honestly as good as the one you can find at Ladurée in Paris and the price was reasonable. Finally, the grocery store. Don't go there to do your everyday shopping but when you need gourmet products such as Premium Olive oils, truffles etc. this is the place ! The only thing, the majority of the customers are way too snobby and the café is a little small... More...


Jiao S.

21 October 2011

I read the news today for Pusater's on Star. Not this location. So I think I write something to show my support as a long time fan. (I know how childish it may sound )I "discovered" Pusateri's location like 3 years ago, saw a advertisement on the door promoting "the world most expensive ham" from Spain of course. I got very curious and I went in. At the moment I stepped in, I was like WOW, although the Yorkville location is really small, their layout and everything is exactly what I like. ( not the most expensive ham part tho). Later I start to come to this place regularly , sometimes I picked up a nice loaf of bread, (you know those raisin with the walnuts) , nice croissants they picked from best local bakeries, those fresh orange juice they made in store. I bought chocolate cake here for friends baby shower, I buy brunch here and I took my friends came from other cities here too. Pusateri's is one of the a few locations I have in Toronto, that whenever I step in, I just feel happy all of a sudden. I also appreciate their effort ,besides concentrating on fine dining,  to bring the local gourmet into their supermarket.  The other day my friend just updated with me there was a wonderful shortbread in a small store on Queen and the next week I found it in Pusater's .I am always willing to pay for good fresh food , but not interested in expensive items. However, once I tried the grapes just felt like they can melt in your mouth and I kept on buying papayas from Hawaii. Anyways, I LOVE THIS PLACE, now I move to bayview, I am glad to see it is in my neighborhood too. I know how bad that news can be for food industries, I also believe if something was done wrong, somebody should be responsible and the problem should be corrected. However, I will really really hate to see this place go down or even.. close down one day.  So I think I just write some words for it. More...


Christine R.

5 October 2011

Whenever I want to impress I stop over at Pusateri's and pick out an overpriced cake and let them wrap it up in there signature black and white box with the gold namesake sticker and tie it up with a pretty ribbon.Yes I know that you can go to your local bakery that outsources cakes just like here and find the same cakes for a few bucks cheaper but then you'd miss out on the experience of staring endlessly at massive glass cases stocked piled with a wide variety sweet treats plus that pretty packaging makes a great statement.My absolute favourite cake here is there Chocolate Sin! Its a long slim cake but sooo devine! Its filled with chocolate creme fraiche mousse with layers of dense chocolate cake and coated in dark chocolate ganache. My other favourite cake is there Halzenut Cakelet which has alternating layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge cake and hazelnut buttercream and glazed with dark chocolate ganache.My favourite muffin is there raspberry yogurt muffin. The moistest muffin I've ever eaten and bursting with flavour.They also have a good variety of ready made foods. I've tried there meatloaf, meatballs, riceballs, and cabbage rolls, all very good choices!Overall it's a pretty top notch shop with tons of variety! You can't leave here empty handed but maybe with an empty wallet. But remember we are in Yorkville and the packaging is really pretty! More...


Jennifer K.

16 September 2011

I love this Pusateri's location! Never too busy and everything organized and clean. Dessert selections as good as it can gets! Great desserts from all the pastry stores around town! The sitting area is one the best I been to!! I wondering if it belongs to Pusateri's or Bayview Village? Comfortable seats with thick cushions!! The only complain maybe the staffs that maintaining the area... they came over the minute you ready to leave and just wiping and making sure everything were in place! They really like to take it easy..... More...


Elvis A.

31 August 2011

This is a nice branch of this high end grocery store. Albeit its not as big as the flagship store on Avenue but it is far better than the small and very tight Yorkville location. Plenty of isles to browse, full of interesting items some hard to find some regular stuff. The meat and prepared food section is quite good though quite expensive. The dessert section is where it really shines carrying items from the local dessert legend Pusateri. Its off from the main subway grid though it is on the Sheppard line. It should serve the nearby residents well who can afford to shop this kind of stores.3.5 stars over all. More...


Vita V.

2 August 2011

I love the baked goods here! I travel to eat a pussa's croissant and cupcake!! They're deli sandwiches are to die for. The only thing is, its... um... quite intimate. If you are claustrophobic or you have issues with personal space, you may want to remind yourself of the reward, because its worth it!! More...


John B.

27 June 2011

Great place to sit and people watch, pastries are tasty, specialty coffees are nice but I am not a fan of the regular coffee. Groceries are convenient but whole foods is just around the corner. More...


Amanda N.

11 May 2011

This place is amazing. I used to work near Bayview + Eglinton, land of yummy bakeries and cute little stores. Now I work near Downsview Station, a place I lovingly refer to as a wasteland. There are no cute shops to be found here. But I digress. On my route home, I pass Bayview station, and decided to explore the area, which is how I discovered this store.This store is like if everything I loved got together and had a party, or maybe opened a store together.Bagel House bagels, Dufflet Cupcakes, Mary's Shortbread, house made pastries, gourmet food for take-away.. It's great! Of course, it's a little pricey, but it's to be expected.My -one- complaint is that it's hard to gauge how fresh the pasteries are. I've had some cookies from there that def. weren't fresh, which has made me a little wary when buying cookies from there. So far, the cupcakes and breads have always been fresh. More...


Edwin A.

9 April 2011

good place to drop by for dessert if you're in bayview village. they carry a pretty good selection of sweets in their pastry section.today i spotted some Dufflet mini mini dacquoise'stried all 3 flavours (they were 1.50 each)1. hazelnut praline with vanilla cream 2. cappucinno with vanilla cream3. caramel with vanilla creamthey went together so well  with the starbucks strawberry frapaccino.the dacquoise torte is soft to bite into and the top layer completely embodies  flavour. they are bite sized and oh so good.i was wired after eating the 3. and was on a sugar high for a good 30mins after popping these bad boys back. :) More...


Jocelyn L.

3 April 2011

This place is like a candy store. The roasted meats and prepared food section smelt amazing and mouth-watering and it has a great selection of gourmet groceries. The bakery was crammed full of baked goodies and pretty cakes. I got a pistachio baklava which was just $1.94 and tasted really good. I could come in here everyday to smell the deli and look at the baked goods! More...


Yvonne T.

18 March 2011

Pusateri's - the lesser evil compared to Whole Foods in the Yorkville area.  Located at Yorkville and Bay, the clientele is quite elite.The reason why I would give Pusateri's a leg up from Whole Foods is because they do sell some unique items that you cannot find at a local grocery store - namely imported European products.  While this location is small compared to its Avenue Road counter part, it is a neat place to stop by for bistro fare (soup/salad, sandwiches, baguettes, baked goods, coffee).  It is very reminiscent of a European grocery store, and the staff are very friendly.  While this is not a one-stop-shop for all your grocery needs (unless you just bleed money), it is worth it to stop by once in awhile.  In the summertime, the outdoor patio is a nice place to people watch or sip a coffee while enjoying a book. More...


Danielle F.

8 February 2011

You know, sometimes if I'm passing by, I just like to come in and LOOK here. But that's just me and I have a soft spot for specialty food stores like this. It is a feast for the eyes and the mouth.But once I indulged and bought my lunch there. It was a spinach salad with spiced butternut squash, goat cheese and lentils. The dressing came in it's own little, sealed cup and was a balsamic vinegrette. Whose lunch is ever that bomb Not a common occurrence if you ask me (except for when I make lunch at home, that's pretty sweet). It was a really big portion but I finished it and was good to go. My favourite was the squash and a note, the lentils could have been cooked a lil' more. But still, a really solid lunch. Not to mention they have a TON of other options for your breakfast, lunch and dinner that all look amazing. They've even broken out into take-away sushi! Crazyness!Like everyone says, it's not a place for the average person to do ALL of their shopping. But it certainly works for specialty items, some delicious food or the go or to take home and treats for yourself! Nothing wrong with that. More...


Spiro P.

11 December 2010

Even though the place comes across as a pretentious cafe, it has some hard to find items.  For instance, I come here to buy instant espresso powder which is hard to find in any large grocery store.  I couldn't even find it at Longo's Market.I came to Pusateri's and not only was I quite surprised to find it, but it was only $7.99 for a small bottle.I have had breakfast here also.  It was a croissant with Lox and it was quite appetizing. More...


Ariel G.

10 December 2010

I have been there twice. It has McEwan's beat by a country mile. It is indeed a bright engaging store. And, yes, the prices are a bit steep-but this is its market niche.I loved the way their Pastries are 'Signed' clearly displaying the name of each of their sources. That is something I have never seen in another similar store. They do boast a complete kitchen which is visible in the back, and offer a broad range of unusual or novel foods and treats.You can certainly find some items that you will find at your local supermarket, but when the Rolls Royce has been valet parked, why go elsewhere?This will be a success! More...


Jay C.

7 December 2010

OMG!Pastries from this place is AMAZING GRACEFULLY DELICIOUS!I like. No, I LOVE this place.GRUB ON!


Alice T.

5 November 2010

I love Pusateri's for a quick breakfast/lunch option. Good quality, gourmet food, lots of options, and very manageable portions. Most of their items you can pick your portion size. They even sell some of their sandwiches by the inch, including a delicious roast beef sandwich with fried onions and cucumber. And you can always pick your portions at the prepared food section including beet salad, teriyaki salmon, green bean salad. I do wish you could pick your fruit salad fruit selection and portions too.I like coming here for a coffee and pastry, you can't beat the selection at their pastry counter at any  gourmet coffee shop, and their coffees are pretty good.I also often come here for a simple lunch w a friend, we can each pick from their wide selection of sanwiches, I like the Tandori Chicken Naan, and usually share a salad or 2 for about $10-15. They have a free water cooler in the seating area w fresh fruits in the water or a wide selection of fun beverages. You pay a bit more for the food but you skip the tip if you compare it to a restaurant and you can have more variety. Plus you can see what you're ordering. I say "a friend" because it's a small seating area and it's even smaller in the winter because there's no patio so I wouldn't plan a large group meal here.I don't usually do my grocery shopping here because it is pricey but if you're looking for speciality items they do have a wide selection, I may just ask rather than wander their tiny aisles though... I'm always afraid I'll knock something over and cause a domino effect.And they do have a large selection of prepared dinner options (truffle mac and cheese, roast chickens, etc.) if you're looking for fancier dinner options. More...


Ayelet B.

12 September 2010

I absolutely love Pusateri's for the high quality food and variety it offers.  It is expensive but when I stay at the Four Seasons, I come and grab a salad or some amazing prepared food and it is much more reasonable than eating out.i wish the coffee area was laid out better.   It's a very awkward small space that gets full quickly.  i some times grab a quick breakfast here. More...


Tong J.

22 August 2010

I try to avoid going to Pusateri's at all cost!  Every time I run a quick errand stop, I always find myself standing in front of yummy looking bake goods.  Why they have to put bakery section near the check-out area?  Pretty clever of them really.  I usually end up with one or more savory sweets that weren't on my grocery list.  Damn you!I also like their take-away selections of salads, snacks and lunches.  Salad is always fresh and tasty.As for the pretentiousness attitude, I just ignore it, that's the best way to deal with them.  There are couple of out-going and friendly cashiers and staffs in bakery section.  Those are people I usually go to ... if I need some assistance. More...


Joy S.

3 August 2010

This location was my favourite when I used to live at Yonge and Lawrence.Once walking in you immediately need to grab one of their CUTE shopping carts! This is the reason why I kept going there.. they are the best thing thats ever happened.. if you shop here you understand what im talking about.PLUS! The store is so small, and the isles are so small these carts are very handy! :)Also,alot of the food at Pusateries is imported or even made infront of your eyes! I used to buy mini pizzas and they make them custom for you and seal them and you can put them in your freezer or put them in the oven right away when you get home.They also have a WICKED chocolate/bakery section with TONES of yummy treats!The pre-made food in the deli? isle is AMAZING TOO!They have seasoned Salmons, Steaks ect which are pricey but VERYVERY worth it. Typing this now makes me want to go buy a steak and grill it right now!! Mmm..Even the cashiers are EXTREMLY friendly.There is always someone bagging your grocceries for you and can even help bring them to your car for you.I swear, people come to Pusateri's just because they think they are celebrities.. you will always see people with their sunglasses on acting like big shots.If you want to pay double - tripple the price on food but experience the finest quality foods/service then deffinitly go to Pusateri's! More...


Tyler G.

1 April 2010

Puseteri's has the best rotisserie chicken in the Toronto. And it's only $8.99, which is pretty decent. Along with some moishes cole slaw, you've got yourself a great dinner. The selection of cakes and pastries here is excellent too, as Puseteri's has pieces from a number of small bakeries across the city. More...


Sophia K.

28 October 2009

Everyone has already stated the obvious, it's great but expensive and a little pretentious. There I just said it again. Having said that...I find that, like Whole Foods, if you're smart about what you buy then it's not going to put you out much more then your regular grocery store. Not saying you would be able to buy your two weeks worth of meals here on a budget but for certain things the prices aren't too bad. Their variety of prepared salads are actually about the same and really reasonable. Their whole roasted chickens are actually CHEAPER than Valu-Mart (who would've thought ), and their coffee/cafe area is pretty standard. But all in all I think this is a great place if you want to treat yourself to something a little more gourmet than usual or if you just don't feel like cooking dinner! Or if you need a roast chicken. I buy those a lot...I'm only realizing now that sounds a little strange :) More...


Tamar F.

22 August 2009

This is one of those places that you go to and think "Man, if only I were loaded."  Everything looks so good, but is so expensive.  There's a lot of specialty food, and you could get some really good fresh mozzarella here.  The prepared food was also really good.  And compared to Whole Foods down the street, even the price isn't that bad (though still considerably more expensive than Valu-Mart).  The store is small-ish but they pack everything in.  Anything gourmet you can find - once I came and a guy wanted to buy foie gras and yes, they sell multiple varieties.  There are baked goods from several Toronto bakeries that are delivered here daily.  The cafe seemed nice too, although I never went there. More...


Rob P.

11 July 2009

It's a grocery store with valet parking in one of Toronto's most expensive neighborhoods. Do I need to write more? Lots of old rich old folks around, buying fancy, overpriced food. That said, the coffee is good (just stay away from the $5 little muffin if you can help it). Also, some things, like pop, are cheaper than buying them at other nearby stores. (You'll find the pop cooler right next to the exclusive $200 caviar jars from Russia). More...


Andrea B.

27 May 2009

Ya, ya. It's in Yorkville. And a ripoff. But the morning fare is just on par with Starbucks. Pusateri's makes great coffee (which you can buy ground or whole-bean, I suggest the European Blend), and wonderful morning pastries. While their takeout is ridiculously expensive, it's also really good. Especially the Teriyaki Salmon and Atlantic Jerk Salmon. Plus, who doesn't like to sit and watch the passersby dressed up to go nowhere but around the block? Great little patio for sipping and reading and watching. More...


Victoria M.

26 May 2009

Need to grab a quick lunch? Had a long day and don't feel like making dinner? Then Pusateri's is the place for you. Although they have fresh produce, breads, cheeses and cold cuts, it's not the reason people go here. They have great salads which you can grab and go. I've been known to have dinner parties and buy the salad from Pusateri's and just mix it in a big salad bowl. Trust me it's worth it. The amount of salad you get is a lot too. They also have an array of pre-made meals like pastas, sandwiches, breaded chicken breast with mozzarella cheese, couscous, roasted vegetables... the list can go on forever. As for the desserts, I really wouldn't recommend them. They're tempting, but they look better than they taste. They have a little area inside where you can eat whatever you've bought, or you can sit outside on their patio they have set up when the weather is nice. They score even more points for the valet they have, so you don't have to worry about looking for a parking spot if you're driving. You can also park at the Green P parking on Yorkville at Bay. It gets really busy in Pusateri's around lunch so if you don't feel like dealing with a crowd, lunch is not the best time to go. Keep in mind you pay for what you're getting so it is pricey, but well worth it. Oh and P.S. they also cater and do a fantastic job so you should check them out if you're looking for a caterer. More...


Julianna B.

21 April 2009

Smells like heaven, priced like hell.  Still, for a special treat, a birthday cake, an elegant gift, or a stocking stuffer, get thy butt over to Pusateri's.  It's claustrophobic, and you may faint at the price of the organic mangoes, but it's... nice.  Really nice.  I love going in.  NB: avoid for 24 hrs. before any long weekend, when the Muskoka-bound cottagers descend and pick the store's carcass clean. More...


Jonathan W.

27 January 2009

Definitely a pricey one-stop shop for convenient specialty foods and quick take-away meals. I love browsing this place. Apparently the Northern location is even better but you can't beat the ideal location.Everything here looks delicious and I'm always tempted to grab a dessert. The hot trendy upgrade from your local grocery store. More...


Ktimene G.

16 January 2009

Save money-- shop Pusateris. That's right-- instead of spending 2 hours of your valuable time cooking from scratch OR dropping six figures on a nice meal in the neighborhood, strike a balance. example: prepared Smoked salmon Fritatta with goat cheese & asparagus served w/ rice-wrapped rhubard and ricotta rolls. Reheated in the over 15 minutes, happy fiance all evening. Total cost $14.if you are claustrophobic or grumpy, i don't recommend shopping here as cart wars could ensue. More...


Anna V.

25 October 2008

Yo, you like food? Like, do you really appreciate some good food? Are you willing to pay for it? Then this is your spot.Here's the good and bad of it.They have a great deli, and a great desserts and great coffee. They also have a lot of organic products and the checkout is super duper fast. And they have a valet service.What sucks: the magazine rack is pitiful, the produce (although more expensive) isn't much better than Whole Foods which isn't as good as Kensington Market. And if you want something vegetarian, you mind as well just leave. And finally, like a ll things Yorkville, it's become a bit of a douche spot to see and be seen in the summer, but that's not really their fault, that's an American thing.But for any of it's flaws, it is what it is, and Pusateri's has always been a quality spot, no matter how you slice it. More...


Luisa S.

9 October 2008

Everytime I visit Toronto, I make a point of coming here, no matter how inconvenient. Its location in trendy Yorkville does lessen some of the inconvenient factor, however. Everything here is beautiful and fresh... any budding gourmet would be happy to spend the rest of their lives patrolling the cheese aisle or scouring the deli to see what delights they've cooked up for the day. From sashimi quality seafood to their creative and enticing cake displays, Pusateri's offers the very best. More...


Vanessa G.

21 September 2008

I love Pusateri's. Even though I spend more on groceries here than I would if I went out for a really fancy dinner, it will always have a place in my heart. Located in the super trendy Yorkville area, Pusateri's is an upscale grocery store where Toronto's richest come to fill up their top of the line fridges with Kobe beef flown in daily from Japan. But if you can get past the pretension, this is a great place to buy food.  The people that work at the various counters are all very knowledgeable about the sections (not like sobey's, where employees run away screaming if you ask where the crackers are). The steaks are to die for - I've had the New York strips here and they were so delicious. I've also purchased chicken breast and marinated salmon and both were to die for. Their produce is also really fresh and they have a pretty large selection, considering how tiny this store is. They also have a solid selection of cheeses, crackers and breads, The ready made food is also sooo good. The fresh spring rolls, salads and sandwiches are heavenly. And if you really want to splurge, head to the dessert counter and take home one of their "Sartre" mini torts. They really are worth it. It's not cheap, but Pusater's really does have some of the tastiest food in the city! More...


Erin H.

19 September 2008

Before venturing to Pusateri's you need to know 2 things about it: 1. The North location is the real location2. It is expensiveThat said, I don't care if I have to be waved in by a police man (this is true by the way, the place does have a police man on Avenue road stopping traffic for the place), or if I have to wait 3 hours for a parking spot while some Louis Vuitton vixen chats to her pool-boy on her cell phone before pulling out, or if some precocious princess yells at me for taking her mommy's number at the deli, I'm going to Pusateri's and I'm going to like it!Part of the Pusateri's experience is hating every, single moment that you're there on one level but at another level being absolutely amazed by their goods.  Not to be confused with Whole foods that tricks you into believing their food is actually tasty and of good quality, Pusateri's is far and away the best fine foods store in Toronto.  Their deli is spectacular (try their homemade turkey breast it's incredible), their produce is beautiful and their meats are Grade A.  I have yet to try a disappointing prepared food from that section of the store.  Pusateri's also has an extensive and intricate bakery, interesting cheese department, and everyday grocery section.  The store is amazing!  Even for those on a budget it's worth going shopping for that extra special night or if you are in the mood to splurge. More...

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