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kate kim

24 July 2019

This seems the best place for pilates in KW area and I'm so satisfied with the facility and staff team.


Hailey MacLean

24 May 2019

Pilates Just Plane Works is top notch! Focusing on form and technique, this very personalized approach to exercise goes above and beyond expectations. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, PJPW is for anyone and everyone hoping to increase strength, mobility, fitness level and flexibility. Instructors are very friendly -they take the time to learn your name and any body concerns you may have. Studio is very clean and equipment is in 10/10 condition. More...


Deb Mertin

24 May 2019

When you start a new exercise program in your 60’s, it can be rather intimidating. A body that has parts that do not function as they should, past injuries with scar tissue and mobility challenges...well that just makes it just plain hard to figure out a fitness program that works. BUT in four months of steady classes and incredible instructors at PJPW, I am moving like the way my body was made to move! YOU have to meet Barb and her amazing team of instructors that can help you with mobility challenges. I have done numerous forms of fitness but always ended up with an injury or not the results that I hoped, until now. I have core strength, mobility in joints that were totally “stuck” and my chiropractor says it is the best I have been in 10 years. My family notices, I notice, and I am so so grateful for a studio that truly embraces everyone by name and gives the gift of wellness. Go now for a free consultation. More...


Lainey K

21 May 2019

Pilates Just Plane works is a forever relationship! I am blessed to have found this team of instructors who care deeply about the success of your health and well being. I have enjoyed my journey thoroughly. More...


Katy Falk

21 May 2019

Great studio and experienced staff! The small class sizes allow for more personalized feedback which is really helpful to ensure you are doing the movements properly. I would recommend this studio


Karl Nieva

21 May 2019

I've enjoyed meeting and training with Barb and her team. They really focus on the fundamentals and make you very aware of your body and movements. I can't wait to see what's next!



21 May 2019

The team and the programs at Pilates Just Plane Works are really exceptional. Their teaching methods provide a lot of individual attention to ensure that you are performing each movement correctly and safely. They also offer a monthly package which is an amazing value. There are so many benefits to Pilates exercise: more strength, better balance, more flexibility. Pilates works and these people are really great! More...


Betty C

28 May 2016

This Studio is focused on its Clients. The classes are kept small so that each person has a more personalized experience. The instructors are all knowledgeable and work to help the client. Highly recommend this Pilates Studio, I have seen improvements in my core strength and posture. The energy and friendliness that the team brings is awesome! More...

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