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Pat Prizeman

18 October 2018

I totally love this place!! Catherine Murphy is incredible. Her support and advice have me feeling so much stronger and leaner. She keeps me on track and it beats gym work anyday. LOVING IT More...


Andra Bundgaard

3 March 2018

I just did my first Pilates class and it was excellent. I did not know any of the moves but Lara explained everything in detail and corrected me when needed. I am looking forward to my next one. More...


Eleftheria Gerogianni

24 September 2017

I have been attending pilates classes in pilates centre since February and I think it is the best place in Dublin! All the instructors are very professional, very friendly, and always very helpful to make me improve each time! I have become addicted and I do see a difference in my body! Amazing place! I just love it! More...


Joelle F.

5 April 2016

This centre is fantastic! It is a full dedicated space to pilates, where they do a range of mat work, reformer work and tower work. I always thought pilates was easy, these classes really work your core and muscles, you come out feeling great, knowing you've worked hard and have seen a huge improvement, not only in my posture but also my core strength which transfers into my other gym training. The trainers are so knowledgable, so friendly, and go around each person to ensure they are doing each exercise correctly. You can manage you account online and book into classes, it is advisable to book online as the classes fill up really fast. They even have an App, so there is no excuse!!The first class for each mat/reformer class is at a reduced rate, so you can try it out and the bundles are great value. I would highly recommend the Pilates Centre, be it for one day a week as relation exercise, for some me time, or to work on injuries, improve core strength. More...


Amy Weston

19 March 2016

I have being taking classes on and off (work permitting ) for the last 3.5years and I can honestly say this is the best studio I have attended -the instructors are excellent- knowledgeable and friendly and I always leave each class I can attend with a spring in my step - keep up the good work Anna and the rest of the ladies


Suzanne Warner

15 October 2015

Completely obsessed! Anna & her team are amazing ambassadors! I genuinely love and enjoy each class and never ever feel the 'dread' of the gym. Thanks guys xxx


Jenny Faison

13 August 2015

I did my first ever Basic Reformer class yesterday & I really enjoyed it! Anna is an excellent instructor. I never felt awkward by not knowing anything about Pilates. The small class sizes meant Anna could assist us as needed. I look forward to my next class! More...


Nina Maher

19 May 2014

Well here goes I am seldom serious so bare with me!! I had an accident 10 years ago on a flight of concrete stairs which left me with chronic back pain ever since. The only certainty I had was surgery at some point in the future. I went swimming & walking for a no of years to make it more bearable. Then my Consultant suggested pilates and then I found Anna in the Tennis Club and the rest is history!!! The same Consultant informed me a few months ago I will never need surgery & keep doing what I am doing!!!! I must be over 4 years with Anna!!!!! xxxx More...


Éilis Teeling

14 March 2014

Amazing instructors and very enjoyable classes, results can be seen after a few weeks! Can't wait to move back over the north side to start back.


Geraldine Clements

14 March 2014

Fantastic studio with great teachers. Can't believe the difference in strength and posture since starting just over a year ago and best of all my running times have really improved. Thanks Alice and Jessie :-)


Kate Arthur

13 March 2014

Very professional with fantastic care!


Caroline Griffin

13 March 2014

need to get back down soon :)


Kat Hanway

13 March 2014

Lovely studio with amazing teachers! :)


Emma Adderley

13 March 2014

Amazing Pilates reformer studio. Anna is a very gifted teacher and adjusted the movements to facilitate any injuries. Well worth a visit!!


Johanne Carey

13 March 2014

Pilates centre is great. Did the pregnancy class & it was fab! Kept me fit & healthy! Really recommend it.


Margaret Hamilton

13 March 2014

I love pilates centre! I have been a member for about the past three years. They're all extremely friendly yet professional and the classes are fun but are a great work out. I can't recommend them highly enough! More...


Aoife Blake

13 March 2014

Great centre with professional dedicated instructors. Great support and advice when taking on Pilates with an injury. Have tried two other pilates classes before this and Pilates Centre is by far superior. ALL the girls know what they are talking about and their expertise and focus is packed into every minute of their classes. Highly recommend the Reformer Classes (especially with Jessica!) More...


Colm Lydon

3 December 2013

I used have continuous back pain and problems, not anymore! Highly recommended for anyone interested in keeping fit and healthy.

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