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24 May 2019

I really liked working with David. He helped me get through some significant pain. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and I'm glad I chose this office for physiotherapy.


xr zhang

21 May 2019

Dr. Ben is really professional. He helped my shoulder and Lower back pain. When I was unable to mobile because my lower back injury, he visited me and gave me effective treatment. All staffs are very friendly. Thanks! More...


Kim N

7 May 2019

Ben is very professional, knowledgeable, and takes the time to genuinely get to know his patients. They are always willing to accommodate last-minute appointments when patients are in need. I would highly recommend his clinic!! More...


Faye Hecht

30 April 2019

Physiocore and Sports Rehab is an amazing facility to go to if you need treatment for an injury. David is very knowledgeable, kind, professional, and attentive, who provides very effective exercises and therapies that help you get better right away. After a couple of sessions with him, I already felt better! I highly recommend him! More...


JunHyun Park

28 April 2019

'PhysioCore and Sports Rehab' is where I go anytime I need physiotherapy. I've got treatment from David over last couple years for pain/discomfort in several areas (including shoulder, neck, back, hamstring and etc) and each time it was very effective. David is very knowledgable, professional, and kind. Treatment he gives and exercises/stretches he suggests are very effective and those make huge differences. He helped my mom with her rehab when she had a fracture on her knee as well and she was able to recover fast. If you need any physiotherapy or advices, this is where you should go. There will be no regret. More...


Zayd Agjee

28 April 2019

Great facility; knowledgeable and friendly staff. Really appreciate how well everything is explained. A few weeks in and my pain is already beginning to subside. Really happy with the results so far! More...


phoebe peng

29 March 2019

Hello there, long story short. After giving birth, I had lower back issues. I did not know if it was spinal or muscle. I went to several doctors, they told me to go home and take some pain killers. The recommendations are the real killers. My husband told me to go and see Dr. Ben. During the first meeting, right away he knew my problem. Showed me some exercises and stretches for me to use at home. I do no have insurance, since I am a stay home mom, so he tried saving me money by giving me a routine to workout at home. Anyways, hope everyone else find their health and happiness. Peng More...


Eric Lee

29 March 2019

This place is amazing and professional on all fronts right from the reception to the physio. David is very professional and detailed. He goes above and beyond dealing with my issues and I can't recommend this place enough! These guys will definitely be here for a while! More...


Sinisa Milidrag

29 March 2019

I started coming here with average expectations because of my persistent lower back injury. After 2 months, my mobility improved so much that I started going to the gym again. Real excellence throughout, front desk, David, Ben... Great experience! Keep it up! More...



29 March 2019

An amazing well equipped state of the art facility, with extremely friendly and knowledgable staff. David and Dr. Ben Li are very skilled in their field and extremely friendly and willing to answer all your questions. If you are looking for the perfect therapy clinic look no further! I confidently recommend this location to all my friends and family based on David and Dr. Ben Li's abilities to quickly identify, diagnosis and treat any injuries they come across More...


Sam Leceb

7 February 2019

Very good place, amazing physiotherapy centre. I would highly recommend this place, Doctor Ben is very knowledgeable, and like a little god. I was having severe back pain until I met doctor Ben, after just 3 months, my pain greatly improved, looking forward to have more sessions with him. More...



31 January 2019

My family and I have been going to see David at PhysioCore for many years. Not only is the entire staff extremely knowledgable, but also incredibly friendly. I myself have been treated for everything from small strains to serious sports injuries with the same amount of care and attention every time. David has always given me realistic timelines and really helps me push my limits in order to heal as fast as possible. Injuries can be tough, but I always feel optimistic when leaving my appointments. Thank you David! More...


Mohamed Pardhan

28 January 2019

One of the best clinics in the GTA. Amazing practitioners and staff - know what they are doing. My family is well taken care of with Dr. Ben, David, Beatrice and Lumi!


Siamak Razzaghi

11 December 2018

David is incredibly knowledgeable. Provides great information and instructions for exercises to heal and improve problem areas.


Andriy Chepurnyy

28 September 2018

A big shoutout to the folks at Physiocore. Over the past 3 months David Cheung has worked with me to rehabilitate the range of motion of my wrist and thumb after a fracture . David developed and executed upon a targeted treatment plan which has proven to be very effective. The entire team has been wonderful to deal with, they were attentive to all of my questions/concerns and were able to schedule the treatment sessions to accommodate my schedule. To anyone who needs physio: come check this place out! More...

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