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Danielle White

Friendly staff, amazing coaches and a phenomenal workout!


Bryan Marks

This place is awesome. It's the fitness dream...no pressure to sign, can go month to month...everyone that works here is awesome...Erica, Anthony, Kiera, Austin...everyone I don't know yet...simply awesome More...


Geneviève Stephens

I absolutely love OTF Merivale it has become part of my day to day routine! Can’t say enough great things. Easiest way to find out more is to try it out


Kristy Cournoyer

It was my first night tonight! Disco Night! Talk about such a friendly environment to be in! And did I mention super motivational! I have been searching for a place like this for years! Super friendly staff! Everyone is just wonderful! I will be returning! More...


Robin Fox

I love my OTF workouts! I look forward to them. The coaches are motivating and help you achieve your goals!


Lili-victor Arevalo

I really love to workout at OTF, everyone at the front desk and the coaches are very nice people and make me motivated to workout.


Victoria Wiffen

Love this gym!! All the staff are very encouraging and positive. Thank you orange theory!!


Danielle Dubois

Totally addicted to OT. Most effective workout of my entire life, not only have I lost that stubborn 10lbs I am toned and fit.


Amy Lenser Twolan

Best workouts of my life! I love the pace and intensity. You can’t help but push yourself and feel great all day! So happy to be a member! 🌟


Shawn St-Aubin

Getting back into a training routine for me was hard and frankly I was tired of the same old routines at the gym. I was looking for something new that would push me to be greater and consistently push me to my limit. I knew I wasn’t going to achieve that alone at the gym, so I tried OTF. I have been at for more than a month now and it has become my new obsession. I got hooked after my first class and I would bet that most will as well.

It’s also worth noting that although you are in a group session, your aren’t trying to compete with anyone. It’s really about you achieving that orange level, and that seems to be different for every person, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

Lastly, I have to admit the staff is great and the facilities are very well maintained. Definitely worth every penny for me!!


Sarah Rebecca

I love this gym! Such a great program that delivers results. Also I really appreciate the office staff - in particular Erica who goes above and beyond for all the members of this gym. She makes sure that things are running smoothly on a daily basis!! More...


Alaysha Mahmutoglu

I went to orange theory fitness merivale for a free trial class that I signed up for through instagram. I absolutely adore the staff that work here, they made communicating and switching classes so easy for me. They even sent text reminders which was super helpful for me because I probably would have backed out if it wasn't for that little push. I was so nervous, but the head coach Anthony was extremely comforting and motivating. I told him I wasn't very fit and he assured me to go at my own pace, but to still push myself if I felt like I could. I loved seeing my results on the screen even though I was probably one of the lowest in the class, I felt so accomplished knowing I was capable of pushing myself. I DEFINTIELY recommend this place to anyone, and I think it would be a great place for anyone who isn't comfortable with working out alone or at a normal gym. It was like having a personal trainer push and guide you the entire hour which was very helpful for me. MUST TRY! More...


Diane Walker

I had to cancel a class I had signed up for because I got delayed at work..I have not been there but this is a warning..if you give your phone number, you will be contacted a lot...too much really...2 phone calls and a text the following day....I want to like this and to go to a class but I do not want to be contacted so much More...


Jen Vornholt

I will be honest. When I first started I never thought I would actually enjoy the workouts.
I’m so happy I gave myself a few chances and pushed myself. The coaches at OTF Merivale are so encouraging. More...


Grant Anderson

I'm enjoying working out at Orange Theory. The staff are great and the classes fun. I recommend it to people looking for a new gym.


Kristina Purificati

Orange Theory is the best! The people, the workout and the coaches make coming back so easy! Thank you for always motivating me and making me go all out!!


Laurissa Hall

OTF is definitely the best workout I’ve done. It’s motivation and pushes me to do things I would never thought I could do, the coaches and staff are amazing! Definitely recommend!


Michelle Reimer

I absolutely love #otfmerivale !

I am a founding member and have surpassed my fitness goals (a few times) in 9 months.

I highly recommend the people and community at Merivale. This program is designed for anyone fed up with their current activity level and looking for a positive body change. Do it!#otfcanada2018 More...


Sarah Beaudoin

Love this studio. Great coaches and great atmosphere. Love how there is no judgement at all. Great place to come if you're looking to start a new fitness journey or just love fitness and want a great place to workout. Thanks for always giving killer workouts !!. More...


Jordana Vered

OTF is the best workout in the city (and Merivale is the best studio)! If you’re looking for an effective workout that is both challenging and doable, you have found it! Sign up for a free workout - I bet you’ll leave with a membership! #addicted #orangezone #keepburning More...

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