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Dan Jaremchuk

28 April 2019

I've been going to see Trevor for about 8 years. His massages don't just work on the isolated area but are holistic knowing that all the muscles are connected and affect each other. Trevor always checks in before a massage starts to prepare the best plan for that session. More...


Trena Olfert

29 March 2019

Trevor has been our massage therapist for 7 years. Always friendly, knowledgeable and a unique method to his massage that is hard to find anywhere else! He takes pride, listens and executes like the pro he is. Not overpriced but the value of our visits are way up there. More...


Kristin Phippen

29 March 2019

Trevor's method and approach is excellent and he has provided me with relief from months of pain and discomfort in my mid-lower back after years of neglect. His schedule is flexible and accommodating and the location is convenient to get to. More...


Trevor james

29 March 2019

Hands down the best treatment I've had....and ive had many. Even got relief from old injuries that i thought couldn't be fixed. I go regularly now and he keeps me moving! More...


greg M

29 May 2013

Trevor does great work! Highly recommend to anyone!