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Marion Webber

Excellent, healthy food with lots of flavour.


Lorraine Koshel Desmarais

Stopped by the store, good variety of fresh food, very friendly service. Can't wait to go back!


Carolyn Kelly-Smith

Horrible experience food was ok but not great. packaging is an environmental nightmare and customer service sucks. I cancelled with more than what they say they require for time and they charged me for an extra week and never picked up my cooler bag so I didnt get the deposit back either.


Monique Mallette

WOW they have a salad bar. And they are on Broadway just East of Granville. My new go to place.


Alisa Howe

Super flavourful and filling! I was always excited to try every dish, since there are so many great options.


Jessica Stotts

Omg I've can't believe the delicious foods I've been eating since I signed up. I never have enough time to cook and I throw out too much food and end up eating out alot. This takes so much stress away from my busy life and I'm trying to change to vegetarian so this is making it so much easier. I can't believe how delicious everything is!!!!! Love � More...


Christine Barbs

I have been signed up with EYC for about 6 months now and have no idea what I did before this wonderful service! This is an incredible way to eat healthy delicious food, saves me a ton of time and stress about prepping meals, and is a much cheaper alternative to eating out every meal - which I used to do a lot since I live alone. I am a very active person and the meals sustain me while allowing me to gain muscle mass and lose body fat through my training.

These guys have never missed a delivery, they are very accommodating and have excellent customer service. Thanks so much!!!


Tanille Torgerson-Van Huizen

I won a 6 week meal plan from eat your cake in contest and it was amazing! The food was great and it was so convenient always having my food there waiting for me. I couldn’t believe how much difference it made actually eating the proper amount. I lost 10 lbs and many inch eating more than I did before having EYC. And with the sweet tooth I have the desserts were amazing. I’ve actually been craving the almond over night oats for the last couple weeks haha. I definitely recommend this company and hope to use them again. More...


Heather Mah

Eating healthy is so much easier now with EYC. My family love the variety of tasty and healthy foods for all our meals. The staff are extremely accommodating and helpful. More...


Brody Rokstad

Great food! Great service! Simplified my life in the most awesome way and I'm in the best shape in years as an added bonus.


Denise Carter

Wonderful concept, terrible execution. Unfortunately they made many mistakes in our orders over and over, food would show up luke-warm (not food safe practices in my opinion), and then they increased delivery charges by a lot out of nowhere. The desserts are awesome and we loved maybe only one or two dishes. Nice people but terrible business planning and website is not user friendly. Environmental nightmare with the wastage and use of the containers. More...


Lise Guillemette

We have enjoyed most of the meals. At least 90%. They are usually fresh and with good ingredients.
There is a lot of variety and they have been tasty. We are happy to be on the program.
It feels good not to have to worry about the cooking and still eat healthy meals.

Lise and Wayne


Nicole Alvernaz

I have been extremely happy with this service. I love the food, it’s very filling and anything that I may not particularly like I just let them know and I don’t ever see it again lol... there are so many options and I get excited every time a delivery comes because I know that I will be enjoying my food everyday that week PLUS I’m eating healthy ❤️🙏🏽 More...


Elizabeth Shearer

I am a huge fan of Eat Your Cake. I have been a customer for over a year. Not only is it a huge time saver, but I have also found it cost-effective and have had zero food waste. The meals are excellent, creative and full of flavour. There is one minor negative - it is extremely challenging to narrow down your meal choices from the many options on the weekly menu! More...

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