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Experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in content publishing and the marketing industry. Skilled in Art Direction, Logo Design, Branding & Identity, Typography, and Adobe Creative Suite. Strong creative professional with a Graphic Design focus.


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Cara McCarron

28 August 2018

Jennifer is a master at what she does. Your brand will ALWAYS be safe with her team!

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The most effective ideas are always the simplest - less is always more. Boiling down complexity to its core essence—its truth, is what I strive to do in every project I undertake. Everything has its truths and uncovering those truths is the key to finding the blocks needed to build a solid foundation in creating meaning and connection.

I often joke that I sometimes don’t do the job that I’m hired for - regardless of the size and scope of the project, I approach each new project with curiosity and a blank sheet. I like to use the first stage in the design thinking process to asks lots of questions and to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to allow the process to determining the best course of action. Sometimes the process uncovers unexpected opportunities, it’s often these opportunities that bear the greatest fruit.

At the execution stage, I like to employ a continuous improvement model in developing concepts and executing on the deliverables. This model allows me to quickly move through and refine ideas at today’s fast pace of doing business.

At every stage there is opportunity to learn, evolve, and have fun. You can’t be productive and achieve results without a good balance of these crucial elements.