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Nore Therapies Holistic Centre

Kilkenny, Kilkenny


Nore Therapies Holistic Centre

Kilkenny, Kilkenny



Massage therapy,
Deep tissue,
Vacuum cupping
Soft tissue release
Herbl medinie

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Danielle M

21 May 2019

I can highly recommend a visit to Delia. She is very knowledgeable and welcoming and has really helped me. One of the best massage therapists I have been to.


Emma Coombes

28 April 2019

Found the whole experience really positive and it has definitely made a difference to how I feel. Delia is such a lovely person to deal with. Highly recommended and I will definitely be back. More...


Georgina Richman

28 April 2019

Delia is brilliant! My partner and I both went for the nore therapies reset and it was a great experience for both of us. She is an incredibly kind person, very easy to talk to and to feel comfortable with. She has a profound knowledge of herbal medicine and her massage genuinely made a difference to how we felt. We were both skeptical of reiki, as we had never experienced it before, but after the session with Delia we are both interested in trying it again, we both felt a real effect from it. I would highly recommend going to Delia and will definitely go back myself. More...


Willie Brophy

27 February 2019

Great service, very knowledgeable in holistic and general health. Very relaxed environment.


Liz Walsh

28 January 2019

My husband and I met Delia at a Lyme Disease Conference last year and she has changed our lives. My husband has been ill for four years and has been to many doctors and consultants during that time. As a result of the treatment he received from the medical professsionals he now suffers from mini-seizures. I have taken my husband to many alternative people over the last four years and all they ever wanted was our money. It is so different with Delia. She is such a nice and genuine person. She has our interests at heart and she cares. She will ring me to find our how my husband is doing, no-one else ever did that for us. I call Delia - St Delia. A truly wonderful person, kind and so caring. She has helped my husband and I greatly and we are extremely grateful to her. I am blessed she is in our lives and I can't thank her enough for all the help she has given my husband and I.The herbal tonics have been very effective and my husband is feeling far more energetic and living a more active life. Delia is constantly reviewing my husband's progress and has a treatment plan in place. Both of us highly recommend her. She is a very special person. More...


Joe Neeson

30 October 2018

Delia was so nice and friendly. Asked loads of questions about what the problem was, where the pain was and what the worst spot was. Talked through the whole process and what she was going to do. While working she continued to ask questions to gauge how I was and just to keep me focused. So nice and friendly could not recommend her highly enough to everyone. More...


Don Maitland

30 September 2018

My wife and I booked treatments with Delia at Nore Therapies whilst on vacation in the Kilkenny area. We found her on line and she was able to fit us in within 24 hours. Delia is a very capable therapist with an overall health care perspective. Our 90 min treatments were much needed and very positive for the issues we were experiencing and reasonably priced. Plus we had a lovely visit! We had no hesitation in trying to arrange a second session before we had to leave Kilkenny but unfortunately the timing didn’t work out. We would certainly recommend Delia and Norr Therapies to anyone in the Kilkenny area. Canada is a little far to go for another treatment, but we are sorely tempted. More...


Emily Cleers

31 August 2018

Very knowledgeable woman in the world of all things spiritual , takes the time to chat there’s never a rush, feeling a little lighter and very relaxed after last nights massage :) thank you!


Aisling Murphy

28 May 2018

The best massage experience I have ever had! Delia is very talented at what she does and very friendly and knowledgeable. She released tension and tightness I didn’t even know I had. Have already booked in for a second session next week. Very pleased! More...


Deepak Trehan

28 May 2018

Delia is an amazing person. The best part of my experience was that she focuses to treat the cause rather than working on the symptoms caused by the underlying issue.I feel so relaxed even after so many days. Usually, when I get a massage anywhere else the pain would be back in a day or two. Would highly recommend her services to people who really want to treat their pain rather than temporarily suspending it! More...


I love being able to effectualise change in my clients. Be it a muscular release, emotional or help herbally with health issues

I have 3 children and wanted to be able to work and be there for my children.

I care.
If I don't know the answer I will admit it and refer, otherwise I will research so I can be of aid to the peraon visiting.