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Lotus Group Education

30 September 2018

Nine by Nine mobile web design business building system turned our company image into a world-class brand, step by step.All of our logos, colors, fonts and brand image stemmed from a passion for design. See it for yourself.Mindesign Kids Out of School ProgramsBrad-Lee BusscheFounder & CEO More...


Colin Hillstrom

31 August 2018

Thank you, Jesse, this has been a very beautiful creative process, and more. You are very clear at setting the framework. Also... I have had no expectation for the outcome, just letting it unfold. But what you have created so far FEELS great, and that's maybe what matters most to me. Also, I have enjoyed the process of asking for and receiving feedback from clients and friend duting the design process. That's new for me as well, asking! So, there's been some delightful personal growing going on for me as well in working with you. But here is something else: Visioning has always been a challenge for me. However, at various stages of the design process I have been getting glimpses of new possibilities in the way that I can grow and expand my business: I feel and enjoy a different, sharper kind of focus. Now, that's worth diamonds! (I am so glad I already paid you upfront!) More...


Chloe Ulis

1 August 2018

I am very happy with Jesse's work as my web designer and I would recommend him to anyone. Jesse is a reliable and very capable designer who listens to what you want and delivers what you ask for in a prompt and professional manner. Jesse is a patient, caring, and kind person who is willing do go the extra mile to deliver something special and go beyond your expectations. I find him to be an excellent communicator compared to other designers I have worked with in the past and I enjoy working with Jesse whenever I need work done. The logo that Jesse created for me is clean, professional and expertly executed. I am a particular person and he went above and beyond with the colour scheme and design. Thank you Jesse for your excellent customer service and skills! More...


Deb Jang

28 May 2018

I was very pleased with the design. Jessie provided exceptional customer service and expertise! Highly recommend!


Tania Carlisle

28 May 2017

Very attentive, precise and very happy with their creativity. Hands on customer service is excellent!


Jack Wu

28 May 2017

Love the experience! Got website done for me, AND the life time mentor support system helped me from beginning to end :) Very patient guy overall!! 100% recommend!


Mansour Sedighi

28 May 2017

It’s great to be teaming up with an old colleague I’ve known for 20 years. Thank you Nine By Nine Design for your patience and support in helping me develop a unique brand, logo and website design to fit my unique needs. We’ll be a great team in marketing and building my business in many years to come.Mansour SedighiMind Body Soul Connection More...


Cathy Tan

28 May 2017

Nine by Nine Design turned my ideas into designs that were true to my original vision and more professional than I could have imagined. It is a company that is skilled at their trade and pleasant to deal with. Nine by Nine worked with me until I was completely satisfied. More...


Harmoney Laurence

28 May 2017

My experience with Nine by Nine Design, over the past couple of years, has been very positive. The principle designer is both creative and well-organized. He has an excellent step-by-step follow-up system in place to ensure that all aspects of each project are fully covered and implemented in a timely fashion and in the proper sequence. I am very pleased with my new logo and re-branding of my business as well as the designs for my line of inspirational greeting cards. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support and very professional service! More...


Mahalia at Academy of Brain Bliss

28 May 2017

I love the work done by Nine by Nine Design. It's a wonderful company to work with. The efficiency, organization and ability to produce the exact look and feel for my brand are huge benefits to me. I highly recommend Nine by Nine Design and look forward to working on our next project! More...