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Lisa Pepper Satkin

30 July 2017

I received incredible customer service, training and overall it was a great experience.


Steven Sashen

30 July 2017

Very clever and useful platform for massive multi-variate testing of FB ads... and if you have good creative, it can be effective for you. Give the algorithm a few weeks to "get smart." More...


Ashley Jessen

30 July 2017

Needls' has created some interesting and forward thinking technologies to help small to medium businesses get a leg up with their digital marketing. I love testing new technologies to see what sort of advantages are available when used correctly. I'm happy to say that Needls very quickly surpassed my expectations and have delivered a rock solid improvement in lowering my CPC. In fairness, my CPA hasn't yet hit the level I'd want but these optimisations can take six weeks or more and I've only been at it for four weeks.Brian on the customer service side has been outstanding. I'm led to believe they have a dedicated person to handle their international clients, like us in Australia. My CS experience has been outstanding. I have made huge progress with Brian each time I have hit him up for help.If you need more business and want to leverage the biggest digital marketing platforms with a technology to make your life easier, then give Needls a go. I highly recommend them. More...


Matthew Lewis Gallant

30 July 2017

The Platform Is Very Easy To Use, And The Results Are Clients Are Getting Are Phenomenal! Love The Platform!


Cesar Quintero

30 July 2017

Easy to use and they find effective ways to promote your ads. I've never seen so many click through before. Thanks Needls!

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