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MS Mokhethi Accountants

Bloemfontein, Free State


MS Mokhethi Accountants

Bloemfontein, Free State


Our approach is relationship driven – we regard ourselves as both a consultant and partner, and geared to provide with positive outcomes at all stages of our relationship.

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Managing a payroll is not just about processing monthly salaries for the staff members. As a business owner, you are liable for filing statutory returns to the authorities. Without expert knowledge, it can be possible that one or more of these statutory requirements are overlooked, resulting in penalties from the relevant authorities. We are able to manage these processes for you, ensuring that your staff is not only paid on time, but your reporting systems are correct and compliant. MS Mokhethi Holdings payroll service is dedicated to reducing costs and relieving small and medium-sized businesses of the burden of running a legally compliant payroll department. Our main focus is to save you the hassle of payroll administration and the worry of meeting SARS deadlines. Complying with ever-changing SARS legislation regarding staff earnings and allowable deductions is a fairly complex and time consuming administrative process. Serious thought would have to be put into any number of numerous calculations such as income tax, fringe benefits, pension contributions, medical aid, UIF, overtime, staff loan repayments and leave pay to name a few. MS Mokhethi Holdings provides a comprehensive outsourced payroll solution, at alarmingly affordable rates. Our aim is to streamline your payroll process, and at the same time, cut costs. WE PROVIDE: Maintain Payroll Financial. Manage Annual, Sick and Other Leave. Process monthly/weekly or fortnightly payrolls. Submit Monthly Returns – SARS. Submit Annual Returns – COIDA. Submit UIF file. Process UI19 monthly submission to the Department of Labour Process IRP5 / IT3a Certificates Process Payslips in a printed format. Provide Financial Reports. PAY SLIPS Pay slips may be standard or fully customised and include: Company logo, company address and statutory information Pay run period and date Employee full details, designation and income tax number Pay slips are generated on basic salary, commission, bonus, travel allowances, medical aid contributions, pension fund contributions, retirement annuity contributions, subsistence allowances, reimbursed expenses as well as council levies and other related deductions.

MONTHLY BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Many businesses struggle to process the administration required to maintain up to date accounting records every month. And yet without it, it can be possible to lose sight of the essential ingredients required to build a successful enterprise. From ensuring that invoices are paid, unpaid invoices are followed up, and all the bank reconciliations are correct, it can be a daunting task. We take the hassle of monthly accounting out of your hands, ensuring that your records are accurate, up to date and reliable. We Perform Various Monthly Bookkeeping And Accounting Services: Monthly Bookkeeping Services Monthly accounting up to trial balance Income Statement & Balance Sheet Bank Reconciliation We Offer The Following Services: Monthly Management Accounts Drafting Of Annual Financial Statements – SARS / Bank Bookkeeping Services: SMMEs, NGO’s, NPO’s, Schools Financial Reporting Income Statement Trial Balance Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement We also have different Monthly Bookkeeping Packages according to your needs and your business. Just contact us to discuss different packages that will suit you and your business.

We are registered with a recognized controlling body (RCB) which is South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT: www.thesait.org.za) as well as with SARS as Tax Practitioner(s). Even though as Tax Practitioner(s) completing and submitting your Income Tax Returns (ITR12 or ITR14) on your behalf, the responsibility still rests with you as the taxpayer to make a true declaration and for any outstanding returns, payments and penalties. Our primary duty is to ensure that our actions comply with all laws and regulations, including our personal tax affairs, and owes a contractual duty to the client to act for him/her with the requisite degree of skill and care, and the contractual relationship should therefore be governed by a letter of engagement. We also have duties to the country and the ficus, notably of compliance with the law and the honest presentation of taxpayer client’s affairs. Given the ever-increasing complexities of corporate tax legislation plus the severe penalties imposed on companies that fail to meet their tax obligations, tax compliance can no longer be treated as a low priority. It is now a critical business imperative that demands as much attention as any other business risk, if not more. Filing of your returns can be a daunting task and time consuming since you are occupied by work, either employed or you own your business. Notwithstanding that you need to save money through applying cost effective manner. OUR MAIN AREAS OF SERVICES INCLUDE: Tax Compliance Services Value Added Tax: Registrations Monthly Returns Income Tax: Registrations: Corporate Income Tax Personal Income Tax Compiling and Submitting Tax Returns PAYE and UIF Registration: PAYE and UIF SARS Returns: Monthly and Annual Returns Tax Clearance Certificates (1 per cycle of 12 months paid)