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Erika Wybourn

I just said everything in my recommendation! �
One more time: I always come out of a session feeling MUCH better than when I walked in, and incredibly relaxed.
Heather hears what you are saying, and gets to the underlying cause of what you're describing.
Highly recommended.


Robert Steenkamer

Heather is my go-to practitioner when my arthritis flares up. She has helped to relieve pain and restore my flexibility and well being more times than I can remember. Also highly recommended for the athlete needing a bit of help to recover from those tough workouts. More...


Ada Dahli

When you want to be reminded of just how relaxed, open and present you can be in your body, Heather has the knowledge, mindful touch, and presence to help you out. The environment she creates is one of casual ease and comfort. It felt incredible to be so relaxed while being mindfully moved and stretched by someone who is passionate about what they do. I walked out blissed out. More...


Raf Reza

Never was much of a massage guy unless it was in the wee hours of a night out but my mind has been changed since visiting Ms. Jane. I would highly sugggest giving it a go and you will see how much tension is released from your body. Post massage buzz is quite relaxing as well!!! Top recommendation. More...


Sofia Luu

Heather's thai massages are both relaxing and intuitive. She listens carefully to what you need at the present and is able to address those issues during your session. She's been working on my shoulders for the past few times I've seen her and after seeing Heather for a few sessions, Heather has been able to tell me things about my body that you would miss out otherwise. Highly recommend. More...

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