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Jenny Lin

If there's anyone who needs help with furnace or plumbing for their home or business, I would highly recommend Stephen from MidCity Plumbers.

Before New Years, my family had been coping with our broken furnace through the cold winter. We'd tried a couple of repairman (byebye $$ 😫) and none could properly diagnose and fix the problem. Finally, a friend recommended MidCity Plumbers.

Stephen was able to quickly schedule a time to come fix my family's furnace and VOILA! we have heat again! Then two weeks later, the furnace acted up again-with a different problem. I texted Stephen and he immediately called back to help me fix the issue (he did not charge me for this service). He spent a whole hour, patiently and professionally, troubleshooting the issue with the amateur-me over the phone. Thankfully, we found the problem and fixed the furnace! He gave me an A+ on my effort today🤣🤣 [PS. Thank you Stephen for not giving up on me!]

Stephen and his team are the best. He takes care of my family like his own. I would go to him for all other problems. Highly recommend him!

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