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Training in Traditional & Olympic Taekwondo, Self Defense, Weapons Disarming.

Personal training, sports conditioning.

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Emanuele Ferrari

5 March 2019

Thanks for everything! From all of us: Emanuele, Tatiana, Aaron, Nausicaa. Ciao!


Nellie Price

5 March 2019

I know him personally,one does not become a world champion among other championships....He is dedicated and believe me he is GOOD!


Gabrielle Kahts

5 March 2019

Great class atmosphere, training that will show changes in your body after only a few months and overall an enjoyable and rewarding martial art and place to learn.


Quintin Harman

5 March 2019

Obviously I think we're awesome!


Donovane van Rooyen

26 September 2018

Caring Discipline Hardworking


Personalised attention is a given. I believe that where I may differ, is my unrelenting motivation to do everything the right way.

There's no secret. It takes dedicated and persistent effort.

Sharing my knowledge, as well as the benefits of all my experience.

Working with / under a superior has its benefits, but the time came for me to break away, which brought the enormous reward of operating my own way and seeing the results of my own hard work.

Although 20 years is not a lifetime of experience, my training has taken me to working with some of the best in all respective fields.


Private training at your home. Charged at R350 / hour.