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Nona Faulds

16 March 2019

Loved working with Mark Kelly!!! He made me look fabulous!!! ✨


Matthieu Homier

16 March 2019

As nice fellow as his pictures!


Ashley Galbraith

16 March 2019

Mark Kelly photography was amazing! Thanks for capturing all the special moments!!!


Bobby Woodman

16 March 2019

Recently did a shoot with him at our martial arts studio and had a great time! Very easy to work with and was very encouraging. Can't wait to work with him again soon. Thank you. More...


Jessica Boyd

16 March 2019

Thank you for putting on the Intro to DSLR photography course. It was an amazing course & I am so happy I took the time to attend it. I'm excited to now have my camera on manual instead of auto! More...


Paul DeForrest

16 March 2019

As an online aquaintence I found him to be a responsive, engaging, patient and considerate fellow. Sharing freely information about his choices of equipment used for certain photos. Mark is a professional's professional. Fortune favored me when my sister posted some of his work. I became a fan instantly. His catalog is varied. Subjects captured with equal intensity, softness, stark contrasts and subtle gradients. Even with my limited understanding and application it's obvious he commands his vision to be captured. Delving into a seemingly endless amount of subjects and techniques I felt at ease as he answered my obviously juvenial inquires. Exhibiting a zen? like understanding of his craft. Reflected in the brilliant and beautiful photographs I keep returning to. Seeing more in them each time I do. They are all pleasing, intriguing and a source of enjoyment for my eyes and my soul. Thank you Mark,

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