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Marilaine Delisle

7 July 2018

Lauren had a keen interest in answering my questions in a language I can understand & she helped me demystify the tech part of SEO. I learned valuable, up-to-date information & how to implement concrete action plans. I highly recommend Marceil Marketing & Design. More...


Angela Lester

5 July 2018

I learnt a lot from Lauren about maximising SEO for my website and in an easy to understand way. Definitely would recommend Lauren to other small business owners!


MJ Kim

4 July 2018

Expert with a wonderful personality!


Justine Hwang

4 July 2018

Lauren's SEO knowledge is solid and she is able to communicate it clearly and simply for non technical folks like me, both verbally and in print/writing. She's got a great attitude and heart to help, so that with her technical expertise, is a winning combination for anyone who is looking for a good client experience. More...


Leslie Roberts

4 July 2018

Lauren is an SEO and digital marketing genius, but she makes everything really approachable! She is knowledgable about so many areas of online marketing and answered all of my questions in a way that made everything feel so much more manageable and doable! I would definitely recommend working with her for whatever online marketing needs you have; she's the best! More...


Tanja Aelbrecht

14 June 2018

Lauren did an amazing job sharing her SEO knowledge with our group of creative entrepreneurs. She's very thorough and professional. (and super friendly ;) ) I'd recommend her to anyone needing some help being found on google! More...

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