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David Crombleholme

30 June 2019

Jared is a great trainer. It’s not just the technical knowledge, you’d expect that. It’s that he knows how to get that knowledge across. He knows how to say the same thing in different ways when necessary, and how to check for understanding and retention. That’s what makes him a great *instructor*. More...


Emily and Neil Gray

27 May 2017

We have been working with Jared from Maple Hill Health and Fitness for over 2 months now and could not be happier!We are new to working out, and this is the perfect place to start. Jared is very knowledgeable, and takes a lot of care to make sure his clients get the proper technique down first to prevent bad habits and injury. Group fitness had been a lot of fun. Circuit training outside is great in the summer time. The progression of exercise difficulty throughout the session makes it easy to get into and you really feel yourself making progress. Personal training wise, Jared makes sure to pay attention to reduce stress on certain joints or muscles that clients are weary of. He watches closely to make sure movements are being done correctly. The gym is nice and clean, with brand new equipment. The temperature feels just right and you can pick the music or TV that you like while you're there.Jared takes care to make sure everyone is having a good time while training with him.The running and walking group is another fantastic part of Maple Hill Health and Fitness. I had been thinking of trying to start running for a long time, never sure just how to go about it on my own. These guys make it so easy and fun. No pressure to go as far or as fast as anyone else, and they offer lots of support with stretching, pacing yourself, etc. Did I mention it's FREE!?!We tried the Family yoga with our toddler, it was a lot of fun too!All in all, great job Maple Hill Health and Fitness!! More...


Lynne Cyr

27 May 2017

I have been with Maplehill Health and Fitness for 10 weeks now and I couldn't be happier with howJared has helped me gain the strength and confidence I've always wanted to have. Jared answers all my questions about training and nutrition.I love that Maplehill offers a wide variety of exercise options such as personal strength training, outdoor group fitness, outdoor yoga, a runners group and core circuits for me to participate in.The facility has everything you could need and is also very clean.I recently completed my first Irongirl and I believe my 20lb weight loss and new strength regimen made this possible.I'm looking forward to continuing my healthy journey with Maplehill Health and Fitness. More...


Diane Cole

27 May 2017

I enjoy the workout Jared has created for me, I feel and see the results.
I also enjoy the classes I attend core class & yoga. Very friendly environment live it


John T

27 May 2017

I am John Thomson. I'm a veteran of 30 years with our Canadian Military. During my time with the Forces I was privileged enough to work with many personal trainers, my interest in fitness was driven by my passion to run. I approached Jared to help train me for my 46th marathon and to help me switch my focus from shear mileage to head to toe fitness. It didn't take long for me to see that Jared was both very well educated in fitness training, very patient and able to motivate and encourage me. My general fitness has improved in leaps and bounds since working with Jared. My goals appear very attainable. At the same time I've noticed my running becoming much easier and more enjoyable. At the age of 60, with Jared's guidance I've outpaced my fitness goals. I'm performing better than I did as a 40 and 50 year old.I would encourage anyone who feels they would like to be healthier and fitter to seek Jared's help at Maple Hill Health and Fitness. More...