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We have focused on providing the best results to all clients, boutique class customer service and affordable pricing for our full SEO services in Toronto, ON. The experts at Local SEO Search provide dynamic website design and full service search engine optimization for local businesses of all sizes.

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Anna Bolton

6 June 2019

Great company! Very trustworthy, reliable and they really care about growing their clients' businesses. I've had exposure to a number of SEO agencies internationally and would trust John and his team over all the rest.


John Raymond Collado

4 February 2019

Great Services! the Quality of their offered services are Rated A.


Daryl Pandales

4 February 2019

There are a few simple things an employee wants: good working environment and opportunities. Local SEO Search has given me the opportunity to learn more about the ever-expanding world of Internet marketing. I also get to work with people who are supportive of each other and for a boss who has the drive to reach his vision and the understanding for those helping him get there. More...


Jhay Lou

4 February 2019

Working for Local SEO Search Inc. has broadened my horizons both personally and professionally. I am able to hone my skills as a SEO Specialist, as I learn the latest techniques in taking Canadian business to greater heights by improving their search engine rankings. It also helps that I work with some of the best SEO talents within the company, so I learn from their expertise as well. I can't wait to further develop as a SEO Specialist as I work longer with LSS and I look forward to being a part of more of its achievements in the future! More...


Billyjam Caimbre

4 February 2019

I have worked here in Local SEO Search (LSS) as Junior SEO since 2015 and honestly, the performance campaign of LSS is far better than that of the other SEO companies we’ve studied. Out of all our clients, only 5% of them needs improvement - significantly lower if you compare this data to other SEO companies. To create quality blogs for our client sites, we have a solid team with talents ranging from on-page to off-page expertise. We follow the SEO Periodic Table and create strategic citations for natural link building. LSS is always a step ahead from other SEO practitioners. I recommend LSS 101% More...

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Search Engine Optimization is a method applied to organically gain more traffic on a website. Search engines rank sites based on qualities they consider useful to users and place the most relevant websites on the first page of search results. This boosts brand exposure, lead generation, and lead conversion. Using up-to-date strategies to keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms that determine a page’s relevance, Local SEO Search Inc. helps businesses beat the competition.

Learning as much as you can about your competitors, their products, and your industry will increase your business’ competitiveness in the market. Local SEO Search Inc. collects and analyzes information from several sources and shares it with clients so they can streamline their decision making process and improve operational performance.

Link building is crucial to a website’s success. Search engines determine the trustworthiness of your site by assessing others that link back to yours. Having your page mentioned by quality online locations identifies it as a trusted source of information. Local SEO Search Inc. takes advantage of savvy techniques dedicated to link building to catapult clients’ businesses into the stratosphere of success.

Domain and site migration is the process of relocating content stored in a content management system (CMS) to a new one. The migration process reorganizes content and standardizes its formatting to improve branding. It also simplifies the upgrading process, and centralizes control of any systems you manage. Local SEO Search Inc. helps with this procedure so companies can better and more efficiently manage the content on their site(s)

Content and social media marketing are important tools in search engine optimization (SEO). When used the right way, these tools can expand a business’ reach, attract audiences, build customer relationships, increase audience engagement, enhance branding, and generate more leads. Local SEO Inc. creates and manages content for blogs and social media platforms to help their clients get positive, measurable results.

Our web design services for Canadian clients are unparalleled. Local SEO Search creates fast, mobile-friendly, and responsive web development that attracts and engages your target customers and increases web traffic.